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The Aggretsuko board game has recently become one of the most popular board games on the market. This game has been growing in popularity since its launch, as players are captivated by the cute art style and subject matter. It’s based upon, and designed around the beloved anime character Aggretsuko (also known as Aggressive Retsuko).

Aggretsuko is an anthropomorphic red panda who is known for her comedic representation of office life struggles. The board game was born from a collaboration between designers and creative teams from all over the world, and it provides a unique gaming experience that captures their mutual love for this sometimes-ragey character.

The success of this game can be attributed to a few things; firstly, it’s fun. Players use revolutionary gameplay mechanics to balance planning ahead and strategizing as they aim to win a business battle in one of Tokyo’s innovative offices. With tons of immersive content including vibrant artwork, different paths to complete tasks (and ultimately win), quirky charcters and amusing references -it’s no wonder why people are so entertained by this brand-new take on board gaming.

Additionally, with its positive representation of mental wellbeing topics such as stress management and mindfulness, Aggretsudois helping gamers better understand self compassion or recognition that these emotions are valid responses to difficult situations – something not depicted often enough in the gaming world but is desperately essential to ensure sustainability within the industry.. Finally, because it combines hard skills such as negotiation tactics with soft skills like emotional intelligence elements -thus providing considerable gameplay relevance both inside and outside of a office environment speak volume about how noteworthy this title truly is!


The world of Aggretsuko is full of anthropomorphic animals known as Furai. They are divided into three distinct classes ” the privileged upper-class Furukon, the working-class Mofurans, and the lower-class Zipzaps. At the centre of this world is Retsuko, an excessively hardworking red panda who works in a company called Taida Trading Enterprises. There she has to endure her obnoxious boss, Ton, as well as her colleagues Gori and Haida who constantly pester her with their demands.

To cope with all the stress she has to face at work every day, Retsuko finds solace in her true passion ” karaoke! Every night she releases all her pent up frustration by singing hardcore punk songs at a local dive bar – much to the shock and confusion of those around her. But it’s not just Retsuko that likes to go wild at the karaoke bar – so do some of her fellow co-workers! You join up with other members from the Taida trading team (including Ton!) in trying your luck at singing but only one can come out on top…

Players take turns trying to collect points by correctly matching song titles & artists with their corresponding Genres on cards placed around Aggretsuko’s karaoke stage. During their turn they can use helpful power-ups collected throughout the game which give different bonuses like extending their time limit or adding new notes & melodies. The more accurate your song choices are, the more points you’ll earn and eventually claim victory over your competitors in becoming the best karaoke singer at Taida Trading Enterprises!

Gameplay Overview

Aggretsuko Board Game is a fun and exciting game based on the popular Japanese anime series. It combines elements of strategy, luck, and teamwork in a fast-paced cooperative experience. The object of the game is for players to join forces as the four main characters ” Retsuko, Haida, Fenneko and Director Ton ” to unite against their common foe: oppressive office regulations. By working together, they can achieve the goal of liberating their work environment. Additionally, players must battle mischievous crows while collecting helpful items that will help them on their path to victory!

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The board game comes with cards that feature various tasks such as “Sing” or “Dance” which require players to perform an action in order to receive rewards. Item cards enable gamers to purchase helpful resources like water bottles or coffee mugs which grant bonus rewards when used during different parts of the game. Navigate space tiles represent each character’s individual location within their workplace before embarking on an adventure outside with or without allies by using map tokens.

Players must strategize and collaborate in order to move around the board and increase their skills. As the game progresses, there are new opportunities and pitfalls presented such as defending against team-debilitating attacks from wild crows or battling other opponents in duels while searching for useful items. Anything can happen in Aggretsuko Board Game!

Pros & Cons


1. Aggretsuko Board Game is an innovative board game that has great replay value due to the random encounter behavior and multiple endings.
2. The game has multiple modes of play including story mode, multiplayer, and versus mode.
3. It is easy to learn with its intuitive control scheme, plain language tutorials and interactive rules system.
4. It features vibrant visuals, jam-packed soundtrack and entertaining voice overs from the anime series that provide a compelling gaming experience for players of any age group.
5. It also includes several add-ons such as character avatars, cards packs, power-ups and other bonuses that can be purchased to enhance game play.

1. Since the game was designed with mobile devices in mind, it may be difficult or uncomfortable to play on a PC or console without proper adapters or peripherals to accommodate larger screens/controls (i.e., controllers).
2. The early version of Aggretsuko Board Game lacks content updates and some players report experiencing bugs during gameplay which hamper their experience.
3. The learning curve for the game can be quite steep for some users as certain strategies are needed in order to succeed at each level in the game’s gruelling levels of difficulty – even after familiarizing oneself with all applicable rules and instructions given by the in-game tutorial system.


Aggretsuko Board Game is a great way to play with friends and family. A simple game, the rules are easy to learn, with each player taking turns rolling the dice and advancing their character along the board while collecting items, fighting monsters, and gaining access to mysterious shrines. Here are some strategies and advice for getting the most out of your Aggretsuko Board Game experience:

1. Keep an eye on your opponents’ armies: Each individual army figure in this game can be very powerful; you should use war tactics to assess when it would be best to attack or defend.

2. Upgrade your character as you go: Collecting coins from shrines scattered around the board is a key part of progressing quickly through the game; upgrade your character by purchasing skills or special abilities that will help you in battles against enemies and other players.

3. Utilize bonus items wisely: Bonus items found throughout the game are incredibly helpful if applied strategically; use bonus items sparingly and at just the right times to give yourself an edge over your competitors!

4. Save up coins for bigger purchases: Coins can be used not only to purchase skills or extra power-ups, but also big ticket items such as palace tiles with unique bonuses that can alter the course of your adventure significantly; don’t overlook these purchases!

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5. Cooperate with allies when appropriate: One significant difference between this game and other traditional board games is its emphasis on cooperative play; don’t hesitate to work together with teammates in order to take down difficult adversaries or gain access to special locations quicker than usual!


Other options that could replace Aggretsuko Board Game are:

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2. King of New York. A dice-rolling strategy game from Richard Garfield, the designer of Magic: The Gathering, King of New York sees players become giant monsters controlling the downtown districts and trying to eliminate every other monster in play!

3. Betrayal at House on the Hill. A great pick for horror fans, Betrayal at House on the Hill pits players against each other as they move through your house hoping to avoid whatever horrors lie within!

4. Love Letter Premium Edition. This simple but strategic card game will reward those who can focus on intrigue and count out their opponents’ turns using deduction skills. Each round only takes a few minutes to play, so you can all jump right into another match after one ends!

5. Balderdash. One of board gaming’s most classic titles, Balderdash will require you to find loopholes in language by defining obscure words or introducing invented “facts” into your story telling during card play!


The Aggretsuko board game is certainly a unique game – it involves characters from the popular cartoon series and encourages players to engage in a battle of clawing each other’s emotions away. Players are rewarded for successfully completing tasks as they manage their own stressful office life. The game can be played with two to four people, making it an ideal option for small groups. Furthermore, unlike most board games, the Aggretsuko board game doesn’t require any setup or special pieces so it can be played almost anywhere.

That being said, there are still some disadvantages to consider when playing the Aggretsuko Board Game. There are rules involved, so those who prefer rules-light games might find the Aggretsuko Board Game too cumbersome and time consuming to play properly. Additionally, since this game requires players to cater their strategies towards winning through emotional manipulation, people who have strong feelings about sensitive topics may not feel comfortable engaging in these kinds of tactics during gameplay.

Ultimately, whether you enjoy playing the Aggretsuko Board Game will depend on your individual preferences and sensitivity levels. If you’re into challenging strategy game that forces players to engage in a battle of emotions while sticking strictly to rules – then you’ll love this game! However if you prefer games with different ways of winning that don’t involve emotional manipulation or trying to create tension between friends then this definitely won’t be for you. Either way one thing is certain: no matter what kind of gamer you are, playing the Aggretsuko board game is sure to bring out an interesting outcome!

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