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Anxiety board games are designed to help people of all ages work through and manage their stress and anxiousness. Examples of anxiety board games include The Anxiety Unicorn, which helps players identify different sources of worry and face them in a supportive environment, and the Anxiety Buster Board Game, which gets players to develop healthy tactics for mastering worries. Other anxiety board games such as Pathways To Peace use relaxation techniques like breathing exercises to reduce feelings of distress in order to reach the end goal of peace. Other notable games include Worry Worms, an anxiety-defeating game that encourages problem-solving skills and coping strategies; Stress Busters, a dice-rolling game that explores events or scenarios associated with high levels of stress; and Exploring Emotions Board Game, a cooperative game encouraging empathic understanding between players.


Anxiety board games are games specifically designed to reduce anxiety. They have been developed with the aim of calming and stabilizing individuals who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. Several studies have highlighted the potential benefits of using board games to reduce anxiety levels, particularly in young people.

In a 2019 study conducted at the Dalian Polytechnic University, China, researchers documented the use of various board games for controlling stress and improving mental health among students. The results found that after 8 weeks, students who took part in recreational activities such as board games displayed significantly reduced levels of anxiety compared to those who didn’t participate in recreational activities. Similarly, another study conducted by researchers at Stellenbosch University in South Africa in 2020 found that playing low-stakes board games increased motivation levels amongst high school students and reduced feelings of helplessness and fatigue.

Furthermore, a review published by the International Journal Of Mental Health And Addiction looked into how board game therapy could help improve psychological well-being, especially for adolescents and young adults. According to this review, board game therapy can also be used to enhance problem solving skills and promote social interaction among players as well as providing an enjoyable outlet for emotional expression.

Overall, these studies suggest that using anxiety board games may be a beneficial tool for managing anxiety symptoms in both young people and adults alike and should be considered when exploring treatment options for individuals suffering form chronic anxiety or panic disorder.

Types of Anxiety Board Games

Anxiety board games are a great way to reduce stress and manage your anxiety levels in a fun and interactive way. Although board games have been around for centuries, these special games specifically designed to help facilitate emotional well-being have only become popular within the last few decades. With this increase of popularity, there has been an increased variety of different types of anxiety board games available ranging from simple card games to more complex strategy games.

In addition to providing players with real opportunities for relaxation and stimulation of the mind, specific board games can help with different types of anxiety issues such as Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), or Panic Disorder. When picking out the right game, it’s important to take into consideration elements like playability and topic of the game so that it is both enjoyable and beneficial for those playing it.

If you’re looking for something less demanding, card or dice based games may be a good fit as they require less strategy but still involve engaging problem solving skills. For those interested in more complex games involving group interaction or competition, turn-based strategy board games like Risk can be an ideal choice as they involve strategic planning and often times allow players to roleplay certain situations in order to practice coping strategies. Other popular examples include table quizzes, monopoly variants, word association challenges, memory building tasks etc.

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When choosing an anxiety board game it’s important to think about what would best fit your needs or circumstances; if you’re looking for something calming consider picking out milder titles while if you’re seeking something more passion inducing then consider getting a game that requires longer periods of concentration or cooperation . Board games also come in different forms so make sure that whatever you’re choosing is age appropriate and/or disability friendly so everyone can enjoy the activity without feeling excluded.

Example Games

Tummy Ache: Tummy Ache is a game for two players based on the theme of identifying and managing anxiety. The gameplay includes challenges ranging from silly tasks to abstract puzzles, which require players to act quickly and think strategically in order to win. At the start of each turn, each player receives two cards that feature one of four symbols. These symbols represent different types of anxiety ” physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The goal is to collect enough cards with matching symbols in order to form a line on the board. The first player to create a line by connecting all four symbols wins the game.

Time Bomb: Time Bomb is a competitive puzzle game designed for two to three players that focuses on managing anxiety levels under pressure. Players compete in timed rounds as they attempt to construct an eight-square grid using tiles that feature various emotions associated with stress and worry. As time ticks down, players frantically race against opponents and cool growing tension as they strive to complete their grid before time runs out. With every click, more stress is added to the mix as points are earned for efficiently assembling grids and tactical decisions come into play on how pieces should be placed. When time’s up, the player with the most points from successful grids wins!

Anxiety Attack: Anxiety Attack is an adventure card game aimed at helping people learn positive coping strategies for dealing with anxiety. Through problem solving, strategy and luck, players battle their way through challenging scenarios by fighting off triggers of stress with wise decisions such as relaxation techniques and alternate perspectives rather than running away from them or giving in to fear. To win this game, players must use powerful cards featuring affirmations and questions which influence which directions they take in order to build resilience so they can conquer their worries successfully! With every level completed successfully, skill levels increase until you ultimately win the greatest battle”your own anxious mind!

Benefits of Playing Anxiety Board Games

Anxiety board games can provide stress relief and relaxation for players of all ages. These games create a safe space for discussion about worries and fears that may otherwise go unaddressed.

Children can reap many benefits from playing anxiety board games. It’s a great way to alleviate their worries, giving them a creative outlet for conversations about their feelings of uncertainty. They will also learn life skills such as problem solving, empathy, communication and patience.

For adults, being able to unpack your anxieties in a positive environment without judgement can potentially be empowering. It helps to articulate our insecurities and make them easier to handle. Anxiety board games can help even those with long-term mental health issues by creating an approachable forum to express themselves within a given set of rules and parameters.

Seniors are often faced with unexpected transitions in life which can cause immense stress, especially if they find themselves alone or isolated. By playing anxiety board games seniors can connect with others while being able to openly discuss what’s on their mind which helps them normalize their concerns as well as find mutual understanding of their situation with one another – something that is otherwise difficult for them to do so alone.

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Social Benefits

Educators: Educators can use board games to help their students identify, talk about and understand their emotions, as well as process what can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing events. For example, some anxiety board games include specific scenarios that feature situations of bullying or other difficult experiences, allowing students to discuss how these scenarios make them feel in a safe environment. The board game also allows for the educator to start meaningful conversations with the students on ways to manage their emotions and cope with difficult challenges outside of the classroom.

Therapists & Counselors: Therapists and counselors can use anxiety board games as therapeutic tools to help clients recognize, process and cope with anxiety-inducing challenges. Board games often provide a safe space where individuals can examine different techniques or scenarios in order to become more resilient and find constructive ways of dealing with anxiety or fear. Additionally, they help individuals better express their feelings in a direct yet less confronting way.

Families: Families can play together while discussing the unique issues they face when it comes to coping with anxious thoughts or behavior. By playing together, they can work on building an understanding of one another while simultaneously learning healthy strategies for managing strong emotions in a fun but meaningful way. Anxiety board games allow family members an opportunity to bond by each offering their own perspectives on how best to handle potentially stressful situations as part of making decisions about how best to play the game.


Anxiety board games can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety levels, especially for children struggling in school or adults dealing with work pressures. Many board games aimed at relaxation, empowerment and problem solving are now available to purchase or can be easily downloaded from the internet. Before starting out it’s a good idea to do some research on the types of games that are out there and which will best suit your individual needs. Talk to friends who have used anxiety board games before, read reviews by those who have tried them and visit relevant websites such as Anxiety Games ( where you can find information about game selection, reviews, discounts etc. Once you’ve selected the right game for you, why not reach out to family members or friends and set up group game nights where everyone can benefit from playing together? Finally, if you’re uncertain how to begin then it may be prudent to look into consulting a licensed professional therapist who specializes in anxiety-based treatment protocols such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). With these tips in hand you should be ready to get started and look forward to a new fun way of managing stress and anxiety via board gaming!

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