Villainous Board Game Review

Reviewing the mechanics in more detail

The mechanics of Villainous are fairly straightforward. All players start with an individual board, containing their own villain, scheme, and Fate decks. The scheme deck contains objectives, while the Fate deck can give a player an advantage or disadvantage in the game according to what’s drawn. Every turn begins by drawing one card from the Fate deck and following its instructions. Once the effect is resolved, players can use two actions to build up their boards and progress toward completing their schemes. On each villain board, certain spaces are designated for particular pieces that must be gathered as part of reaching one’s schemes. For instance, Monstro collects books; Captain Hook requires hands; Jafar requires jewels; Alice requires hedgehogs; Ursula needs soul stones; etc.

When it comes time to take an action – such as playing a card or moving a piece – players must spend power points associated with each action. These power points will be replenished at the beginning of each turn, but all actions cost some amount of power points – with more powerful abilities usually requiring more points to execute them. The overall goal is to progress through your schemes before your opponents do theirs, forcing them back until all others have bankrupted – thus making you the winner!

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Official reviews

The official reviews for the Villainous board game can be found on the Ravensburger website. These reviews provide an in-depth assessment of the different aspects of the game, such as its rules, components and strategies. This makes it a great resource for someone who is interested in getting an objective opinion about the product before making a purchase decision.

Unofficial Reviews
In addition to the official reviews, there are plenty of user-submitted reviews available on various websites and forums. The unofficial reviews often come with more honest opinions and personal experiences regarding the Villainous board game, which could be invaluable in informing one’s decision.

How-to Guides
For anyone looking for guidance on how to play Villainous effectively and make use of its many mechanics, there are plenty of easy-to-follow guides available online. These guides offer detailed explanations of how to set up and play games as each character, helping people understand how best to make use of their abilities within their own unique scenario.

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Gameplay Videos
Watching videos of other players playing Villainous can also be incredibly helpful when trying to get a better feel for it before playing yourself. The number of gameplay videos available online is increasing all the time, so finding good ones shouldn’t be too difficult.

Visual Styling

Villainous board game has a fantastic visual aesthetic that makes it stand out from other board games. The game flow follows the motifs of four iconic Disney villains: Ursula, Jafar, Maleficent and Captain Hook. Each villain is featured in a beautiful illustrated imagery, allowing players to really get immersed into the fantasy world of their respective characters. Additionally, character pieces are thematically designed – such as which type of seafood each character can use to represent their moves – further immersing players into the story and concept art of these iconic characters. Furthermore, these visuals are further brought out via artwork that adorns all player boards and cards, enhancing the atmosphere and facilitating a unique gaming experience.

Analyzing Character Play

The characters in Villainous are an important part of the game. Every character has a unique identity, special ability, and narrative arc. Each character plays different roles in their particular story and has a specific goal set for them by the game’s objective cards. Players must use their abilities in creative ways to increase their chances of victory and advancement.

Characters can be used in various ways during gameplay; from taking control of board elements, such as Fate and Power Tokens, to influencing other players’ plans. Depending on which fate card a character is currently assigned to, they may have beneficial or detrimental effects on their own team or opposing players’ actions. For example, a Foul Fate card played on your own character might allow you steal Power Tokens wholesale from another player while hindering their progress elsewhere. Alternatively, you may play an Enchanting Fate card on one of your opponents giving them extra movement points but no resources with which to complete the objectives.

Each character also possesses inherent advantages that could make or break strategic plans depending on how they are deployed. Captain Hook, for example, has access to both Power Tokens and Fate Cards so he can influence both physical pieces and the underlying story being told by the game. Ursula possesses status tokens that allow her move remain hidden or avoid certain areas guarded by other characters – resulting in unexpected tactical solutions when she seeks out new destinies!

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When playing Villainous, there are several strategies and tactics that players may use to gain an advantage. Players should try to build their board in a methodical manner, using cards that give them special abilities and create strong combos. Additionally, players can actively look for opportunities to disrupt the strategies of their opponents by using special abilities to hinder their progress or messing with the game rules. Players also must pay attention to timing, as several cards become more powerful when used at specific moments. Finally, it is often useful for players to coordinate with each other so that they can align goals and strengthen their forces against common enemies. By wisely utilizing these strategies and tactics during play, players will be one step closer to becoming the villainous victors!


Villainous is a popular board game that has been highly acclaimed and commended by many well-respected board game reviewers. It won the 2018 Kennerspiel des Jahres Award, which is one of the most prestigious honors in the board game world. The game also has an impressive 7.8/10 ratings on BoardGameGeek, which is a highly respected website that reviews and ranks games using a rating system. Furthermore, it currently ranks as one of the top 10 highest rated strategy games on the site. In addition to this, it is also extremely popular amongst gaming YouTubers and Twitch streamers with many popular creators playing the game regularly for their viewers or even hosting full-on tournaments around it. Finally, from searching Amazon and Ebay, it appears that the popularity of Villainous shows no signs of slowing down; new editions are constantly being released with more characters to choose from and expansions being added with new themes, cards, boards and players.

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