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The board game Clue was first developed in 1949 by the founder of Waddingtons Games, Anthony E. Pratt. It was originally inspired by the success of “Murder!”, a game designed by Pratt for a charity fundraiser in Nottingham a few years earlier. Since then, it has become an iconic board game that is still beloved by many today!

Clue is made up of the classic components of a murder mystery ” a mansion mansion with various rooms where players must guess the murderer, victim and crime scene. While solving the mystery can be tricky, it is also incredibly fun. In fact, even though it has been released in many editions over the decades, Clue remains one of the most popular board games around!

Where Can I Buy Clue?

Today, Clue can be purchased both online and at retail stores. The traditional board game is readily available on websites such as Amazon or Walmart’s website. Many major retailers like Target and Toys R Us also carry various versions of the classic game as well. Additionally, there are several specialty retailers who specialize in vintage board games that may also have superior versions of Clue for sale – especially if you’re looking for more rare variants from previous decades!

Availability of Clue In Stores

The board game Clue is one of the oldest and most popular detective mystery games. If you are looking to purchase it, you can find it in most major department stores or toy stores. Many of the major national chain stores such as Walmart, Target, Walmart and Toys R Us carry Clue, as do many specialty retailers like Barnes and Noble, GameStop and boardgame websites. Prices vary from store to store but usually range from $11 up to $25 for a new edition of the game.

When considering where to buy your copy of Clue, online shopping may be the best option since it can allow you to compare prices quickly at each store or website. In addition, some retailers like Amazon offer free shipping if you meet certain qualifications and therefore may be more cost effective than buying locally. You can also often times find used copies of Clue or other editions on Ebay or similar sites at much lower prices if you’re not looking for a newer version. Finally, shopping around is always recommended – don’t just stick with the first store that has what you want – chances are there might be a better deal somewhere else!

Where to Buy Clue Online & Comparisons of Different eCommerce Sites

If you’re trying to find the classic board game Clue, you’re in luck. The popular mystery game is available at most popular online merchants like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us. With these stores offering everything from deep discounts to fast and free shipping, no matter what your needs are there’s a solution for you. As expected all three sites offer the same basic edition but if you look closer there are some variations in pricing so shop around for the best deal. Additionally Toys “R” Us has exclusive editions of the game such as Harry Potter or Despicable Me themed versions so make sure to check them out for something unique. There are also many other smaller retailers who offer different versions as well, including a collector’s edition that features golden tokens and cards made from parchment paper. As if all of this wasn’t enough there are even 3rd party sellers on these retail sites who sell used versions of Clue at sometimes even more affordable prices then buying new! So whether you’re looking for something new or just trying to get a great bargain ” it pays to know your options when shopping online for Clue.

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Playing Clue on Video Game Consoles & Other Related Games

Clue is a popular board game that has been around since 1949. The object of the game is to solve who murdered the victim, what weapon was used, and where in the mansion the crime was committed. To play the game, a group of players must move their pieces around a board representing a mansion and make guesses as to which cards hold the answers to these three questions. Players must use deductive reasoning to arrive at an answer before any other player does. Today, Clue can be found in most department stores or online retailers such as Amazon.

Playing Clue on video game consoles is also possible with multiple versions released over the years for platforms such as Nintendo systems, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and more. These versions often include additional characters, levels beyond just one mansion, and single-player story mode campaigns based on classic Clue cases. Other electronic board games with similar mechanics to Clue have also been released over time such as Hasbro’s Battleship: How It Works and Murder Mystery Mansion Party Game ” two games that were designed by fans of Clue using its familiar elements. Whether playing digitally or on an actual board, clue is an iconic and classic type of mysteries fun for all ages!

Budget-Friendly Options for Buying Clue

When it comes to finding a version of the board game Clue, there are several budget-friendly options depending on where you shop. Local stores like Walmart, Target, and Toys “R” Us typically sell classic versions of the game for around $20. Other stores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and online marketplaces often have slightly more expensive editions available in their online catalogs that range from $25-$50. Additionally, hobby stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby carry newer versions of the game which can be more expensive but often include new pieces or extras like special tokens or customizations. Some of these shares can cost up to $75 or more.

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Special Edition Packs of Clue

Clue is a classic board game that has been enjoyed by generations since it’s release in 1949. The object of the game is to discover who committed the murder among 6 possible suspects, in what room, and with what weapon. Today, there are many special edition packs available, each with its own theme or twist on the original gameplay. You can find these special editions at retail stores such as Walmart and Target, as well as online through sites like Amazon and eBay.

Popular special edition packs include Clue: Star Wars Edition, Clue Harry Potter Edition, Clue: Zombies Edition, Clue: Marvel Comics Edition, Clue Ghostbuster Edition, and Clue Senior Detective Edition. These all feature fun updates to the classic game ” each with their own set of suspects, weapons (lightsabers or wands), murder locations (the Death Star or Hogwarts) and more. There’s even a Doctor Who themed set featuring The Master as one of the possible murderers! Set up your detectives for an exciting night of deductive reasoning ” without leaving your home!

In addition to special editions of the game itself, you can also find new ways to enjoy the entertainment of clue through books and other related products such as books about clue strategy or card games inspired by clue characters and events. No matter which version of clue you choose to play (or watch!), having a few hours dedicated to mystery solving never fails to entertain.


Clue is a timeless classic among board games and its popularity has never really gone away. Its enduring attraction comes from its simple premise and rules, as well as the multiple different ways that you can play it. The objective of the game is to be the first player to solve the mystery of who killed Mr. Boddy and how they did it. This requires careful deduction, strategic planning, and a good memory of what cards your opponents have seen. It also allows for creative solutions to be formed, meaning no two games are necessarily alike! Clue’s lasting appeal also lies in its ability to be played with friends, family or competitors”making it easily accessible no matter the occasion or atmosphere you find yourself in. With all these factors combined, there’s no wonder why Clue has been entertaining people since 1949 and will continue do so for many years to come.

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