What Games Were On The Carrom Board


The Carrom board is an ancient game of Indian origin, thought to have been invented by the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. Since then, it has become a popular game enjoyed by people all over the world. The classic Carrom board is made up of an inner square divided into four quadrants, and usually made from plywood or aluminum alloy.

The most popular games on the Carrom board involve players using individually colored discs called pucks. Players use their fingers to flick the puck into their opponents’ goals while attempting to stop their opponent’s shot from entering theirs. Other Carrom board games include variants such as 6-point and 10-point, flip-kick, Cover Board Champion and even golf. Variations also include different regional rules like pocketing just one puck at a time or being able to pocket multiple pucks consecutively. The game can also be played with pegs instead of pucks in some cases. Regardless of variations in play, the concept of trying to get your pieces into your opponent’s goals remains the same.

Carrom is known for its strategic yet often unpredictable gameplay elements, which keep both children and adults entertained for many hours at a time. It’s popularity continues to grow since its invention centuries ago and has become a beloved staple of leisure activities around the world today.

The Origins of Carrom Board Games

The carrom board game has a long and venerable history of being enjoyed by people around the world. It is believed to have originated in India sometime in the 19th century, though some argue it could have been as early as 1820. The game was developed as a board game that used strikers and disks without pockets on a wooden board with raised borders known as cushions. Two players typically faced one another on opposite sides of the board, with each player given nine pieces (or nine pucks). In addition, one player would use light-colored discs and the other will use dark-colored discs for their pieces.

Over the years various different versions of this game have evolved, including alterations such as adding or removing pockets to or from the surface or using other objects such as coins instead of pieces. One version commonly played today uses small corner pockets, allowing players to pocket their own pieces while trying to pocket those of their opponents before they can do so. In some versions there is also a penalty for overhitting the corner cushion when attempting to pocket one’s own piece.

Today Carrom board games are popular in households all around the world and are played competitively in many different countries across Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The rules about scoring often vary from region to region but in general players score points per turn based on how many pieces were sunk vs left on the surface along with various bonus points for extra moves or combos.

Popular Games Played on Carrom Boards

Other games that can be played on a carrom board include:
1. Trick Shot – Requires you to move coins with greater precision and aim your shots correctly to pocket the coins.
2. Fives – The goal is to get five of your own coins in the four pockets at each corner of the board.
3. Shuffleboard – Players must use their hands to slide their coins around the board using finger pressure only.
4. Killer Game – Each player throws a coin from the centre line and tries to properly pocket theirs before their opponent can pocket theirs.
5. Snooker Carrom – Brings all the rules for snooker and adds elements such as tossing all the corresponding colours into one pocket simultaneously etc.
6. Fast-Finger Carrom – Similar to Cut Throat where each player tries to pocket their coins as quickly as possible, but with fewer safety moves permitted and more emphasis on skillful shots, planning out your opening shot, etc..
7. Cut Throat Carrom ” This game requires players to try and pocket all of their pieces before the opponent can do so and requires strategy, aiming skills, & good judgement of angles involved in successful shots or bounces off boundaries or other pieces on the board
8. Indian Carrom” Players try to sink all their pieces before opponents do by executing quick single shots when possible and long distance shots when needed which require anticipation and practice for improvement

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Rules of Each Game

Carrom is a popular board game originating from India and played in homes throughout the world. It typically uses a square wooden board, similar to a billiards table, with small round disks of wood called “carrommen”. To play, two or four players use their fingers to flick the wooden carrommen into pockets at either end of the board.

The most common games played on Carrom Board are international carrom and traditional carrom. International carrom is played by two teams (or two individuals) with an aim to score the most points within a set frame of time. The equipment used for this game includes four strikers (wooden discs with handles), eighteen red/black pieces and one white piece (the queen). Traditional Carrom is based off Indian custom and also requires two teams or individuals but in comparison can be longer lasting as it incorporates additional turns like flick-straights and multi-flick overs. It also requires more specialised equipment such as 24 coloured coins, 8 strips around the border of the board (known as wires), 1 striker made of thicker material than International carrom’s strikers, 4 corner guards around the pocket entrances and smaller pockets than International Carrom.

Furthermore specific rules exist for both variants: In each version one must strike a coin from behind their baseline, when flicking your striker you must not touch any pieces other than your target coin and any bouncing outside of the 3 footboard line count as dead weight meaning you cannot move them even if another coin is pushed along with it into that area; penalty spots come into play should anyone do this by mistake or intentionally. Aiming for addition information or general tips can be found in Carom rulebooks available online or in bookstores.

Carrom Can Be More Than a Game

Carrom is an indoor game often played in homes and other social gatherings. It has some similarities to shuffleboard or pocked billiards, but requires a flat surface like a board with net pockets on either side and carrom pieces. Games can range from one-on-one to team play, which means the number of games that can be played on a Carrom Board are practically endless.

The most common game is called Carroms, which is a race type game where players attempt to use a striker (similar to a cue) to sink their carrom pieces into the pockets before their opponents do. The player who sinks all their pieces first, wins. Additionally, ‘shotgun’, betting’, ‘jolflap’ and ‘cut shot’ variations add more complexity around strategy.

In addition to its popularity as a family game, Carrom is also used for recreational activities, tournaments at local pubs and even international championships sponsored by national organizations like the Global Carrom Federation (GCF). Recently the Game has become known for esports events where players compete online in international tournaments broadcast around the world over live streaming networks like Twitch.

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Another way Carrom is used today is as an activity in group settings such as workplace parties, college quads and student clubs. This offer not only fun but also brings people together as they battle it out against one another in friendly competition. It allows individuals of all skill level to have an enjoyable experience while challenging others around them too.

Whether it’s a simple family pastime or an exciting match up between professionals, Carrom always offers hours of entertainment and an enjoyable social setting or energizing competition atmosphere.

Strategies for Winning the Game

Reading the Board:

When playing on a carrom board, it is important to be able to read the board accurately. Taking the time to observe and understand the layout of the board can make all the difference when it comes to making effective shots during play. Look out for predictability in where your opponents pieces might go and what their strategies may be. Pay attention to whether or not any pieces are blocked off in certain areas and use this knowledge when formulating an appropriate strategy.

Strategies for Shots and Hitting Your Opponent’s Pieces:

A key part of being successful at carrom lies in understanding how to execute your shots effectively. First of all, aim at an angle that will either hit against one of your own pieces or pull one of them into a pocket. When trying to send one of your opponent’s pieces off the board, identify both potential points of contact ” try sending it off with a soft shot so that it doesn’t bounce back onto the board. If playing defensively then it can be more effective to hit against two of your own pieces instead so that they create a blockage on the board, stopping any more from being sent into pockets. Aiming for middle-range power shots can also help keep control over multiple pieces at once without risking knocking too many off in one go. Finally, bear in mind different obstacles such as other coins blocking various pockets ” you may need to shift these out of place first before attempting more complex shots.


Carrom is an Indian game that has been passed down through generations to become an important part of our culture and identity. Featuring a wooden board painted with the upper and lower circles, Carrom is a tabletop sport in which two teams of players battle it out by aiming to pot all their coins or ‘pieces’ into the four corner pockets before their opponents do. The game is known for its strategic and skillful play, as well as its easy-to-learn rules. The types of games on offer include traditional carroms, as well as new versions like speed carroms and other variations.

Apart from its widespread popularity across India and South Asia, carrom has also left a lasting impression upon other countries such as those in Europe and North America who have adopted the game due to its remarkable simplicity and skill elements. Carrom has become increasingly popular at both local and international tournaments over the last few years, leading to great awareness about this legendary game which is sure to continue for generations!

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