Usaopoly Risk Game Of Thrones Strategy Board Game

USAopoly Risk Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game is a strategy board game that surpasses all expectations of intrigue, scheming and risk taking. It is a unique and exciting take on the classic RISK gaming experience. The world of Westeros now fits into a wonderful tabletop experience.

This 2 to 7-player game combines the basic mechanics from the original RISK game with cool themes from TV series. Players represent three great Houses: Stark, Targaryen and Lannister – everyone can either fight against each other or cooperate for common achievements. Owning complete kingdoms like the North or Westerlands brings victory points at the end of the game but as in every RISK game, one must ready to defeat enemy armies before they reach its lands.

The land is divided into six regions and represented with boxes which contain different resources (each box has a die-rollable number combination). Each player draws strength cards that become available whenever an army takes over one location on this territory map; these cards will grant additional troops, special orders, etc towards conquering a region completely.

Depending on several dice rolls (either between two players or multiple ones), battle power fluctuations can take place just like in regular RISK. USAopoly Risk Game also contains seven groups that work as wild cards and allow moving troops freely around the map; it really spices up the possibilities during each round due to unexpected twists.

The differences between USAopoly Risk compared to the classic boardgame are subtle yet remarkable. A modern touch was included by incorporating many recognizable aspects from recent years such as the various scenarios through media adaptations (e.g Frostfangs Mountains or Storm’s End) while preserving basic principles such as opposing players trying to capture uncompleted maps which won’t guarantee victory in itself since alliances are key factor for success or failure during this simulation journey throughout Westeros.

Rules of the Game

The Rules of the Game describe how to play the USAopoly Risk: The Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game. The rules are designed to be easy-to-follow so that both experienced board gamers and neophytes alike can easily understand it.


The objective in USAPoly Risk is for one house (player) to become the leader of Westeros by conquering as much of the continent as possible through strategic movement, luck, timing and diplomacy. Each house begins with an initial set of units that can change over the course of the game according to both how successful they are in battle and what territories they take control over.

When one house manages to take control of more than 30 territories they are declared winner.

Taking Turns

Players Taking turns around in a clockwise motion. Each turn a player will take actions such as recruit troops, Moving Men into Attack Position, Attack Adjacent Territories,Gaining Control Of A New Territory and Collecting Resources To Build Special Items or Areas Of Support Such As a Great Hall or Stronghold. Depending on their position on the board a player may also be able gain additional benefits from forts, great halla or invading sea ports.

Attack & Subterfuge

Once all players have placed their army pieces it is time for attacking other players’ territories and attempting to achieve territorial domination throughout Westeros. If two different opponents occupy adjacent territories they can attack each other using a die roll system based on percentage chance for success.

Players may also choose to Feign Attack in order make allow them to bluff their way out from an apparently hazardous position by leading their opponent into making false assumptions about the state of affairs on the battlefield.

They may also choose to use Multiple fronts which allows them to trace direct pathways between multiple enemy controlled territories allowing them make multiple attacks simultaneously with set of pre-determined dice rolls rather than having make each roll separately for each individual territory under attack.

The Components

The Usaopoly Risk Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game comes with several essential game pieces. Aside from the large, standard game board, the following constitute the most important components of this special version of Risk:

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7 sets of armies in 4 colors

Each set includes 42 plastic units in army figurines suitable for two to seven players. Colors come in blue, green, red and yellow.

42 territory cards

These are quite helpful when assigning units across the game map. It helps players remember which pieces belong to them at a glance and build strategies accordingly.

5 custom dice with colors

The color dice promote excitement as they add a dynamic element to battles and help determine who conquers territories or gets eliminated. This further allows for more effective battle planning for attack and defense during game play.

7 House cards unique game elements

House cards can be particularly useful as they contain quite a few special abilities that benefit players on their mission. Some can strengthen one’s power base while others help construct effective tactics against enemies. They are also dressed up with show-quality artwork and imagery of Houses Stark, Tyrell, Martell, Lannister, Greyjoy and Baratheon – as well as The Night’s Watch faction.

Recommended Skill Level

The USAopoly Risk: Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game is best suited for adults and teens with mid to high-level experience in strategy board games. Traditional board game players can appreciate its complexity and many different play strategies, while newcomers will certainly have a lot to learn.

For experienced players, the game offers a chance to explore how to engage in different types of tactics, choosing the most efficient way to reach their ultimate goal. Advanced strategy focuses on bargaining and predicting the behavior of others. It also engages processes like phased decision making for planning ahead three or four steps in anticipation of opponents’ moves.

Ages fourteen (14) and up will have the most enjoyment from the game due to its complexity, with suggested ages as low as nine (9). Special populations benefiting from playing include those working on their strategic thinking skills or looking for a bit more intellectual engagement in their leisure time and group activities.

Benefits of Playing The USAopoly Risk: Game Of Thrones Strategy Board Game

  • Provides advanced mid – to high-level strategic planning.
  • Teaches ways of evaluating complex dynamics within social groups.
  • Engages players in bargaining strategies.
  • Develops prediction skills regarding the behavior and actions of others.
  • Promotes insight into advanced techniques such as phased decision making.

Advantages of the Game

The Usaopoly Risk Game Of Thrones Strategy Board Game is a great game for those looking for an immersive experience as they explore the fantastic world of Westeros. Players take on the role of one of the noble Houses and use their strategy and tactics to capture enemy strongholds, maintain their influence in different parts of the continent and eventually become the ruler of Westeros.

The reward for this is to win a permanent seat on the Iron Throne and a chance at immortality.

One key advantage of playing this board game is that it requires strategic planning and good decision making skills. Since players will be competing against each other, they must think ahead and plan their moves accordingly in order to outwit their opponents.

This game also requires resource management, since players will have to manage their resources well in order to expand their territories while thwarting enemy forces. Players will also have access to powerful allies like dragons, giants, direwolves, eagles and more by completing certain challenges throughout the game.

The level of complexity for this game is intermediate so it’s suitable for both starters as well as seasoned veterans who may already have experienced similar games like Risk or Catan. It provides them with enough challenge that they aren’t immediately overwhelmed but still allows them to make progressive improvements in order to achieve victory.

The level of depth also means that it can be played multiple times without feeling too repetitive or boring, since new strategies can always be implemented when necessary.

Play Strategies

The Usaopoly Risk Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game is an interesting and exciting strategy board game. Even those who don’t know much about the series can learn how to play this challenging game. When approaching this game, it’s important to remember some basic guidelines of strategy when playing.

Play according to the rules

It is essential that you read the rules so that you understand how to play the game correctly. Every player needs a copy of the full set of rules that will help them make the right decisions during the game. The more one understands and adheres to these rules, the better their chances are to win.

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Know your armies

Since each character in Game Of Thrones has their own special ability, players must be aware of these strengths and weaknesses within their own armies before engaging in combat with an enemy army. For example, Cersei Lannister can effectively weaken enemies without having to use her entire army. Knowing which characters have specific abilities will provide advantages for a player’s overall strategy when attacking or defending territories against other players.

Plan ahead

Formulate plans accordingly before any battle ensues. Spend time looking at maps carefully studying all possible attack and defense opportunities since making quick decisions in-game can leave a player open to some unfavorable scenarios that could put them off balance for the rest of gameplay if not properly thought out beforehand.

Be sure assess which areas are worth fighting for and differentiate regions which take fewer resources or troops to keep than they do to try and capture from another player as part of your long-term plan for domination on a global scale.


  • Jesse Scoble from Geek & Sundry called the game “An exciting twist on an American classic.”
  • Game engineers Peter Lee and Rodney Thompson stated that it is “an elegant combination of Risk, card play, and the world of Westeros.”
  • Boardgamer magazine praised the game for its interesting use of features and storylines.
  • Most player reviews on Boardgamegeek give it a 7/10 rating, praising the interwoven storyline and multiple paths to victory.
  • Players have praised how the game successfully captures many aspects of George R.R Martin’s original series.
  • “This is definitely one of my favorites”, wrote one player, “because each round feels like you’re in your own Game Of Thrones battle.”
  • “It definitely captures the spirit of the show while still keeping true to traditional Risk style games”, said another.

  • According to recent data gathered by Eneba, there are over 150 thousand people actively using this game board.
  • Based on user comments in discussion boards, most players think that risk management is essential for success when playing this game.
  • The average play time per session reported as 3-4 hours according to a survey conducted by Amazon Prime fans.


The USAopoly Risk Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game offers a unique way to enjoy the world of Westeros. This game gives players a rare opportunity to be immersed in the epic drama of the fantasy series while also honing their strategic skills.

From gathering resources, to building armies and alliances, the game presents players with the chance to compete for control of Westeros’ iconic locations. Whether playing solo, or teaming up with family and friends, this thought-provoking board game will satisfy all appetites for strategy-based combat.

As you engage in this battle for control of Westeros, you will need to make decisions that ultimately determine who holds the Iron Throne. Harness your best strategic thinking as you expand your resource pools, build your empire, and take on an adventurous journey through George R.R Martin’s magical world. The rewards can be great for those who are successful – but beware – missteps can have disastrous consequences within this thrilling universe.

The USAopoly Risk Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game provides endless opportunities for strategy-savvy gamers seeking hours of entertainment – so it’s time to get clever. Challenge your wits by testing your ability to defend the Seven Kingdoms and put yourself in line for rule over Westeros.

Explore this compelling risk/reward system and reap the spoils when you triumph over your opponents – maybe they’ll even bend their knee in homage to you? If you’re ready for a challenging yet rewarding adventure that will last well beyond a single session, then grab your copy today and set off on an unforgettable journey through Westeros.

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