A Games Of Thrones The Board Game Digital Edition 2020


A Game of Thrones the Board Game is a beloved strategy game that first went on sale in 2003. It is based on the fantastic novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin, which has also been famously adapted into a hit television show.

The digital edition of A Game of Thrones the Board Game was released in 2020. It is an adaptation of the classic board game but with modern elements such as detailed 3D graphics and an AI opponent that makes it easier for players to play alone. This version introduces a few new rules and some unique components, including cards that can be used to move armies or form alliances, as well as an automated economy system which balances out resources amongst players. The game allows up to 6 players over local networks or online connections. Each player assumes control of one of the Great Houses from Westeros in an effort to capture and hold strategic castles and landmarks spread across the map while they build their strength through warring, politics and economic strategies. The ultimate goal is to claim the Iron Throne by achieving dominance either militarily, politically or economically.

Whats Included

A Games Of Thrones The Board Game Digital Edition includes a unique blend of area control and card driven game mechanisms. It allows up to six players choose from seven house cards (Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Greyjoy, Martell, Lannister and Tyrell) add a neutral House card or play as the Night’s Watch.

Players need a map of Westeros and tokens representing armies, supply tracks, power tokens and victory points. To win the game, players must gain more support than any other faction by controlling the most strategic locations in Westeros.

The main difference between the physical and digital versions is that the physical version requires an additional player to act as banker and record victory points for each turn. Also instead of property cards and tokens which are used in the physical version, digital relies on an interface with stats and figures.

In addition to these features, players who purchase the digital edition will get exclusive assets such as variations on house card rulesets (including Targaryen vs Targaryen), new game modes such as Catastrophes mode with up to eight players (including four custom house cards). They will also have access to tutorials with top-level coaching videos delivered by professional players who serve as mentors throughout your journey into Westeros.


The Game of Thrones board game digital edition 2020 is a turn-based strategy game for both single and multi-player games. Players are assigned armies from the Houses of Westeros with up to 7 players available to play in a standard game. The object of the game is to capture and hold strategic castles and ports around the map of Westeros, collect taxes from them and use these resources gathered to raise more armies from your allotted House.

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On each player’s turn actions include moving units on the board, engaging in battle with other House units, or using diplomacy to bring about alliances between players. Use of dynasty cards will also boost military forces and grant bonus rewards such as control over Iron mines or extra currency. Special orders can force enemies into retreat or make use of events like a whisper wind announcing your presence that can help shift momentum in the game directionally. As in the TV Series, alliances become ephemeral when shifting goals clash in disagreements – be prepared for sudden betrayal! Typical attributes of conflict still reign however with military forces having different aptitudes such as sea or land warfare specializations.

While single-player mode does not offer any direct competitive features, it allows the player to earn Star Reverence points that endow special rewards like powerful commander cards or ‘Honor tokens’ which can be used to buy bonus items during a multi-player game session. In multi-player mode there will be no mercy shown as 3rd party alliances slowly but surely encircle opponents who are foolish enough not taking defensive decisions seriously; this will often result in some intense combat situations presenting unflinching strategies against superior odds – it’s “Game of Thrones” ” style!

Pros and Cons

A Games of Thrones The Board Game Digital Edition 2020 offers an expansive and visually appealing digital board game experience with lots of elements from the original board game, as well as cards, an in-game chat window, and more. It gives players the chance to explore a vast fantasy world with dynamic events, deals, alliances, and consequence-based decision making. Manage resources, construct strongholds, pledge loyalty to one of six houses, complete quest objectives and objectives for various achievements all in an effort to take control over Westeros.

Cons: Some players may find it difficult to understand the rules due to the complexity of the game. The multiplayer option can be slow since participants have to wait their turn to move around the board or make a decision and this can lead to very long games that require lots of patience. Additionally, games usually only support up to four players at a time which is limiting for those who wish to play with higher numbers.

Overall Summary: A Game of Thrones The Board Game Digital Edition 2020 offers a fun and immersive online interpretation of the classic board game. It’s packed with both familiar elements from regular play along with new twists such as alliances and ongoing quests. While some may struggle initially with understanding all aspects at work here; once players give it enough time they will discover a deeply rewarding gaming experience that speaks not just lovers strategy titles but also fans of George R R Martin’s stories too.

Visual Appeal

The visuals of the Game of Thrones The Board Game Digital Edition 2020 are unique and stunning. Every scene is vibrant and realistic, making it easy to immerse yourself in the game. You can feel like you are part of Westeros, as all elements such as the terrain, buildings, characters and even dragons look life-like. The design also captures the darker side of Westeros, with some stark black hues remixing light colors to set a gloomy ambiance.

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Objectives and rewards have been improved with this digital edition too. As you play through each round based on House Lannister, Stark, Tyrell or Martell there are clearly defined objectives to complete in order to reach victory; These objectives include occupying territories contested by other Houses and capitalizing off their weaknesses . When these objectives are completed satisfactorily, players can earn rewards such as coins and upgrade cards to use for further purchases within the game. The new tournament system allows players to compete against one another around the world in friendly competitions; Winning tournaments awards players additional coins which can be used to purchase items such as castle tokens or special pieces. This adds an exciting aspect to the already cutting edge visuals that make GoT: Digital Edition 2020 a must-play board game experience.


The Games Of Thrones The Board Game Digital Edition 2020 is incredibly versatile, allowing for different game modes and pre-sets to be used. There are several preset scenarios which provide a challenge for any seasoned player. For extra difficulty, additional players can join the board game beyond the original setup of four, while multiple boards can also be brought into play depending on the desired level of difficulty. The possibilities are nearly endless with this exciting board game!

Final Thoughts

The Game of Thrones Board Game Digital Edition 2020 is an exhilarating experience. Players can play as one of seven noble families as they strive for power, supremacy, and the Iron Throne. The game requires resource management, strategic planning, and threat assessment that leads to either victory or death. The digital edition updates the board game by connecting players with tournaments, leaderboards, and customizable avatars while models and tokens have been replaced with vivid 3D graphics. For those looking to expand their conquering capabilities there is a multiplayer involving up to six competing houses in one kingdom all vying for control over Westeros at the same time. All-in-all, this updated digital edition offers more than just a tame replication of the original board game: With new interactive functions and adjustments it provides far more exciting opportunities for its players.

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