A Game of Thrones Board Game Baratheon Strategy

The A Game of Thrones Board Game has captured the hearts and minds of many fans around the world with its intricate gameplay and immersive storytelling. As players vie for control of Westeros, effective strategies become crucial in determining victory. This article delves into one specific aspect of gameplay: the Baratheon strategy.

With its rich lore and strategic depth, the A Game of Thrones Board Game has gained a dedicated following among both avid board gamers and fans of the original books and television series. The game provides players with an opportunity to experience the political intrigue, warfare, and diplomatic maneuvering that make George R.R. Martin’s world so captivating.

Effective strategy is key to success in this game, especially when playing as House Baratheon. The Baratheons possess unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that must be carefully utilized to secure victory. From their commanding presence on land to their reliance on naval power, House Baratheon offers players a distinct playstyle that requires cunning and adaptability.

In the rest of this article, we will explore various aspects of House Baratheon’s strategy in detail. We will delve into strategic positioning on the board, discuss forming alliances with other players, highlight powerful special cards available to Baratheons, analyze naval warfare tactics, delve into negotiation skills for House Baratheon, warn against common mistakes made by novice players, and ultimately stress the importance of effective strategies and adaptability for victorious gameplay.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for new insights or a newcomer seeking guidance on where to start, understanding and mastering House Baratheon’s strategy can elevate your A Game of Thrones Board Game experience to new heights. So join us as we dive into the world of Westeros and unravel the intricacies behind House Baratheon’s path to domination.

House Baratheon is one of the most intriguing factions to play in the A Game of Thrones Board Game, with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that make them a formidable force on the battlefield. Understanding these characteristics is essential for developing an effective strategy as House Baratheon.


  1. The Fury of the Stag: House Baratheon’s primary strength lies in their ability to rapidly mobilize their forces. With their special ability, “The Fury of the Stag,” they can march into battle with twice the number of footmen as usual. This gives them a significant advantage when it comes to expanding their influence across Westeros and seizing control of key territories.
  2. Strong Defense: Another noteworthy aspect of House Baratheon’s gameplay is their strong defensive capabilities. They have access to powerful defensive positions, such as Dragonstone and Storm’s End, which can be crucial for holding off enemy attacks and protecting their own territories.


  1. Limited Starting Positions: Unlike some other factions, House Baratheon begins the game with only two starting positions – Dragonstone and Storm’s End. This limited initial presence can pose a challenge as they need to quickly secure additional strongholds and territories to gain an advantage over their rivals.
  2. Vulnerable Borders: Being situated between multiple factions puts House Baratheon in a precarious position where they have vulnerable borders. It becomes crucial for players controlling House Baratheon to effectively defend these borders while also maneuvering strategically to expand their influence.

Overall, when playing as House Baratheon, it is important to capitalize on their strengths while mitigating their weaknesses. By understanding these factors, players can develop a well-rounded strategy that maximizes their chances of success on the battlefield.

House Baratheon is one of the major factions in the A Game of Thrones Board Game, and understanding their unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities is crucial for developing an effective strategy. As a player controlling House Baratheon, you have access to powerful military forces, strongholds in key strategic locations, and impactful special cards that can turn the tide of the game in your favor.


  • Military Might: House Baratheon possesses a strong starting position with a formidable fleet and access to the formidable Knights unit. This military strength allows you to project power across both land and sea.
  • Stannis’s Leadership: The unique ability of House Baratheon’s house card allows you to muster more troops as compared to other houses. Using this effectively can quickly amass a large army, giving you an advantage when it comes to confrontations with your rivals.
  • Strongholds and Castles: House Baratheon starts the game with Storm’s End and Dragonstone – two well-fortified strongholds. These locations offer defensive advantages and serve as bases for further expansion into enemy territory.


  • Limited Influence Tracks: Unlike some other houses, House Baratheon has limited influence tracks. This means that gaining control over certain areas on Westeros becomes challenging. It requires careful planning and strategic decision-making to overcome this limitation.
  • Vulnerability to Naval Warfare: While House Baratheon boasts a formidable fleet at the beginning of the game, naval warfare can still pose a challenge. You need to be mindful of rival fleets and maintain control over important sea routes to ensure your dominance.

Unique Abilities:

  • Kingsblood: This special ability allows House Baratheon to ignore any one Raid order during combat resolution once per round. It gives you flexibility when defending or attacking territories against rival factions.
  • Power Seizing: Another unique ability allows House Baratheon to count all enemy controlled strongholds and castles as if they were under your control when determining power for the Iron Throne track. This makes it easier for you to accumulate power and potentially secure the Iron Throne.

Understanding these strengths, weaknesses, and abilities of House Baratheon is essential for developing a winning strategy in the A Game of Thrones Board Game. With careful planning, diplomatic maneuvering, and effective utilization of resources, you can emerge victorious in the game of thrones. Next, let’s explore the importance of strategic positioning for House Baratheon’s successful gameplay.

House Baratheon is one of the playable factions in the A Game of Thrones Board Game and understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities is crucial for developing a successful strategy. As the rulers of the Stormlands and holders of the Iron Throne at the start of the game, House Baratheon possesses a distinct advantage.


  1. Military Prowess: House Baratheon boasts a formidable military with access to powerful armies and strongholds. They have a higher starting army size compared to other houses, allowing for aggressive expansion and conquest.
  2. Naval Dominance: House Baratheon’s naval forces are also noteworthy, giving them control over strategic water territories that can be used to cut off supply routes and transport armies swiftly.
  3. Influence Over Power Struggles: With their natural claim to the Iron Throne, House Baratheon has an advantage in political dynamics. This allows them to manipulate events through special cards like “Claiming the Iron Throne” or “Support of King’s Landing” which can give them significant benefits.


  1. Limited Starting Territories: Despite their initial stronghold in Storm’s End, House Baratheon has fewer starting territories than some other houses. This makes it harder for them to expand quickly in the early game without forming alliances or strategically positioning their forces.
  2. Vulnerability to Attacks: Due to their position at the forefront of Westeros, House Baratheon is often targeted by neighboring houses seeking expansion opportunities or weakening their grip on power.
  3. Reliance on Diplomacy: Unlike some other houses with more straightforward strategies focusing on military might or intrigue, House Baratheon requires careful diplomacy and negotiation with other players to navigate complex political landscapes successfully.

Unique Abilities:

  1. Robert’s Hammer: One of House Baratheon’s unique units is the Robert’s Hammer, a legendary warhammer that strengthens their armies in battle. This gives House Baratheon an advantage when engaging in military conflicts.
  2. The Stag Banner: As another unique element, House Baratheon’s special ability allows them to place power tokens on any territory they control, regardless of the presence of other players’ units. This makes it easier for House Baratheon to accumulate power and influence.
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Understanding these strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities is fundamental for creating effective strategies as House Baratheon in A Game of Thrones Board Game. By leveraging their military prowess, naval dominance, political influence, and employing clever diplomacy, players can increase their chances of winning the Iron Throne in Westeros.

House Baratheon possesses a variety of unique special cards that can greatly influence the outcome of the game. Understanding how to effectively utilize these cards is crucial for any player aiming to master House Baratheon’s strategy.

One of House Baratheon’s most powerful special cards is “Melisandre’s Influence.” This card allows players to remove one enemy order token from any area with a Melisandre’s Influence token, providing an opportunity to disrupt opponents’ plans and seize control of key territories. Additionally, House Baratheon has access to “Stannis the Mannis,” a card that grants additional orders in combat, making it an invaluable asset when engaging in battles against rival houses.

Another key card is “Renly’s Armor,” which can be used to protect important units or strongholds from being eliminated by an opponent. This card can prove especially useful during critical moments when defending against heavy assaults or when trying to maintain control of essential territories.

Moreover, House Baratheon possesses the unique ability to use the “King’s Landing” and “Dragonstone” special cards. The “King’s Landing” card allows the player to consolidate power tokens more efficiently, while “Dragonstone” offers increased mobility and flexibility by allowing naval units to support adjacent land areas. These abilities not only bolster House Baratheon’s strategic options but also lend themselves well to navigating political dynamics and forging alliances within the game.

It is important for players using House Baratheon to be mindful of their limited supply of special cards and use them judiciously. Strategic planning and timing are key when deciding which special card to play at any given moment. By capitalizing on the strengths offered by their special cards, such as disrupting opponents’ plans or protecting valuable units, players can create advantageous situations that propel them closer towards victory.

Special CardDescription
Melisandre’s InfluenceRemoves one enemy order token from any area with Melisandre’s Influence token
Stannis the MannisGrants additional orders in combat
Renly’s ArmorProtects important units or strongholds from elimination by opponents
King’s LandingAllows for more efficient consolidation of power tokens
DragonstoneEnables naval units to support adjacent land areas, increasing mobility and flexibility

House Baratheon is one of the prominent factions in the A Game of Thrones Board Game and possesses distinct strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities. Understanding House Baratheon’s strategic positioning is crucial for players aiming to achieve success in the game.

Securing key strongholds and territories should be a top priority for House Baratheon’s gameplay. The faction starts with control over Dragonstone, which offers a significant advantage due to its strong defensive position and ability to support attacks on neighboring regions. Additionally, capturing Storm’s End early on can provide a solid foundation for expanding influence in Westeros.

To ensure successful strategic positioning, it is important to consider both offensive and defensive strategies. While expanding territories through military conquests can be enticing, it is equally essential to fortify and defend existing strongholds effectively. This dual approach allows House Baratheon to withstand attacks from rivals while simultaneously maintaining pressure on other factions.

Furthermore, House Baratheon can leverage its unique ability – the King’s Landing special ability. By occupying King’s Landing with sufficient forces, players gain valuable power tokens that can be used strategically throughout the game. This ability not only strengthens House Baratheon’s position but also poses a diplomatic challenge for opponents seeking political alliances or conflicting interests.

House Baratheon is one of the seven noble houses in A Game of Thrones Board Game, and understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities is essential for developing an effective strategy.

House Baratheon’s Strength

House Baratheon possesses several strengths that can be leveraged to gain an advantage over other players. One of their primary strengths lies in their strong land forces. They start with a sizable army and have access to powerful units such as knights. This makes them formidable during combat and allows them to hold their ground against rival houses.

Additionally, House Baratheon has a unique ability known as “The Fury of the Stag.” This ability allows them to muster troops faster than other houses when they control certain territories. By utilizing this ability effectively, players can rapidly expand their military power and assert dominance on the board.

House Baratheon’s Weaknesses

While House Baratheon boasts strong land forces, they often face challenges when it comes to naval warfare. Their starting position limits their opportunity for expansion at sea, making it harder for them to project power beyond the mainland. Furthermore, House Baratheon’s starting position also leaves them vulnerable to attacks from multiple directions, which can be exploited by opponents who take advantage of this weakness.

It is important for House Baratheon players to recognize these weaknesses and develop strategies that mitigate these vulnerabilities while capitalizing on their strengths.

Unique Abilities

In addition to their strong land forces, House Baratheon possesses unique abilities that grant them strategic advantages. Their special ability known as “Rightful King” allows them to regain control of strongholds more easily by simply moving a knight into an unoccupied stronghold owned by another player. This enables quick territorial gains without going through the traditional combat process.

Another unique advantage of House Baratheon is their special card known as “Blackwater Bay.” This card allows them to instantly destroy a significant portion of the opposing forces during naval battles, providing a powerful tool for defending their coasts and sea territories.

By understanding and utilizing these unique abilities effectively, players can devise winning strategies that play to House Baratheon’s strengths while mitigating their weaknesses.

House Baratheon, one of the noble families in the A Game of Thrones Board Game, possesses unique abilities and distinctive strengths that make them a formidable force to reckon with. However, in order to truly dominate the game, it is crucial for House Baratheon players to understand not only their own strengths but also the power of forming alliances with other players.

This section will delve into the benefits and pitfalls of forming alliances as House Baratheon, providing key insights on how to navigate this aspect of gameplay effectively.

Forming alliances can offer significant advantages for House Baratheon. Firstly, alliances provide additional military support when facing fierce battles or defending vital territories. By combining forces with another player, House Baratheon can strengthen its position against rivals and increase its chances of success in conflicts.

Additionally, alliances can create a sense of security by deterring potential aggression from other players. This strategic move can allow House Baratheon to focus on expanding its influence and securing key objectives without constantly worrying about direct attacks.

However, forming alliances is not without its risks. One major pitfall is the potential betrayal by an ally. It is essential for House Baratheon players to be cautious when entering into alliances and carefully evaluate the trustworthiness of their chosen partners.

Betrayal can lead to devastating consequences, such as losing control over vital territory or being overwhelmed by combined enemy forces. Furthermore, alliances might hinder individual progress if one player becomes overly reliant on their allies’ assistance instead of actively pursuing their own objectives.

To successfully navigate the alliance dynamics in the game, House Baratheon players should prioritize establishing trust with reliable companions while remaining wary of potential threats. Communication and negotiation skills play a crucial role in maintaining healthy relationships with allies throughout gameplay. By forging strong diplomatic ties based on mutual benefit and clear communication, House Baratheon can maximize the advantages of alliances while minimizing the risks.

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In summary, forming alliances can significantly enhance House Baratheon’s gameplay in the A Game of Thrones Board Game. By leveraging additional military support and creating a sense of security, alliances offer strategic benefits that can propel House Baratheon towards victory. However, players must also be cautious about the potential risks associated with betrayal and over-reliance on allies. Navigating these dynamics effectively requires careful evaluation of potential allies, utilizing strong communication skills, and balancing individual goals with collaborative efforts.

Benefits of Forming AlliancesPitfalls to Avoid
Additional military support in battlesPotential betrayal by an ally
Sense of security against potential aggressionDependency on allies instead of individual progress
Collaborative efforts maximize chances of successRisks losing control over key territories or being overwhelmed by enemies

Understanding House Baratheon’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities is crucial for developing an effective strategy in the Game of Thrones Board Game. With their strong position at the beginning of the game and their ability to quickly amass power, House Baratheon has the potential to be a formidable force on the battlefield. However, they also face challenges that must be navigated strategically.

One key aspect of House Baratheon’s strategy is strategic positioning. It is important to secure key strongholds and territories early on in order to establish dominance and control over valuable resources. For example, Storm’s End, the ancestral seat of House Baratheon, is a vital stronghold that provides both a strategic advantage and additional support for defense. By focusing on securing these crucial locations, players can strengthen their position on the board and reinforce their influence in future turns.

Another essential element of House Baratheon’s strategy is forming alliances with other players. While alliances can provide significant benefits such as shared resources and military support, they also come with risks and potential betrayals. It is crucial to carefully consider potential allies and assess their trustworthiness before committing to an alliance. Additionally, maintaining diplomatic relations throughout the game can help prevent isolation and ensure cooperation when it is most advantageous.

Utilizing special cards available to House Baratheon can also greatly enhance their gameplay. These cards offer powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battles or provide strategic advantages in negotiations. The “Stannis’ Influence” card, for instance, allows players to gain power tokens by targeting vulnerable opponents who have spread themselves too thin. Learning how to effectively employ these special cards will give House Baratheon players a significant edge in gameplay.

House Baratheon’s naval force should not be overlooked in their overall strategy either. With the ability to move troops swiftly along coastal areas and launch surprise attacks from sea, mastering naval warfare can be a game-changer. Using the fleet strategically, players can control valuable coastlines and disrupt their opponents’ plans.

In conclusion, mastering the art of strategy and adaptability is crucial for House Baratheon in the A Game of Thrones Board Game. As one of the Great Houses vying for control of Westeros, House Baratheon possesses unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that must be carefully navigated. Strategic positioning is key, as securing key strongholds and territories can greatly enhance House Baratheon’s chances of success.

Forming alliances with other players can be both advantageous and risky. While alliances can provide protection and support, they also require careful negotiation and diplomacy to ensure that House Baratheon’s interests are not compromised. Additionally, leveraging the power of special cards is a vital tactic for House Baratheon. These cards offer various powerful advantages that can turn the tide in their favor when employed strategically.

Naval warfare plays a significant role in House Baratheon’s strategy. With a strong naval force, they can exert dominance over rival houses by controlling waterways and coastal regions. By utilizing their naval power effectively, House Baratheon can cripple their opponents’ ability to supply troops and resources.

However, it is important to remember that power dynamics in the game revolve around the Iron Throne. Navigating political intrigue requires careful planning and negotiation skills. Diplomatic maneuvers are essential for House Baratheon to secure allies, outmaneuver opponents, and ultimately claim the Iron Throne for themselves.

Novice players should be aware of common mistakes made when playing as House Baratheon to avoid falling into the same traps. This includes underestimating other players’ actions, neglecting defensive measures, or failing to adapt to changing circumstances. By learning from these mistakes and adapting their strategies accordingly, players can improve their chances of success as House Baratheon.

Overall, succeeding as House Baratheon requires a combination of strategic thinking and adaptability. By understanding their unique abilities and weaknesses while capitalizing on strongholds, utilizing special cards, and engaging in effective negotiation and diplomacy, players can establish House Baratheon’s dominance in the A Game of Thrones Board Game. Only the most cunning and resilient players will prevail as the ruler of Westeros. Are you up for the challenge?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strategy of Baratheon in Game of Thrones board game?

The strategy of House Baratheon in the Game of Thrones board game is largely based on their ability to swiftly expand their influence across Westeros. As one of the starting factions, they hold a strong position at the beginning and can leverage their naval power to quickly capture territories. Baratheon players often aim to secure a foothold in the south, specifically Storm’s End and adjoining areas.

By pushing aggressively towards King’s Landing, they can challenge the dominant force of House Lannister and potentially claim victory. Additionally, Baratheon seeks to build alliances with other players strategically, enhancing their chances of success.

How did Robert Baratheon beat the Targaryens?

Robert Baratheon successfully defeated the Targaryens during Robert’s Rebellion by utilizing a combination of military strategy and political maneuvering. Rallying several powerful houses to his cause, such as Stark, Arryn, and Tully, he formed a strong coalition against the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen. Robert led several key battles himself, including the pivotal Battle of Trident where he slew Rhaegar Targaryen in single combat, which greatly weakened the enemy forces.

Moreover, his alliance secured support from Dorne after marrying Lyanna Stark. Finally, Robert’s ability to win over smallfolk and capitalize on widespread discontent towards the ruling regime played a significant role in his ultimate victory.

How did Randyll Tarly beat Robert Baratheon?

Randyll Tarly did not directly defeat Robert Baratheon but played an essential role in supporting House Lannister’s victory during Robert’s Rebellion and eventually securing control over Westeros for them following it. Tarly was a staunch supporter of House Tyrell and joined forces with them under Mace Tyrell’s command against House Targaryen loyalists during key battles such as the Siege of Storm’s End.

His tactical acumen undoubtedly contributed to victories alongside seasoned commanders like Lord Tywin Lannister but is not solely responsible for defeating Robert as he fought against the Targaryens, not Baratheon. After Robert took the Iron Throne, Tarly remained an influential figure but did not directly oppose him.

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