Are The Dark Souls Board Game Expansions Out


Dark Souls Board Game official released by Steamforged Games in 2016 and it quickly became an underground favorite for those looking for a challenge. The game is designed to be a challenging dungeon-crawl experience where players must use strategy and cooperation in order to overcome deadly foes. Players are able to have up to four player characters as they adventure through Ashen Valley. Since the original release, there have been two expansions that focus on additional challenge and content which are currently available.

The first expansion, Darkroot Expansion, adds new locations, enemies, traps and treasures to the game while also introducing a new game mode. This game mode allows up to five players instead of four while also adding bloodborne rules such as regenerating health pools. The second expansion, Gaping Dragon Expansion adds in five new bosses along with tougher versions of some classic monsters as well as nine unique mini bosses. There are also over fifty new items including weapons and armor pieces specifically made for each boss encounter that enhance the difficulty of the encounters even further.

The expansions add plenty of replay value to an already beloved game by providing more content and challenges for gamers who want an extra bit of complexity or length added to their playthroughs. There are even rewards for beating certain milestones within the expansions too! So if you’re a fan of Dark Souls Board Game then you will be pleased with what these expansions can offer you – whether it’s playing co-operatively or competitively.

Reasons for the Delay of Expansion Release

Yes, the Dark Souls board game expansions are out, but due to high demand for the product, many retailers have experienced low inventory levels. Furthermore, the manufacturing process for these products is quite intensive and often results in lengthy delays. For example, the latest expansion- The Ringed City- was announced in May of 2018 and released in November of 2018. This five month delay was due largely to supply constraints caused by the high number of orders placed by retailers who had depleted their stock of the game’s core set. Additionally, there were numerous design reviews done to make sure that all components met quality standards. All of these factors can be responsible for production delays when it comes to games with high ranges of complexity such as Dark Souls.

What Expansions Are Currently Available?

The Dark Souls Board Game currently has three expansions available ” The Four Kings, The Gaping Dragon, and The Iron Keep.

The Four Kings expansion adds four powerful bosses to the game: Kingseeker Frampt, Gravelord Nito, Bed of Chaos, and Sanctuary Guardian. It also comes with new character stats cards, enemy behaviours cards, souls tokens, dice and terrain tile sets. This expansion introduces an extra layer of difficulty to the base game by adding more powerful adversaries and tougher attacks.

The Gaping Dragon expansion features a near-insurmountable boss battle against the eponymous dragon. It also includes two additional mini-bosses: Ceaseless Discharge and Seath the Scaleless. As well as this, it includes connecting tiles to create new terrains for players to traverse; brave adventurers will need to prepare for the unpredictable changes that occur in these environments in order to survive.

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The Iron Keep expansion is focused on providing an all-encompassing Elemental Tower experience ” featuring items such as unique Relics that can be utilised by players during battles; remixed enemy behaviour cards; as well as over 30 floors of platforms for players to tackle before confronting their ultimate goal ” the siege of Belfry Sol.

What’s in the Remaining Expansions?

The remaining expansions for the Dark Souls Board Game are designed to enhance your gaming experience by adding new features and content. Here is a preview of what you can expect in each expansion:

The Catacombs of Carthus expansion adds several new tiles to create large scale catacombs with dangerous enemies and a variety of secrets to explore. You’ll also find a new range of powerful enemies, bosses and cards, including tougher variants like common enemies, miraculous powers, devastating weapons, as well as various ways to interact with the environment in order to gain an advantage.

The Explorers’ Expansion takes your game out into the open with unique scenarios that let you play on an expanded map. You’ll find powerful weapons to discover and use, menacing creatures to battle over vast lands. With an all-new terrain system and miniatures from different cultures, you will be able challenge the darkness with style.

Finally, the Gaping Dragon Expansion brings an iconic boss from the Dark Souls game universe. With 3D sculpted tiles allowing for verticality within dungeons, players must work together to traverse ever more complex vertical dungeon maps covered with skeletal remains and lava pits as they battle their way through fearsome monsters towards their grand finale – a massive showdown against Gaping Dragon!

How Available Is the Game?

The Dark Souls board game expansions are available for purchase both physically and digitally. Pricing options vary depending on format. For the physical copy, the base game costs from forty to sixty dollars USD, while expansions cost from fifteen to twenty-five dollars USD each. The digital version of the game is available on Steam, which ranges in price from forty-five to ninety dollars USD. Additionally, all downloadable content for any copies of the game purchased physically or digitally can be found within the Steam client as well.

Can You Still Get the Expansions?

Yes, the Dark Souls Board Game expansions are out and can be pre-ordered on many popular online retailers. The original base game was released in April 2017 and since then five expansions have been released which include ‘The Gaping Dragon’, ‘Asylum Demon’, ‘Knight of Londor’, ‘King of Firelink’ and ‘Black Dragon Kalameet’. They should all be released by October 2021, although some stores have already taken delivery of their copies and have already started selling them.

How to Get the Expansions Once They’re Out

The Dark Souls Board Game Expansions are currently not out yet. However, once they become available, fans of the video game series can look forward to a variety of ways to get their hands on them. To start, expansions will likely be available through major retail outlets such as Amazon, Target and Best Buy. Similarly, these board game expansions may also be sold at local gaming shops.

It is also possible that subscription-based services like Tabletopia or Kickstarter will market the expansion packs for fans to acquire. With subscriptions, people can choose from various tiers allowing them access to exclusive digital content or even discounted physical products when those packages are released. As always, keep your eyes glued to DSOGaming for updates on all the latest news regarding this exciting new venture in the world of Dark Souls!

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Turning Points

The Dark Souls Board Game expansion, Turning Points, is out and it provides a unique game experience. It introduces new enemies, item cards and characters as well as new challenges and strategies players must master in order to succeed. This Expansion also adds an exciting element of replay value with dice rolling and card play mechanics. In this expansion, each player controls a different set of characters with their own individual skills. Drawing Action Cards and rolling dice adds an unpredictable element to the game making winning strategies less certain which adds an extra dimension of challenge that creative players can exploit during their quest(s). The two New Enemy Areas supplied feature optional tiles meaning they can be rearranged providing variety when you need change up levels or customize the requirements for completing your expanding scenarios’ objectives!

Is It Worth the Wait?

Yes, the Dark Souls Board Game expansions are now out and it is definitely worth the wait. The expansions bring a host of new content that makes the overall experience of the game much more enjoyable. Here are some reasons why getting these expansions is beneficial:

1. Increased replayability ” With an increased variety of weapons, allies, enemies and bosses, as well as several game-enhancing mechanics used in the game, you can experience an entirely new level of gameplay with each expansion released.

2. Wider range of scenarios ” With more scenarios available to try out and a higher difficulty curve, even the most seasoned players will find themselves challenged by these newer releases.

3. More challenge ” Because the later expansions offer bigger and tougher enemies to fight against as well as items with different abilities, players have an exciting opportunity to push their tactical skills to the next level when playing this game with friends or family.

4. Greater reward for victory ” Winning any scenario becomes much more rewarding when you gain access to rare items and powerful bosses that wouldn’t usually be available in normal play sessions. With so many in-game bonuses, these expansions offer plenty of incentive for those who strive for success!


The Dark Souls Board Game is an action-packed adventure that takes players to the daunting and dangerous world of Lordran. Players must telepathically link with their team mates as they explore and battle through challenging encounters, collect essential items and discover secrets hidden throughout the game’s many expansions. The first four expansions, Nameless King, Iron Keep, The Ringed City and Abyss Watcher’s, are all available now! If you are looking for something to challenge your gaming party and provide endless replayability then look no further than The Dark Souls Board Game. Grab your friends and get ready to bravely foray into the world of Lordran like never before!

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