Zombie Board Game

Introduction to Zombie Board Game

The Zombie Board Game is a thrilling and fast-paced tabletop strategy game in which players fight against each other in an apocalyptic world of zombies. Players must move quickly to collect essential supplies, build defensive barricades, and search for the most powerful weapons”all while trying to survive against zombie hordes. The game has a special element of luck as players draw cards to determine their moves and characters’ capabilities.

Introduction to the game play videos provide a great way for players to become familiar with how Zombie Board Games works. These videos often show how each phase of the game works and helps demonstrate some of the nuances that make it so challenging and fun.

Popular Zombie Board Game tournaments/events are held worldwide, from small local gatherings to large competitive international events. Some events have hosted over 100 teams, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie amongst fans. Some popular competitions include the Epic Brain Cooker Championships, the Undying Survivor Showdown, and Zombicide: Fuel Tank Escape Events. Each event features unique rulesets, obstacles within stages, props/terrain & map layouts for players to adapt their strategies to suit different conditions or opponents. Most importantly, these tournaments are always exciting and full of surprises!

History of Zombie Board Game

1990: The original Zombie board game is released.

2002: A zombie-themed expansion pack is released, which includes 12 extra figures and a new set of rules.

2005: The second edition of the game is released, with updated components and new rules.

2010: A third edition of the game is released, including several new game modes and a revised rulebook.

2016: An expanded version of the game is released featuring additional scenario cards, a larger map and redesigned card art.

2019: A special “20th Anniversary Edition” of the game is released with upgraded components, a new set of scenarios and tweaks to the basic rules.

Playing Zombie Board Game

The Zombie Board Game is an exciting and engaging game for kids and adults alike. Players must work together to survive a zombie-infested world, gathering resources and completing missions. The game features innovative mechanics, unique graphics and artwork that give it a truly immersive experience.

The game has excellent aesthetics that draw you in, driven by art works of various zombies and detailed color depictions of setting such as cities, sewers, townships, graveyards and other locations. The gameboard is designed with the zombie apocalypse setting in mind. Players must gather weapons and travel across the board to complete missions in order to win the game.

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Players must use tactics such as allocating resources wisely, formulating strategies with team members and making calculated moves while navigating decaying territories inhabited by hordes of zombies. It adds another layer of atmosphere as players can hear sound effects such as screams of terror along with weapon fire accompanied by background horror music emanating from the board itself.

To play this exciting board game you can either purchase the physical version or download a printable version online which will include instructions on how to play the game (links provided below). Instructions are also included with each purchase for those who prefer physical copies:

• Downloadable Version: https://goodiesfirst.com/product-category/zombies/
• Printable Resources: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Zombie-Apocalypse-Board-Game-1447165
• Physical Copy:https://www.amazon.com/Winning-Moves-Games-1213FMBlaster-Board/dp/B000FTVAJA

Strategies For Winning Zombie Board Game

One strategy for managing resources in the Zombie board game is to carefully evaluate which cards you put into play and how best to use them. Letting fewer cards enter play at a time will result in lower expenditures of resources, but risking a higher number of zombies in play. However, if one puts fewer cards into play, they will have leverage over their opponents as more resources can be conserved for future turns.

In terms of controlling the zombie population, players should attempt to clear the board as much as possible each turn. This may include eliminating zombies before they have a chance to move or use any special abilities they may have. Additionally, players should observe zombie movement patterns and attack the ones that hinder their objectives instead of those closer to your group. Taking out large groups of zombies can help limit the population on the board and reduce pressure while giving players added safety on their turns.

Variants of Zombie Board Game

One of the most popular variant versions of Zombie Board Game is the classic survival version. This game has similar basic rules to the original, but it also includes unique features and objectives. The object of this game is for players to collect characters, weapons, and items in order to survive a zombie outbreak. Players must manage their resources carefully as each round increases in difficulty with more zombies added to the board. The end goal is to make it out alive while killing off more zombies than any other player.

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Another variant version of Zombie Board Game is known as Zombie Escape. This version’s main objective is for players to survive by escaping from the board without getting bitten or killed by any zombies along the way. Every turn, players roll dice and move along a set track on a map-like board; at certain points on the track there will be branching paths or puzzles that need to be solved in order for players to progress further. As in real life, obstacles may come up along the way and at least one nimble-minded player needs to take initiative in solving them quickly before time runs out!


One way to learn more about the Zombie Board Game is to reach out to platforms dedicated to the game and its fan base. Finding an online community or forum discussing the game may provide insights into which versions people prefer and how they play it. Following forums can allow you to read what fans think about different strategies, rules and expansions for the game. Such forums also allow you to observe actual games being played, or even join in if anyone needs additional players. Joining in conversations with experienced board gamers may share their experiences on playing different versions of the game, which could help introduce new ideas on how to play Zombie Board Games. You could also ask someone from the community to go over a few games with you if you need help setting things up or understanding rules better. Overall, interacting with folks who have already had some experience will give valuable knowledge for any newcomers looking forward to joining in on the action.

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