A Game Of Thrones Board Game Second Edition House Cards


“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” – Cersei Lannister

Overview of the House Cards

The House cards in A Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition consists of the nine major Houses of Westeros. Each house has unique abilities and drawbacks, making them all both interesting and difficult to play.

House Stark ” Increased military power rating, but decreased political influence. They are able to use several plot cards to bolster their armies or diminish those of their opponents. They have an increased chance of surviving a siege or Wildling attack, thanks to Eddard Stark’s leadership token (+1 for each).

House Lannister ” Increased political influence rating, but decreased military power rating. They are able to use plot cards that give them more control over the Iron Throne by gaining extra gold, strengthening their hold of the throne, or weakening their opponents’ hold. They also receive a +1 to court attachments when playing certain cards due to Tywin Lannister’s token.

House Targaryen ” Increased military power rating compared to others, with decreased political influence compared to normal levels. This house is good at waging wars but not as good at managing them. The Targaryens have access to special plot cards that involve dragons and other powerful forces that they can use against their enemies on the field of battle or during special challenges (e.g., expeditions). Additionally, Daenerys can support one non-Dothraki army (+2 boost) in addition to her own if she has enough units in her current army setting up the ability for co-operative gameplay.

House Baratheon ” Increases military power and political influence ratings compared to others. They have access to plot cards that focus on supporting raids & sieges as well as rallying allies within Westeros and conquering various regions from rival claimants such as Ironborn & Wildlings. Additionally, Robert Baratheon’s token awards an additional +1 strength regardless of which faction he invests in a stronghold (not necessarily his own).

House Tyrell ” Pairing increased military power rating with higher than average political rating & befittingly granting access to a powerful card “All Men Are Lions” which can empower any army; ensuring its success in any conflict regardless it being lawful war participation or not so much! House Tyrell have easy access towards resources like gold & adventures because they possess Strength Through Stability concept which leads toward understanding diplomatic approach towards prevailing problem effectively instead using brute force alone when diplomacy fails!

House Greyjoy ” Higher than normal Military Power Rating coupled with a Low Political Influence rating make this house stand out from most houses available through Game Of Thrones Board Game Second Edition however this does fall back due OP inconsistency bestowed by Reek Token allowing opponent player’s forces/units gathering strength beyond threshold providing advantage enabling them bestow heavy losses upon House Greyjoy!

House Martell ” Slightly high Military Power ratings moreover High Political Influence Ratings makes House Martell a daunting contender yet due relatively lower gold reserve capabilities; one must carefully invest resources wisely considering Ellaria Sand Token grants potential +2 Political Influence stregnth while keeping your tight grip on the Golden Throne!!

House Tully ” With Relatively low Military Power Ratings & hefty Political Influence ratings; one must employ shrewd tactics taking advantage Nelson Tully’s token grants Multiplier Strengths (Reinforcement Forces) while competing against decisively superior armies making appeals weaponless yet powerful battles!!

Finally House Arryn – Boasting Average/Relatively low Military Power ratings combined with higher Political Rating then majority provides opportunity seek alternatives beyond warfare taking advantage Robin Arryn’s Token providing multipliers for troops Garrisoned belonging allied strongholds whilst sustaining relentless attacks proving perseverance amongst Lords & Ladies!!

The Different Houses

House Stark – The Starks are a loyal House with a great sense of honor. They are brave and resourceful, often sacrificing their own personal gain to do the right thing. Strengths: Loyalty, Honor, Valor Weaknesses: Naiveté, Honor sometimes makes them vulnerable to others’ schemes.

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House Lannister – The Lannisters are shrouded in wealth and power. Cunning and manipulative, they always want more and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Strengths: Wealth, Influence, Ambitious Weaknesses: Immoral Actions, Greed

House Targaryen – Descendants of dragons, the Targaryens possess bravery and ambition like no other house. They are strong leaders but can be impulsive at times. Strengths: Determination, Strength in battle Weaknesses: Impatience and Arrogance

House Baratheon – After Robert Baratheon overthrew the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen, this house aspired for justice but tended to act above the law. Strengths: Dedication to Justice & Law Weaknesses: Arbitrary Judicial Decisions & Self-Interest

House Tyrell – From deep roots of agriculture have grown into a powerful political force that has earned them considerable influence within Westeros. Strengths: Financial Wealth & Political Influence Weaknesses: Overconfidence & Greed

Strategies for Utilizing the House Cards

1) Utilize House Card abilities to modify the game’s dice rolls: players can use House Cards to add extra dice, re-roll dice, or change their values in order to get better results.

2) Use House Cards to gain control of a key area of the board: by having more influence over an area with a strong power position or holding, players can manipulate the game towards their favor and potentially control victory points.

3) Combine House Cards with combat units for multiplier effects: pairing particular House Card abilities with specific combat units can result in increased attack strength, making it easier to eliminate enemy forces.

4) Utilize House Card bonuses for economic advantage: certain House Cards will provide economic benefits such as extra gold resources which help accumulate additional stronghold upgrades over time that could sway victory in one’s favor.

5) Make thematic use of the ability texts on cards and choose wisely when playing cards during critical moments in the game: some are simply powerful while others are very situational and must be used intentionally depending on how the board looks at any given moment. This feature makes sure no two games will ever play out exactly alike!

Tips for Beginners

House Cards are essential in the Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition. Each player chooses one House Card to represent their house at the start of the game and will use them for the entire course of the game. The House Cards determine a player’s action during particular rounds, such as how many characters they can deploy from their house, how much influence they have with other houses, and how many orders they can assign during an action round. The back of the House Card displays basic rules such as what order your units must move in when invading a region or defending against invasion.

It’s important for players to understand their own House Card as this will be critical for building powerful strategies within the game. Certain Houses may have an easier time reinforcing troops or spreading influence while others might have to take advantage of different strengths when formulating a plan of attack. When reading through your House Card, make sure to pay attention to special abilities that help you in each round – like if you have any bonuses on defense or more characters that can be deployed at once than other Houses. This is especially important when playing against multiple opponents and attempting to gain an upper hand by finding creative ways to use these abilities available on your House Card. Finally, always remember that all players get access to certain Wildlings cards which aren’t limited only by a player’s chosen house, but these tend to come up less frequently than use of specific house cards so it’s still essential to understand the nuances of your own House Card well!

Reasons to Play the Game

The theme and strategy of playing A Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition lies deeply in the political intrigue, warfare, and cultural clash between the seven great houses of Westeros – Lannister, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell, Targaryen, Greyjoy and Martell. Players compete for control of the Iron Throne by claiming key territories and forming alliances with other players. During the game, each house has a unique set of cards that represent their plan to take control of Westeros. These include orders that can be issued to mobilize troops or assemble armies; special characters such as Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark; events such as Blackwater Bay or Tourney at Highgarden; and schemes which can be used to scheme against your opponents.

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Players need to understand the advantages and disadvantages posed by each house featured in the game in order devise a winning strategy. For example, House Lannister has powerful impact on trade due to its wealth but it also has costly upkeep costs for its high-ranking officials. The Starks have an advantage when it comes to fortress building while The Baratheons have naval dominance thanks to their fleet of ships making it well suited for negative maritime strategies like piracy. With these factors in mind as well as an understanding of how they interact with one another in this fast-paced strategic card game, players must choose an approach that will reap them the most victory points in the end!

Importance of the House Cards

The House Cards in A Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition play an integral role in the game. They provide each player with information on their respective house’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their current standing in the realm. Before these cards were introduced into the game, it was difficult to keep track of who had control over certain territories or how a specific house would react to certain events. These cards allowed for much more accurate tracking of your house’s resources and power throughout the course of play.

The House Cards first appeared in the original version of A Game of Thrones Board Game, released back in 2003. Players were presented with twenty-five different Houses that could be selected for play: The Great Houses such as Lannister, Stark, Targaryen and Baratheon, who feature on the Iron Throne; Powerful Secondary Houses such as Tyrell, Martell and Greyjoy; Outer Region Houses like Arryn, Karstark and Mormont; Wildling tribes who are struggling to survive beyond The Wall; and finally three Free Cities that exist outside of Westeros’ mainland political borders. Each House card presents a unique set of abilities, advantages and disadvantages unique to the House that all players must respect throughout their game. For example, with House Lannister you gain access to additional gold but have reduced strength when defending against armies outside The Crownlands; while House Stark (Winter Is Coming!) gains additional strength when attacking Northron castles but has restricted movement through hostile territory. This helps keep each game fresh no matter how many times you play it!


The Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition House Cards are a great way to add strategy and excitement to your next game night. With five different power levels for each house, and unique abilities for each, you can tailor the game to fit your style and create epic confrontations between powerful houses. Fans of the television series or the books will be delighted with the level of detail in this adaptation of the world of Westeros. Get ready to experience a timeless classic in a new and immersive way that will make everyone at your table have an unforgettable time! Try out the Game Of Thrones Board Game Second Edition today for hours of fun filled entertainment!

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