Which Board Walk In Jersey Shore Has Carnival Game


The Jersey Shore is home to a number of different boardwalks that offer visitors a chance to experience great attractions, food, and entertainment. Since the late 19th century onward, boardwalks have been a fixture at the Jersey Shore. While there were already numerous beach clubs that provided carnivals and amusements along with luxurious accommodations, it was only around the year 1888 that the first-ever conventionally known Boardwalk appeared in Atlantic City. Over time, more boardwalks were created along the coast of New Jersey; such as Ocean City’s Music Pier or Wildwood’s Million Dollar Pier – all of which provided much needed entertainment for shore goers.

These boardwalks still prove to be popular sites for tourists and locals alike who come for beaches and attractions like carnival games. In fact, these boardwalks are powerful tourist draw-cards with their plethora of rides and classic beachfront amusements. The most recognizable among them is definitely Atlantic City’s Boardwalk that features traditional favorites like cracker jack machines and Cotton Candy stands alongside high tech thrills such as virtual reality roller coasters and interactive video games. Meanwhile Asbury Park Boardwalk carries ‘New Jersey’s Largest Wheel’ – a 40-foot Ferris wheel ideal for taking in spectacular views of Asbury Park’s cityscape. Other boardwalks such Ocean City also host many festive indoor arcades playing soundtracks typical of any nightclub or barcade located downtown – perfect for long summer nights out on the town!

A Look at the Board Walks

The boardwalks of the Jersey Shore provide an array of attractions and activities to guests throughout the year. Ranging from Sandy Hook to Wildwood, there is something for every visitor. Many boardwalks are within walking distance of arcades, parks, eateries and shops, providing guests with lots of opportunities to explore various parts of the area. While each boardwalk has its own unique charm and vibrant atmosphere, many feature carnival-style games. From whacking whiffle balls at pop-up targets to tossing rings onto glass jugs filled with water, these attractions offer a fun way for visitors to enjoy their time on the shore. Those looking for an adrenaline rush can step up their game through virtual reality games or gun shooting ranges with real prizes at stake. Visitors may also find classic sideshow activities along the way like dunk tanks and inflatable obstacle courses designed to challenge all ages.

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Sea Isle City

Sea Isle City Boardwalk is situated on the southern tip of New Jersey’s coast and is a popular destination for families and tourists all year round. This boardwalk provides access to endless entertainment, adventure and relaxation during your stay in Jersey Shore. There are numerous festivals and special events that take place at Sea Isle City Boardwalk such as a music festival, seafood festival and vintage car show, to name a few.

The boardwalk also has an amazing variety of carnival games to play. You can find amusement park-style rides like bumper cars, roller coasters and carousels plus classic yet fun attractions like water-gun target shooting, toss the ring tossing game and basketball shootouts. Plus, you can indulge in some carnival food treats including funnel cakes, cotton candy and fried Oreos! And when you’re done having fun playing the games or joining an event, there are plenty of shops selling souvenirs at the boardwalk that you can peruse.

Wildwood Boardwalk

The Wildwood Boardwalk, part of the Jersey Shore, is an iconic and beloved summertime destination for thousands of beach-goers every year. It’s renowned for its two mile stretch of vibrant attractions, lively entertainment and classic saltwater taffy stands. In addition to the delicious food and games offered any day along the boardwalk, those visiting on Fridays and Saturdays have a unique opportunity to enjoy retro carnival games available only during this special time of the week. Visitors can stroll down the cement path while tossing rings at bottles, thrusting metal rods through fishing holes or aiming darts at balloons. Classic boardwalk rides such as a Ferris wheel, carousel and scrambler are also great options to get your senses spinning. Whether you’re looking for heart-racing thrills or sweet treats alongside spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Wildwood Boardwalk offers a wide array of things to do for all ages!

Ocean City

The boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey is known for its lively attractions and endless activities to do. It contains numerous restaurants, shops, and other attractions that can appeal to people of all ages. For the young kids, there are plenty of festivities such as a seesaw and swings at the boardwalk playground.

In addition to being a perfect place to stroll around or have a picnic with friends and family, the boardwalk also features an array of classic carnival games. From shooting water guns at targets or throwing darts at balloons, these games provide hours of fun that can be shared with others. You can even enjoy some thrilling rides such as the Giant Wheel, or take part in some rides that will bring you up and over the ocean shore. There’s definitely something for everyone at Ocean City Boardwalk!

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Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Atlantic City Boardwalk offers all kinds of attractions for visitors, from casinos and world-class dining to carnival games perfect for the whole family. With over 1 million square feet of boardwalk, a variety of food, stores, and entertainment all within easy walking distance, it is no wonder that the Atlantic City Boardwalk is one of the most popular destinations along the Jersey Shore. Various carnival/amusement games like skeeball and whack-a-mole can be found at stops such as Playground Pier and Steel Pier where guests can compete against each other or try their luck at winning tickets. Other attractions like carousel rides, paddleboats, and even arcades are also available along the boardwalk. Whether you are looking for a thrilling night out or a day filled with fun activities with the family, Atlantic City is your destination!


The Jersey Shore is home to a variety of boardwalks, each offering unique experiences and attractions for its visitors. One of the most popular attractions among families and groups looking for some fun are the carnival games found on various boardwalks throughout the area. Atlantic City’s Boardwalk boasts more than 17 adult and children’s game stands, offering a great selection of games and prizes that can be enjoyed by all ages. Ocean City’s Boardwalk includes hits such as miniature golf and skeeball, while Point Pleasant offers the family-friendly Jenkinson’s Amusement Park with ferris wheel rides and an array of challenging giant slides. All three boardwalks provide exciting opportunities for visitors looking to throw darts or bounce balls with friends. Each boardwalk offers a unique experience that can bring good times to visitors and make great memories that will last a lifetime.

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