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The Game of Thrones board game is a classic strategy game inspired by the hit HBO television series. It allows players to take on the roles of different Houses, with the ultimate goal being to conquer and control the Iron Throne. The game combines elements of risk, diplomatic alliance and luck to create an exciting experience that has won several awards for its revolutionary gameplay.

The game features detailed plastic figures representing characters from the show and each player takes control of one or more Houses which come with their own character-specific cards. Players can choose their House’s resources and their play style, while also building their forces, claiming iwghts, rules and so on.

The game also comes with a double-sided map board, featuring both Westeros and Essos. The map boards are filled with regions that players may control by placing orders in order to battle other Houses or pay taxes in order to recruit knights or build structures. Special cards also contain events that can affect the progress of your House’s story line over time.

Players must organize their alliances and make tough decisions when it comes to conquering territories under their rule in order to expand their share of power over the realms. Finally, there are several ways for players to win the game: by having successfully conquered all seven kingdoms; by being declared King or Queen of Westeros; or by receiving majority support from all players before claiming victory at Kings Landing!

Special Editions

The A Game of Thrones Board Game is available in a variety of special editions, including some truly monumental ones. The most popular are the Collector’s Editions, which come with custom game pieces, detailed scenery, and even custom dice thrown in as a bonus. The ‘Song Of Fire & Blood’ Edition takes things further still: it comes with six beautifully luxurious miniatures representing the main parties who control Westeros. The Red Keep Premium Edition features an immensely detailed map of the continent, 24 different House cards and four custom-made Iron Thron chars – perfect symbolic representation of the power struggle beyond the Wall! Finally, there’s the exclusive ‘Winter Is Coming’ Deluxe Edition. This ultra luxury set includes a set of six expansions that add more depth to your battles for control over Westeros. And, coming packaged in its own wooden chest, this edition truly embodies what A Game Of Thrones is about – politicking to secure your place on the Iron Throne.


The Game of Thrones Board Game is a great way to bring the world of Westeros to your home. The board game combines various classic game mechanics such as resource management, tactical combat, and strategic alliances to create an exciting, unpredictable adventure. To have the best chance at winning it’s important to have a strong strategic approach.

When playing the board game one must be aware of their opponents and the cards in play. Pay attention to which characters your opponents are using, what resources they might have access to, and how their placement on the map could affect your strategy. Spreading out your forces across locations gives you more flexibility for defending against unexpected attacks or launching surprise offensives. Considerations such as these will give players a better chance at success.

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Because alliances can change quickly in Game of Thrones it is important to remain fluid in one’s alliances and be aware that they may need to adjust them at the drop of a hat. Being flexible with your approaches can help you remain ahead in power-struggles by staying two steps ahead of other players’ moves. This can often lead to new opportunities such as negotiations or secured resources that could bolster you in later rounds of play or possible end-game scenarios.

Ultimately success comes down to how well players understand and adapt themselves to shifting conditions within the Game”and strong strategic thinking is key here! Make sure you recognize when it is beneficial to make deals with opponents and know when it’s time to break them off entirely. A good player will not only plan for immediate outcomes but consider long-term strategies that can help secure lasting victory regardless of potentially volatile situations occurring from turn-to-turn!


The Game of Thrones Board Game is a thrilling strategy game for those looking to enter the world of Westeros. In this game, players take command of one of the Great Houses and compete for control of the Iron Throne! Players must make strategic choices as they move their armies around the map, gather resources, scheme against rivals, and use cunning diplomacy to achieve victory. To get started playing this thrilling board game, here are some helpful resources:

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Reviewers generally agree that the A Game of Thrones Board Game is an excellent game that offers players a unique and engaging experience. Many feel that it recreates the story of the book series well, while managing to stay true to both the plotline and setting. Many find it easy to learn and understand, with straightforward rules. Players often note how much fun they have playing it and its ability to keep them invested in the game. Reviews give this game mostly positive ratings, though some point out its length as a possible downside. Overall, this board game has been praised for its immersive quality which allows players to experience the world of Westeros like never before.

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The Game of Thrones Board Game is a unique game that captures the fantasy world of George R. R. Martin’s popular literary universe. Unlike Monopoly, RISK or other games of chance, it requires some strategy and planning in order to be successful. The board for the game is filled with territories related to Westeros (such as Winterfell, Kings Landing and many more from the series), but each territory features different effects when interacted with. Players are challenged to gain influence or resources such as gold, ravens and even armies in order to siege enemy strongholds, racing for the iron throne at King’s landing whilst dodging surprise attacks and political intrigue from other powerful houses vying for control.

A major difference between this game and others like Monopoly or Risk is that while they focus on economic measures or war strategies respectively, GoT instead has each player striving to outwit one another by forming key alliances throughout the game session. Furthermore, in comparison to traditional board games where players travel around a board of paths through locations such as streets, railroad tracks, ports or countries; in GoT those paths have been replaced by narrow sea’s and hidden passages leading brave travellers through dangerous lands controlled by wildlings and fierce snowstorms near Beyond The Wall all while trying not to succumb their forces before reaching enemy towns – otherwise known as “Crowning Locations”- before anyone else does if an attack is successful . This makes it challenging both mentally upright since it requires creative thinking. Additionally every turn features a card draw system which also adds an unpredictable element into being able to plan future turns adequately based on what can lay ahead on the perilous road through seemingly endless threats awaiting within Westeros and beyond for those foolish enough challenge fate too much!


Some alternative board games to the “Game of Thrones” board game are “Settlers of Catan,” “Ticket to Ride,” “Pandemic,” and “Elder Sign.” Settlers of Catan is a strategy game that involves building roads and collecting resources. In Ticket to Ride, players collect train cards and construct a railway route across the countries. Pandemic is set in the modern world with players working together to save humanity from diseases. Elder Sign is a co-operative game based on fighting monsters inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.

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