Trey Parker Top 10 Board Games


Trey Parker is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Having just won an Emmy as part of his work on the animated series Southpark and Broadway’s Book of Mormon, Trey is also known for being an avid board game fan. From years of playing with family, friends and colleagues, it’s no surprise that he has curated a list of his top 10 favorite board games. With each entry containing “something special” that makes the game stand out, Trey insists these board games can be enjoyed by both those new to gaming and experienced players alike. The list includes classics such as Monopoly and Risk as much as more recent releases such as Ticket to Ride. It just goes to show how important hobbies are for balance and creativity in life ” like Trey demonstrates in his professional life ” as well as in one’s personal preference when it comes to board games!

1st Pick

Settlers of Catan is a popular modern-style board game where players collect different resources in order to build settlements, roads and cities. This game is popular among friends, family and fellow gamers due to its variety of strategies and customization options. Trey Parker chosen Settlers of Catan as his top pick because it is one of the most well-known and beloved board games, with over 22 million copies sold worldwide. In addition, it allows a group of players to problem-solve together in a fun way while competing against each other for the most valuable resources. Players are able to create their own unique worlds as they build up their settlements and trade with different players. As humans usually do not have access to extra real estate or land anymore, this game stands out amongst many others as it allows people to simulate colonization without the real world consequences.

2nd Pick

The Castles of Burgundy is a strategy game developed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and published by Ravensburger in 2011. It’s been named one of the best board games in the world and has won several awards. In the game, each player takes on the role of a French prince or princess trying to acquire as much wealth and prestige as possible by building their own region. Players gain victory points by completing tasks such as erecting buildings, colonizing regions and trading goods with other players.

Players must also pay attention to their chosen strategies within the confines of the game’s mechanics. Strategies that focus on optimally using resources, hoarding goods for big gains late in the game and capitalizing on asset trading opportunities are often featured heavily during competitive play. The Castles of Burgundy also boasts an endless pool of expansions which add extra rules to spice up the gameplay even further. Its cult following likely owes to its tight design that allows for multiple solutions to any given problem and keeps things feeling fresh even after many plays.

3rd Pick

The War of the Ring board game is a great pick for Trey Parker due to its mix of strategy and storytelling. It stands out from other Tolkien-themed games in its use of workers, multiple strategies, and overall complexity. Players must recruit armies, form alliances, build strong fortresses and engage in duels as it’s impossible for one side to win through military might alone. Instead, players will constantly evaluate their decisions in light of their current resources and long-term goals. What’s more, players can draw upon the lore and characters from the world of Middle Earth to further fuel their efforts. This would be an interesting match for Trey Parker who loves fantasy and science fiction based worlds. The game’s natural story arc, unique situations that arise during play and skillful art design makes this an enthralling experience for everyone involved which reflects just how vast Middle Earth is.

4th Pick

Plan B is a light-hearted, fast-paced board game that may be appealing to Trey Parker. The goal of the game is simple ” make it back to your spaceship and close the door before anyone else reaches there. Players must move their ship pieces around an ever-changing universe, using dice rolls and other interesting mechanics. When two players meet up they must play cards until one player drops out of the game. This strategic card game has easy-to-learn rules but lots of replay value thanks to its ever-changing obstacles and goals. With varied events occurring on each turn, it’s fast paced and exciting ” making it a great choice for gamers who enjoy rapid play styles.

5th Pick

7 Wonders is an award-winning board game designed by Antoine Bauza, published in 2010. The game is for 3-7 players, who each control one of the ancient civilizations. The game is divided into multiple “ages”, and in each age all players can construct buildings, which grant them access to goods, resources and various advantages that can be used towards victory points (VPs) at the end of each game. As the cities expand throughout each age, players must carefully manage the resources they are able to acquire in order to build weaker structures or stronger ones depending on the situation they find themselves in.

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The core objective of 7 Wonders is to collect VPs during a match but several ways of doing so exist. Players may collect VPs through constructing building combinations, collecting “wonders” (or monuments) or holding power positions ” such as having a majority of cards with certain symbols (as dictated by set objectives). This factor also allows gamers to develop new strategies as every table may require different VPs depending on how particular symbols/achievements are paired throughout the ages. Furthermore, conflicts between countries and even military actions are featured within the game to challenge your diplomatic skills! In short, 7 Wonders does not solely depend on luck; it tests mainly a player’s ability to strategize effectively whilst managing their resources intelligently.

6th Pick

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a board game for 3-6 players in which players explore a haunted house filled with unknown horrors. As players move around, discover items and enter rooms, mysterious omens are revealed, leading them closer to triggering one of the games 50 scenarios. Once the Haunt is triggered a betrayal takes place – one or more of the players become traitors and must battle against their former allies. This game is perfect for Trey Parker who has always had a love of horror movies, as well as themed video games like South Park: The Stick of Truth. It combines his love of storytelling and adventure with an exciting theme that comes to life via detailed components, secret objectives, hidden information, events and surprises. This makes manipulating the story and search for victory even more engaging on each playthrough!

7th Pick

Stone Age is a board game with a theme based around the prehistoric era of human existence. It is designed to have players manage groups of families in developing their tribes and resources while attempting to thrive in a hostile environment. It is designed to teach strategy skills, planning and cooperation.

In this game, players take turns gathering food and resources, building huts or trading with other inter-tribal villagers. They use these resources to feed their tribe as well as build tool-making workshops that create higher level tools that each player can use or trade for points or victory cards. This encourages strategic decision-making as there are tradeoffs between short term goals versus long-term ones. Moreover, there are multiple ways to go about winning the game depending on how a player chooses to interact with other tribes or optimize their internal operations.

Based on his love of complicated strategy games like Settlers of Catan, Trey Parker would likely find Stone Age quite enjoyable due to its complexity and challenge. He would need to be able to think ahead about what kind of decisions he needs to make in order for him to survive and thrive within this simulated prehistoric ecosystem. There are multiple strategies he could use and try out, depending on which path the dice rolls will take him down and how he interacts with others present at the table. Ultimately it may serve as an excellent way for him hone his broader strategy skills, allowing them to branch out beyond classic 4X video and computer games into territory more close resembling real life decision making scenarios.

8th Pick

Escape: The Curse of the Temple is a cooperative board game that pits players against each other in a race against time. Players work together to find their way out of the temple before the curse takes hold. Working together and combining individual strengths is key in order to make it out alive! This game undoubtedly appeals to Trey Parker ” a talented filmmaker, writer and animator ” due to its team-based concept reminiscent of his work with others on South Park, Team America: World Police and many other projects. Both of Trey’s roles within these productions translated into effectively leading a team towards success; an idea that has been embodied in Escape. Until one player escapes the temple, everyone loses; therefore, it pays off for each team member to rely on each other while also remaining cognizant of every decision they make during their mission. The only way to find success in Escape is by utilizing teamwork just like Trey has throughout his creative career.

9th Pick

Lords of Waterdeep is one of the top 10 board games for Trey Parker, an aficionado of the hobby. It’s a fast-paced game set in the city of Waterdeep from the Dungeons and Dragons universe. In this game it’s up to you to assume control of one or more powerful lords and amass wealth and resources by completing tasks for rewards.

Each turn presents interesting decisions, as players are each tasked with using their agents to acquire gold pieces, recruit new agents from specific guilds, buy building cards that provide powers or bonuses, play intrigue cards that offer great benefits at the expense of your opponents, and more. As if these weren’t enough choices already, you can also commission quests that will further bolster your resources should you succeed. Managing all these assets requires strategy and careful resource management!

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What makes Lords of Waterdeep attractive to a board game aficionado such as Trey Parker is its combination of chance elements and strategizing against opponents to accomplish objectives like a classic game of chess. On top of this there is also great replayability ” every game presents different challenges requiring players to come up with original approaches depending on the situation at hand. There’s excitement in each round as you’ve effectively gambled on how best to use your resources…will success be yours?

10th Pick

Dungeons & Dragons The Adventure Begins is one of the most popular board games out there and is a great way to delve into the classic fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, players take on the role of adventurers as they explore randomly generated dungeons, filled with deadly traps and other mysterious creatures. With a variety of different character races and classes to choose from, each player has the freedom to create their own unique character. As they explore further down each dungeon, players must manage their health levels, abilities, and equipment in order to survive.

The unique aspect of Dungeons & Dragons The Adventure Begins is that it offers a more accessible version for those who are new to D&D-style gaming without sacrificing the flavor that D&D fans have come to know and love. Players control an adventurer for one session at a time with every move impacting their experience, making every session more tailored than ever before. It also inspired Trey Parker might find appealing as he is known for being creative and loves games that reward experimentation and encourage improvisation. All in all, Dungeons & Dragons The Adventure Beginsis an excellent board game that is sure to bring hours of entertainment while encouraging creativity!

Bonus Pick

Red Dragon Inn is an hilarious and strategic board game which has become a cult classic. It is based around characters which are cartoon versions of traditional fantasy tabletop gaming archetypes, such as the barbarian, wizard, elf, and cleric. The main goal of the game is for each individual player to be the last character who still has any money left over from a night at the pub. The players have to gain money by playing beer pong and gambling at the table in order to buy drinks for other party members, however if they are too generous then there’s a risk that their opponents will benefit more than them!

As well as being a lot of fun to play, Red Dragon Inn also features some fascinating strategic bluffing elements which make it ideal for Trey Parker fans. Players have to decide when to call another player’s bluff and how much to bet accordingly. It requires both tactical thinking and psychological intuitiveness in order to successfully win as one wrong move could send you into debt! The game can be played with up to four players so it would be perfect for a group of friends looking for some lighthearted entertainment.


Based on Trey Parker’s list of top 10 board games, it is clear that he enjoys family-friendly and cooperative ones that are often theme-based. He pointed out that these types of games have special strategic elements like conniving and planning which help children to develop their critical thinking skills. Many of them also encourage creative problem solving which helps to enrich a person’s imagination. His list clearly reflects an appreciation for quality entertainment as most of the titles included are highly recommended by various board gaming publications and websites.

What emerges from this list is that board games have become extremely popular over the years due to their ability to stimulate creativity and engage people in social connections more than ever before. People can even enjoy a fun game night with friends while they’re all sitting in their own individual homes, playing online through custom designed game platforms. The current pandemic has inspired people to find meaningful ways to connect with one another, creating an increased demand for well-designed experiential outlets like boardgames to provide creative solutions.

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