A Game Of Thrones Board Game Second Edition Map


The A Game Of Thrones Board Game Second Edition Map is an improved version of the first edition released in 2003. This exciting new board game includes a 24” x 36” cloth map and five plastic rulers for all six players. It features beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of Westeros and its strongholds to bring the world of George R.R. Martin’s books to life on your tabletop! Each iconography corresponds to a different region or city and features iconic locations from A Song of Ice and Fire series like Winterfell, Eyrie, Casterly Rock, Storm’s End, King’s Landing and more.

Players can challenge each other for control of the seven kingdoms using armies comprised of tokens representing troops, bannermen and ships. The game also includes an updated ruleset with new strategies such as siege engines that can be used to assault enemy castles and towns.

To purchase this board game map, you will have to visit a game retailer or purchase it at your preferred online retailer that offers the product in stock.

An Overview of the Map Design

The Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition map is just as detailed and impressive as its predecessor. The board itself is comprised of two large interlocking boards, featuring 62 locations from the world of Westeros. Locations are printed onto both sides of the board and feature a variety of locations from the seven kingdoms, including King’s Landing, Winterfell, Storm’s End, Lannisport and more. The map also features a textural topography with a snow covered mountain range in the north; an unforgiving desert in the south near Dorne; and rolling hills throughout the continent.

To bring these terrains to life, the designers have used a combination of vibrant colours along with detailed textures that create a sense of realism when looking at this beautiful piece of artwork. Stylized illustrations accompany some location markers to provide instant identification upon landing on them. A glow-in-the-dark ink was also implemented to create an awesome night-time gaming experience since nighttime in Westeros can often bring with it dramatic surprises for all players!

Unlike most boards on the market that feature static images and base designs, this second edition Mapboard comes complete with advanced moving pieces resembling opposing armies. As the game progresses these pieces wander across continents slowly changing colours as regions are conquered or released from bondage under opponents’ control! There is even an included weather system component in which players can manipulate clouds, effects rain or snow across different areas on the board depending upon their strategy needs.

Variety of Terrain

The Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition map provides a unique and engaging gaming experience. This map is full of richly detailed terrain that can change the course of the game”from the icy geography of The North to the sweltering heat of Dorne. This variety of terrains adds diversity and complexity to the game, making it more interesting and fulfilling.

The forests, mountains and seas make for strategically challenging terrain; players will have to work together in order to optimize their moves and make sure they have enough resources at hand as they maneuvre around them. These terrains may also provide strategic advantages for certain factions or house cards”such as increased defense or better transportation options”that can sway battles in their favor.

The amount of care given to each terrain adds levels of depth that bring the gameworld alive; whether it’s a battle raging in The North or plans being made around Dragonstone”players are truly immersed! Visualizing your movements on this big board is part of what makes playing this second edition so captivating.

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Overall, this second edition’s dynamic landscape spurs conversation, competition, cooperation and creativity in a way that helps foster a fun environment for all participants!

Benefits of Using the Second Edition Map

The Game of Thrones Board Game second edition map is much larger than the original game board, providing an even more realistic experience while playing the well-loved game. The new map includes various features such as four different terrains (deserts, forests, coastal areas and mountains). These terrains have unique properties that reward a player for taking tactical advantage of them. For example, forests provide protection from enemies on the battlefield and offer strategic points from which to launch attacks. In addition, certain resources such as gold and food bonuses can only be found in these terrains, offering exciting challenges for players who want to maximize their resources.

Furthermore, there are various scenic elements that further immerse a player into the world of Westeros. Forests have trees instead of generic hexagons placed around them; mountain regions vary in size and allow players a lot more variety while traversing them; rivers are visually represented with blue lines to signify their presence as well as townships and roadways scattered throughout the landscape.

Players can make better use of this map by remembering all the advantages each terrain type brings when forming strategies within their game plan. For example, deserts have high defence values which can stop opponents’ advances more effectively but don’t provide resources like forests do. Taking advantage of these terrain types allows for increased tactical knowledge when engaging with other players or forming alliances with potential allies. Ultimately, the second edition map lets players immerse themselves in a realistic version of Westeros with an unparalleled level or detail and complexity.

Expansion Options

The Game Of Thrones Board Game Second Edition Map is a great way to immerse yourself in the strategy and intrigue of the world of Westeros. It has multiple expansion options that broaden the scope of how you can play the game, making it even more exciting and meaningful.

Some of the expansion options available for the Second Edition Board Game map include expansions such as ‘A Clash Of Kings’, allowing players to compete in a longer game set during Robert’s Rebellion, or ‘Mother Of Dragons’, where players battle for control of Essos using dragons and their armies.

Other expansions add an extra layer of complexity to your game by introducing cards such as ‘A Dance With Dragons’ or ‘Rise Of The Dragon Queen’, which provide exciting new characters, events, locations and even strategies for playing.

When it comes to strategies for using these expansions, each one has its own rules and advice on how best to use them. When playing with multiple expansion packs, they should be used in combination with each other to create more intricate scenarios and objectives within your game. Consider setting new challenges between players to motivate competition – such as attempting a conquest within a predetermined amount of time or seeking powerful alliances with other factions to quickly secure resources and locations on the board. The combinations are endless when using both typical Game Of Thrones strategy elements alongside expansion packs!

Strategies for The Second Edition Game

1.Know the layout of the map: Get familiar with the locations and pathways on the game map as they will help you formulate your strategies throughout the game. Understand which areas are easier to defend, and move quickly between regions in order to minimize travel time.

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2.Make sure you have a strong defense: Use Riverrun, Casterly Rock, King’s Landing, or Winterfell to mount defensive positions from which you can deter enemy movement or launch counter attacks.

3.Strengthen alliances by trading cards: Build political relationships by offering to swap cards for ones that you need at various times throughout the game. This can be a great way to build trust and loyalty with other players while obtaining resources.

4.Use different strategies depending on who you’re playing against: Different strategies work better against certain types of players and in certain scenarios (e.g if they’re more defensive or offensive). Identify these patterns so that you can adjust your tactics accordingly in order to capitalize on their weaknesses and gain advantages over them.

5.Take advantage of special characters’ abilities: Make use of powerful special characters such as Drogon or Tyrion Lannister to your advantage during battle and for important house quests such as march orders or supply missions that may be crucial for winning a specific area or dominating a stronghold etc…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the second edition of the Game of Thrones board game map look like?
A: The updated version of the Game of Thrones board game features a double-sided map depicting both Westeros and Essos. One side contains seven separate land pieces for “Westeros”, and includes iconic locations such as The Wall, Iron Islands, King’s Landing, Winterfell, The Twins and Barrowton; while the other side contains the cities and provinces of the continent “Essos” including Slavers Bay, Astapor, Vaes Dothrak, Qohor and Pentos. All cities contain detailed city art with an illustration inside that corresponds to each location. Additionally, a third sea piece containing Blackwater Bay is included to connect Westeros and Essos together. When connected all together these pieces form one giant map decorated with iconic details from George R.R. Martin’s beloved novel series itself.


The Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition Map is a great way to play the popular board game in an immersive, physical environment. This detailed map contains beautifully illustrated terrain with markers for locations and character cards showing which house each player is from. It also includes two sets of awesome Westerosi tokens featuring the sigils of various houses and armies. With its high-quality construction and comprehensive playing pieces, the Second Edition Map creates a truly engaging game experience that features all the depth, strategy, and excitement as intended by George R.R. Martin in his books. Collectors of the series will love being able to immerse themselves in the world they enjoy so much while keeping up with their favorite characters on the battlefield. The Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition Map is a valuable addition to any fan’s collection and can be purchased online at most major retailers or board game stores.

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