Alubari Board Game

Historical Context

The Alubari board game originates from the Spanish-speaking island of Hispaniola, which is now split into Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This strategic game, also known as Tabla, utilizes a 20×20 board from different-colored geometrical pieces to represent wardrums. The original game played by the Taíno and Kalinago people dates back to before colonization in the 1500s.

Alubari distinguishes itself from other board games in several aspects. Unlike chess, there is no central focal piece or position that must be managed at all times. Instead, each player must keep track of many pieces and strategically maneuver them around their opponent’s pieces throughout the entire game. Additionally, Alubari allows for up to four players whereas Chess can only be played with two people on opposite teams. It also requires room for traps like an alley or corridor where attackers can sneak through in order to annihilate their enemy’s troops, much like Avenue and Breach rules used in modern checkers games.


The Alubari Board Game is a fun way to learn about India with family and friends. Offering hours of laughter and the delight of discovering India anew, the game is designed for players aged 8 years and up. This interactive board game consists of three main parts- an inner wheel made out of cardstock, an outer wheel made out of plastic, and a spinner. It also includes 48 cards that contain questions in three levels – Easy, Medium, and Hard – all related to India’s traditions, geography, politics, culture, history and other topics.

To make visuals more eye-catching for readers and enhance their interest in this game, screenshots or photos could be used throughout the blog post to show off fun features from Alubari as well as images of its setup and players engaging in gameplay. For example, photo illustrations could show different family members playing the game together around a table or colorful images that demonstrate how diverse India’s history and culture are through snippets of artwork or other visual imagery. Doing so will draw readers further into the unique experience of learning about India through playful competition that Alubari provides ” making it an even more exciting prospect!

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One strategy for achieving success in the Alubari Board Game is to make sure that you are aware of all available pieces on the board and pay attention to how each piece affects the strategies of your opponents. For example, if your opponent moves a piece that occupies a lot of space, it may be beneficial for you to move pieces in such a way as to minimize their influence on the game. It can also be helpful to try and anticipate what other players will do based on their own goals.

Another strategy that could help you succeed at Alubari is to think two or three steps ahead when deciding where you want to move pieces. This is especially important if you’re working with more than one player, as being able to predict another player’s next move can help position yourself better on the board.

Finally, it is important not to overestimate or underestimate certain pawns or pieces within the game. Each has a purpose, so understanding its capabilities and limitations can make all the difference in how successful you are in play!

Customer Testimonials

“Playing Alubari is so much fun! It’s like a real life version of a strategy board game. Every turn is full of suspense and excitement.”
-Dave M., Freelance Games Writer

“After playing Alubari with my family, I have to say that it’s one of the most creative board games out there. It requires game pieces to be used in intelligent ways and each player has a say in what they do on their turns.”
-Emily R., IT Professional

“Alubari has a very fun and interesting dynamic to it. You have to plan out your moves in order to complete the mission but if one wrong move is made, your entire plan could fall apart. This adds an extra layer of complexity which makes the game even more enjoyable!”
-John B., Retired Firefighter

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Expansion Packs

Alubari is a popular board game that offers players the chance to explore a new and unique world. Players maneuver their pieces in order to complete different challenges and goals – like building roads and villages- in hopes of becoming the wealthiest merchant in the land. The original version of the game provides hours of fun, but additional expansions and versions are also available for purchase, allowing players an even more exciting experience.

The Alubari: Kwayuka Expansion unlocks many additional details about life on Alubari, including a new currency system, a further developed political structure and more elaborate methods for acquiring wealth. Additionally, there are new structures to build such as huts and boat works, granting players access to discount materials which make their streets even richer.

Players can also purchase the Alubari Deluxe Edition which provides an extra set of components as well as brand new rules, putting special emphasis on diplomacy between players. This allows users to form strategic alliances with their opponents in order to gain access to resources they may not otherwise possess while still maintaining competitive advantage over those same allies. On top of this, deluxe edition includes tasks such as star hunting and gem collection making it ideal for groups who wish to take exploration into outer space or underworlds.

For those looking for even further variety, there is an Alubari 2-player Set where unlimited possibilities exist”as one or two players can control up to four different cultures at once! This creates a completely unique dynamic between competitors as each side desperately strives for victory against the other’s continuous advances. To finish it off, this version comes with its own exclusive storyline making each game truly one-of-a-kind!

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