Which Stores Sells Board Game Parts


Are you a fan of board games but starting to run out of parts? Worry no more, there are many retail stores that carry board game parts. Whether it be from an online shop or an actual bricks-and-mortar store, rest assured that you will find plenty of options for all your qualities board game pieces and components. Read on to find out where to get them!

Types of Board Game Pieces

Wooden Board Game Pieces

Wooden board game pieces are often custom-made and can include various shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, and rectangles. Many popular board games utilize wooden pieces, such as chess, checkers, backgammon, and Go. Popular retailers that carry wooden game pieces include:

• The GP Workshop ” This shop specializes in handmade wooden pieces that are perfect for creating your own custom board games.
• Manopoulos ” This store offers a wide selection of chess sets with wooden playing pieces.
• WoodenChessPiece.com ” This website specializes in high-quality wooden chess sets and figurines that can be bought individually or in full sets.

Plastic Board Game Pieces

Plastic game pieces come in many shapes and sizes including dice, meeples (small figures), counters (round tokens) and wargame figures (for more strategic board games). Popular retailers that carry plastic game parts include:
• Miniature Market ” This store offers a massive selection of gaming miniatures from fantasy worlds to historical and modern characters.
• The Dice Shop Online ” They provide everything you need when it comes to dice including standard 6-sided polyhedral dice as well as unique designs for special gaming effects.
• GamenerdsGamershop ” They have an extensive range of plastic game pieces such as cubes, meeples and discs suitable for playing all types of board games.

Metal Board Game Pieces
Metal board game pieces can offer a more luxurious feel to your gaming experience than their plastic or wooden counterparts do. Metal tokens such as coins and gems are especially popular with tabletop roleplaying games where collecting treasure is part of the fun. Popular retailers that carry metal gaming parts include: • HouseofMetalCrafts ” Here you will find handcrafted coins made out of brass for the ultimate noble touch to your campaigns! • RPG Props Moulds & Casting ” This store provides custom moulds which can be used to create metal currency, gemstones, skulls”all sorts of things you’d need while on an imaginary adventure! • Badger Models ” They also offer 3D printed metal parts if you want something really extraordinary!

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Online Retailers

Many online retailers sell board game parts. Amazon is a popular choice as they have a large selection and often offer competitive prices. BoardGameGeek also has an online store, allowing shoppers to purchase components, accessories and more related to their favorite games. Overstock and eBay are two other great places to look for board game pieces and parts at discounted prices when available. Other specialty board game stores like Funagain Games, Cardhaus Games, Miniature Market, The Game Steward, Beacon Board Games and Game Surplus are all great places to shop for individual pieces or large collections of gaming material for use in custom projects. Additionally, local hobby shops may carry select items like unpunched terrain tiles to create your own battlefields or character sheets for roleplaying games. Lastly, many Kickstarter campaigns allow backers the chance to source specific bits from existing games or gain early access to upcoming releases.

Local Stores

There are several stores which sell board game parts. Toy stores are an obvious choice, including both online and retail locations. Board game cafes often offer a selection of pieces for sale, and some may even specialize in particular games or materials needed for custom builds. Additionally, bookstores, hobby shops, and other specialty retailers may stock components for a few different games. Thrift stores are another great place to find inexpensive pieces for a variety of titles; older edition boards can often be used interchangeably with newer releases.

Maps can be incredibly helpful when looking for physical stores where board game parts can be purchased. Social media sites like Twitter or Facebook may have groups dedicated to gaming, many of which regularly share store location information as well as advice about new or upcoming releases. Local gaming conventions and gatherings such as those hosted at comic book shops or movie theaters should also prove fruitful sources of information; it’s even possible to buy discounted bulk parts here sometimes. Ultimately, wherever you look, odds are there’s somewhere nearby that sells the pieces you need to take your game night fun up a notch!

Creative Alternatives

Many stores sell board game parts. Some examples are local mom-and-pop hobby stores, large retail stores such as Target and Walmart, and online retailers such as Amazon. Shopping at a hobby store can often be helpful if you need advice on which products to purchase since many of the staff should have some knowledge of the game parts industry. Additionally, there are specialty websites that exist solely for providing gamers with the components necessary to create their own games. If you’re looking for help on how to make your own boards or pieces for your game, Creative Alternatives is an excellent resource that provides users with quality tutorials and visual instruction on how to do just that. In addition, sites like Instructables also provide users with great ideas and step-by-step instructions on creating unique board games from scratch.

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Re-purposing Pieces

For those who are looking to re-purpose existing board game pieces, there are many creative ways to use them in art and crafts projects. Pieces such as miniature figurines, dice, action stones or cards can be used for making magnets, puzzles, jewelry or even a game specific to the hoarder’s preferred theme. Stickers and labels can be put on display cases for more personalised presentation. One interesting suggestion is to make pendants out of the blueprints found within board games for an extra special touch. Many online supply stores carry craft supplies specifically designed to help in re-purposing board game pieces so it may be worthwhile doing some research before embarking on any project. With a bit of creativity and a little bit of know-how there are plenty of fun ways to turn old pieces into something brand new.


For the ultimate all-purpose board game pieces to buy, a great option is to purchase an attache’ case that contains chips, markers, dice, and playing cards. These items are essential no matter what type of board game is being played and can be used in different combinations. Besides being useful as part of your current game, they can also be used to create unique games or expand existing games. Attache’ cases can typically be found at office supply stores or online retailers.

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