Top Classic Board Games For Pc

The earliest board games have been around for as long as 4,000 years with the most popular varieties being chess and checkers. These classic board games were modeled after war-style tactics of invading armies and required players to move pieces around a grid-like board to trap or control their opponent’s pieces.

While early forms of board gaming was mainly centered in physical sets where participants strategized against each other over the game board, computer versions of these classic titles have now become incredibly popular due to the added speed and convenience of home computers. With so many computer gaming options available, here is a list of some of the top classic board games for PC.

Pentago One of the most popular classic board games on computers right now is Pentago. This strategic turn-based game requires two players to battle each other by attempting to line up a series of five connected pieces before the other player can do so. The gameboard consists largely of an empty 5×5 grid with pieces located at various points throughout it that are manipulated by rotating square blocks that form mini grids within each position on the overall grid.

Players must select which block to rotate, as well as which direction all while trying to line up their own win pattern as well as prevent their opponent from making theirs first. It’s one of those games where you can quickly understand its concept but can spend hours perfecting your strategies in order master it fully.

Maniac Maniac is another great example amongst top classic board games available on PCs today and follows a similar premise as Pentago except it adds more complexity with double sided tiles instead of single side pieces combined with dozens more winning patterns than Pentago offers. The gameboard again consists of five squares containing empty spaces for players’ tiles; however Maniac also gives gamers access to advanced strategy zones within these “rings” that offer very unique advantages when utilized correctly.

As such players must develop even better tactics if they want to emerge out victorious in Maniac compared more conventional tactics employed in 8 in a row style set ups making it one semi-advanced virtual war room.

Benefits of Playing Classic Board Games on the Computer

Computerised versions of classic board games are great for learning how to play new games quickly and effectively. With the help of digital devices, it is easy to instill the rules to a game that may be too difficult to learn from a basic instruction manual. Furthermore, computerized classic board games provide users with an immersive gaming experience because the audio-visual effects can add life and excitement to an otherwise overlooked game in comparison to more mainstream genres.

According to recent research conducted by the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, people who regularly engage in age-old activities such as these tend to display enhanced cognitive skills including problem-solving abilities. For this reason alone, it makes sense for parents and guardians alike to invest in some form of digital introduction into classic board gaming.

The Best Classic Board Games for PC

  • Scrabble – A word game that tests your spelling prowess
  • Risk – Also known as The Game Of Global Domination
  • Monopoly – Test your financial knowhow and manage your assets wisely
  • Chess – It’s a strategic battle between two different armies
  • Reversi – Simple and easy yet deceptively challenging
  • Backgammon – Race against the opponent in this ancient game of wits

Top 5 Classic Board Games on PC

  • 1. Chess – Chess is one of the classic board games enjoyed by players of all ages since the 15th century. The game comes in many variations, ranging from creative themed pieces to strategic openings and advanced techniques.

    This game is easy to learn yet hard to master, as you will need a combination of strategic thinking and fine eye coordination. The best way to learn how to play chess is through practice, so try playing against an AI or challenging another human opponent.

  • 2. Go – Go is another classic strategy game that originated in China more than two millennia ago, and it has spread across the world since. The objective of the game is simple – capture as many of your opponent’s stones as possible while trying to keep them alive on the board simultaneously.

    To become good at this game requires patience and lots of self-discipline. Aspiring go players should look up tutorials online to help with understanding different opening moves, mid-game shifts strategies and endgame techniques.

  • 3. Draughts (aka checkers) – One of the oldest board games in existence, draughts (or checkers) dates back over 4000 years.

    This strategy game for two requires players to move their pieces diagonally across a checkered board until they are kinged by reaching the opposites end of the board, making it much easier to capture other pieces along the way. Beginners can practice moving pieces in multiple directions on an empty board before beginning against a human or AI player.

  • 4. Mahjong – Mahjong originated in China nearly 2 centuries ago and has grown into one of the most popular classic games among Asian countries around the world today.

    This game requires a specific set up – 144 tiles arranged in 4 layers on either side consisting of characters, bamboos, circles and dragons – typically shown on each tile’s face with Chinese symbols for ease recognition. Learn some basic patterns like ‘All Green’ or ‘Sunset Gain Building’ that can be used often during play before starting your first mahjong challenge.

  • 5. Backgammon – A great game packaged with simplicity yet involving enough decision making elements for any avid gamer looking for something challenging, Backgammon requires two players take turns rolling dice and moving their pieces around a Board following preset rules according to what was rolled during each turn. Test your skills against an AI initially before taking things up with friends or family members in this fun filled interactive classic.

How to Play the Games on PC

Thanks to the ever-expanding world of technology, it is now possible for gamers to play their favorite classic board games on their PC or laptop. This has opened up a whole new exciting avenue for fans of traditional board gaming, allowing them to enjoy fun strategy and interactive play with friends or family over the internet using a virtual platform.

Many classic board game titles are available online through reputable digital services providers such as Steam, hence making these games accessible from virtually anywhere at any given time.

For amateur players who are just getting started in playing classic board games on PC, the first step is to purchase your chosen game via the Steam store and download it onto your PC. Most of these classic board game have intuitive user interfaces which makes brief introductions easy for gamers to understand the rules and how to formulate strategies.

Different types of in-game tutorials and tutorials through websites related to the boardgames can also be used by novice players for further guidance in learning how the game works before engaging with live opponents.

Another useful tip for players starting out is to practice against bots within the game itself before taking on another player during actual online matches. Bots provide an ideal opponent setting with which you can gauge your performance against and practice various strategies in order to become familiar with gameplay.

Testing out different difficulty levels can also help gamers develop their skills incrementally and move up as their skill level increases rather than diving straight into hard difficulty levels right away which could lead to frustration when winning does not come easily.

Of course, before jumping right into playing Board Games on PC it’s important not to forget proper safety measures that should always be taken into consideration when engaging in any type of online activity. Be sure that your system’s firewall software is updated in order to avoid any malicious attempts from intruders that may try hacking into your PC while you are engaged in a heated battle online with an opponent over board gaming.

Pros and Cons of Playing on PC

Many people these days are playing classic board games like Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble on their computers. Playing on a computer rather than the original board game has several benefits and drawbacks.

First off, the biggest pro of playing classic board games on a computer is convenience. With the help of a laptop or an iPad, you can play these games at virtually any place.

You don’t need to carry around a physical board nor do you have to rely on other people to be around when you want to play. Furthermore, there are times when physical boards get lost, but with PCs, your progress for those particular games can be saved for future use.

The main drawback of playing on a computer is that you specifically lose the social aspect of traditional board gaming. This experience cannot be replicated directly because it’s just not the same as when each player is sitting around the same table. In addition, as we move onto digital platform we start making transactions with external parties which could include our personal information such as card number or personal addresses which could lead to potential misuse or hacking incidents.


  • Convenient – Can be played anywhere without having to carry around bulky pieces
  • Saves progress – Progress can be saved for future use
  • Limitless players – No limit in terms of how many people can join an online game


  • Loses social aspect of traditional gaming – Experience cannot be replicated compared to face-to-face gameplay
  • Potential security threats – Using third-party platforms for digital transactions may lead to data misuse or hacking incidents.

Costs of Playing on PC

Paragraph 1 Purchasing classic board games for PC can offer gamers a wide range of prices depending on the whether they go physical or digital. For physical releases, popular board games titles such as Chessmaster or Risk will give you the tangible feel of the game which may be preferable for some. Digital downloads are more cost effective and often come in bundles with several games included at a considerably lower price than buying each one separately.

Paragraph 2 If you were to purchase a copy of Catan online then usually it would cost around $30 – with this price you can get the computer version along with updates and content that is over 10 times larger than their original console release many years ago. If you decide to purchase its digital download version, then it can be available from Steam at a much lower cost, usually between $15 – $20.

Paragraph 3 Some classic board game titles also have ‘free-to-play’ versions that are just as enjoyable and competitive. Players looking for a low-cost way to enjoy these games without having to invest money upfront should explore free options such as:

  • Chess (Playok)
  • Backgammon (Bgroom)
  • Sudoku (Web Sudoku)
  • Battleship (Lagged)

Additional Board Games for PC

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is an excellent adaptation of the popular board game. The game provides the players with a thrilling historical journey where you control a powerful nation and strive to achieve victory alongside other human or computer-controlled opponents. You will get to experience 8 different realms including America, China, Egypt, Greece, India, Japan, and more. Engage in lively economy management and military operations as you race to become the most dominant nation in the game world.

Risk II

Risk II is another classic game adaptation for PC which allows for up to 6 players which can be human or AI-driven in a worldwide conquest battle of catastrophic proportions. Choose from one of over 50 different countries with specialized armies deployed all around the world with 3D units allowing for premium dynamic battles.

As you conquer regions and wipe out power blocs you will develop better warships and advanced strategies designed to gain you even more territory. Create your own custom maps as well as challenge unique scenarios that come built-in with the game.

Catan Universe

A strategic session awaits amateurs and experts alike in Catan Universe. Adapted from Klaus Teuber’s Settlers of Catan board game, this PC rendition implements the latest 3D models while preserving vital characteristics from its original physical counterpart including a modular board generation system spinning numerous possibilities utilizing 19 curated hexagonal fields and exquisite ‘develop your own land’ strategy gameplay mechanic against computer opponents or by hosting multiplayer sessions with up to 4 friends.

These battles can take place across several modes including a singleplayer campaign, classic match play against AI bots or benchmark yourself against experienced players online in special tournaments.


We’ve outlined some of the best classic board games for PC, so you can experience the fun and entertainment of these timeless classics, without having to worry about missing pieces, or lost rules. From traditional favorites like Monopoly to intense strategy-based games like Chess, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a casual player or an experienced enthusiast looking for some nostalgia, check out these top classic board games for PC.

For those looking for an in-depth experience, several classic board game ports even have online multiplayer options, allowing you to play with friends or challenge others from around the world over a virtual version of the classic game. Even well-known titles such as Risk and Settlers of Catan have online models that faithfully replicate the original game mechanics. Watch out though; competition is fierce.

Finally, let’s not forget that modern gaming offers digital versions of classic board games as well. Companies like Hasbro now have official versions made specifically for consoles or computers. But if it’s modern technology blended with retro flavor you’re after then Steam is still the go-to platform offering hundreds of classic board games with 3D graphics and updated visuals making them look better than ever before.

So don’t wait any longer – pick your favorite and try it out. Whether it’s old-school all-time favourites like Cluedo and Checkers or Risk and Stratego-a hot seat mode on one device or against opponents online-there are dozens of great options available on PC/ MAC to be explored so get ready to roll those dice and test those strategies.

It’s time to maximize that fun factor and add a new level of excitement when gathering around the (virtual) table.

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