Where To Buy Go Board Game In Toronto


Go Board Game is a strategic board game of Chinese origin that dates back to over 2000 years ago. Go has been known throughout East Asia and in Japan it’s considered the national game. The objective of the game is very simple; one must complete an area or capture more stones than their opponent. It’s an incredibly fun and easy-to-learn pastime that requires no elaborate skill like chess, but its strategies are equally sophisticated and engaging. Players can use their tactics to gain points or capitalize on their opponent’s weaknesses for victory. It’s a great way to pass time with family or friends, which is why so many people consider buying Go Board Game.

For those looking to purchase Go Board Game in Toronto there are several excellent stores available. Below we discuss some of the popular shops:

1. Kagi Games – This store specializes in selling various kinds of board games, including traditional European games and Chinese classic games like Go Board Game. Located in downtown Toronto, near Yonge and Wellesley, they carry a large selection of go sets as well as books, tools and accessories for go enthusiasts.

2. Face2Face Games – Situated right beside Yonge-Dundas Square this store has been open since 2006, offering an ultimate experience for tabletop gaming fans of all ages and skill levels. Here you’ll find a huge selection of board games including options for yourself or a gift for friends or family who love being immersed in the strategic world of classic boardgames ones like Go Board Game .

3. Eastview Mall Store – This mall store caters to all types of boardgame enthusiasts who share the same passion for games such as Go Board Game . They have a wide selection of go boards from different manufacturers at different prices points ranging from beginner sets to professional sets.

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Popular Stores

Toys R Us Canada, Amazon.ca, Indigo Chapters, Walmart Canada, EB Games Canada, BoardGames.ca, Masters Hobbies & Games (Toronto), Top Shelf Gamer (Toronto), PlayBoard Cafe (Scarborough), Chew the Scene (Toronto), ArRetro Pleasures (North York).

Where to Find Online

If you’re looking to buy the Go board game in Toronto, there are several retailers that have it. Popular hobby stores such as Games Paradise, 401 Games, and Board Game Blitz all carry the classic Asian game. If you don’t want to go into their physical stores, they all offer online options. You can find individual boards from Amazon or specialty websites like Zibzap or The Tsume Go Shop. There are also internet marketplaces like Kijiji and eBay where you can get some great deals on used products if you don’t mind a little hunting. If you visit any of the independent game stores in the city, you should be able to find a copy of the game without any difficulty.

Additional Resources

Local Gaming Groups:

• Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Greater Toronto: The Boys and Girls team in the greater Toronto area have been actively playing Go Board Game for years, and can provide resources to help players through the game.

• Playpal Games: Playpal Games is a board game library located in North York that has the go board game available to be played at its facility.

• Strategy Games café: Strategy Games Café offers Go Board Game tournaments on a regular basis, an ideal opportunity for both new and experienced players to learn/practice/play the game.

Online Forums:

• The American Go Association (AGA): This is an active forum which allows members to post questions related to all aspects of beginners’ Go Board Game, discuss strategies for advanced players, or just hang out and discuss ideas about Go with fellow players.

• Little Golem Forum: Little Golem Forum is a web-based forum where users can interact with each other on topics related to go such as rules, etiquette, tournaments, reviews of books & DVDs etc.

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If you’re looking to buy the Go Board Game in Toronto, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you’re investing your hard-earned money in a quality product. First of all, read reviews—these will give you an idea of how other players have found the product and whether they recommend making the purchase or not. Another way to gauge the game’s popularity is by looking at ratings from specialized stores or websites. These rating systems will give you an overview of what most customers think about it, as well as helping you look for variations and other details about the game. Additionally, asking around at game stores in Toronto may help provide more personal insight about Go Board Game and its associated products.


You can find Go board games in Toronto in a variety of retail stores, such as board game cafes, shops dedicated to tabletop gaming, and general hobby stores. When you buy Go at these local retailers, you will also have the opportunity to connect with others who have a similar passion for the game. You can pick up tips and advice from experienced gamers right away. Plus, by supporting your local communities, you’ll be playing an important role in keeping them vibrant and active. So go on and explore your local options! You’ll discover something special while also helping out your community.

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