Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board

Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board was first developed in 2002 by American game designer and programmer Cleon Young. It was one of the first board games specifically designed to simulate an animal ecosystem, allowing players to assume the challenges of managing a virtual forest populated by a variety of animals.

The game spawned several expansion packs, each adding new species and features. These expansion packs have been embraced not only by avid board gamers, but also by educators looking for creative ways to bring ecology and conservation into the classroom.

Gameplay – Explain how the game is played The concept behind Animal.Forest is simple: conserve and protect a forest while earning points for animals populations. Players take control of a unique animal species, building their environment strategically by placing trees on hexagonal shaped tiles covered with grasslands or water tiles that provide natural resources such as food and shelter for the animals.

Populations increase when two compatible species are placed on adjacent tiles; thus breeding occurs naturally or can be actively managed through strategic placement of tiles, resulting in increased populations across various species’ ecosystems. Meanwhile, each species is faced with potential threats from invaders such as hunters or poachers-the hunter must be outwitted in order to protect vulnerable populations.

Strategy & Learning – Explain importance for players Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board is an excellent way to teach environmental conservation and appreciation from an early age while providing fun and entertaining strategy-style gameplay at the same time. Players become immersed in their own game world where they gain valuable ecological knowledge while exploring scenarios involving competition between different species based on natural survival strategies such as predator/prey relationships or symbiosis between plants and animals.

Further tactics revolve around defending endangered species from intruding humans seeking out valuable resources like fur or meat, or collecting rare plants for trade goods or medicine. With its interesting mix of themes combined with strategy-based puzzle solving, Animal Forest offers an engaging way for young minds to explore landscapes filled with unique bio-diversity without ever leaving home.

Overview of Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board

Animal.Forest is a unique board game aimed at providing an engaging experience for players of all ages. Unlike other popular strategy board games, Animal.Forest features innovative wildlife-related components that make it stand out from the traditional board games seen in most homes. This game also has an integrated narrative arc and is designed to let players explore various scenarios to determine the best outcome for themselves or their teams.

The Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board consists of several distinct sections. Before play begins, each player is given a specific role within their own territory: they are either a hunter or a builder – this choice will shape how they approach the game.

As the game progresses, these roles will change as players explore and traverse the 3D forest terrain featured on the board’s map. Each region of the map contains unique creatures and objects that allow players to create strategies in order to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

Components of Animal Forest Strategy Game Board

The components of Animal Forest Strategy Game Board include:

  • 3D terrain map featuring various regions populated with unique wildlife
  • Tokens representing hunters and builders
  • ‘Colony Cards’ detailing special conditions for each player during game turns
  • Special die featuring animal symbols which can be used to influence moves
  • Rescue panels – when playing in teams – which allow invulnerable members safe passage through sections of hostile territory

These components provide an addictive mix of elements from classic strategy board games with the added addition of tactical planning and risk taking due to its wild side while still conforming to standard rules. As such, the experience differs massively from traditional board games as it relies more heavily on guesswork than simply memorizing certain patterns or following predetermined paths or strategies in order to reach a win state more quickly than your opponents.

Thus, allowing you to be strategic by adjusting objectives after examining different situations by collecting individual cards from nearby territories Every round offers up surprises as featured animals provide opportunities for card combos featuring special skills that can be put into action throughout different areas on the map – thus, offering additional layers of strategy depending on individual group composition and objectives set before gameplay began.

Description of Rules and Gameplay


Animal.Forest is a strategy game board that is designed for children. It is an engaging way to enhance the learning and development of cognitive and motor skills. The rules are simple enough for children to understand, but also provide a challenging activity that can improve problem-solving skills over time.

At the start of the game, each player chooses one animal token and takes turns moving it across the board to capture coins and points along the way. Players can use items such as ladders and stepping stones to help them reach different parts of the game board more quickly or avoid traps like quicksand or swamps that might eliminate their chances of winning.

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To win, a player must reach their starting point with as many coins as possible before their opponents do.


The Animal.Forest game board also provides an interesting challenge for adults, providing them with deeper strategizing options than those available to children. Each turn, players can choose one of four paths on the game board by rolling dice: forwards, diagonally-rightwards, leftwards or backwards. Depending on which path they choose, they’ll encounter different obstacles – much like in real life.

– that will force them to make strategic decisions in order to land on safe shores or accumulate valuable coins while avoiding traps such as quicksand again simultaneously. Adults can customize their movements with options such as jumping over certain obstacles for extra bonuses or collecting coins within specific regions – adding new layers of complexity for seasoned players who crave a challenging mental workout.

Animals in play

The Animal.Forest also comes with a collection of animals which adds another layer of fun and intrigue. For every move that’s made on the game board, an animal token must be chosen from a bag before making any moves – thus adding an additional element of luck into your strategizing process.

Every animal has unique abilities and characteristics which may help you achieve success in acquiring more coins while avoiding traps along the way – so choosing your animal smartly can easily make or break your victory.

Strategies for Winning the Game


The main strategy of the game revolves around movement. Players must move their animals across the game board in a way that maximizes resources and minimizes risk. For example, if a player has two tigers, they should use one to explore the board and scout out potential hotspots where resources can be found.

The other tiger should serve as a decoy to throw off enemies who may plan on targeting that specific resource. This will eventually lead to a group of tigers that are spread out throughout the board, which will help maximize their ability to collect resources from multiple areas at once.

Resource Usage

Another important strategy is resource usage. Knowing when and how much of each resource to collect is key to success in the game. Certain resources are more valuable than others; for example, food is essential for keeping an animal healthy while gems are rarer and can often fetch more points in trading sessions with other players. Additionally, players must weigh risk versus reward when deciding whether or not to take part in risky resource-capturing activities like hunting or raiding.

Wildlife Patterns

By studying wildlife patterns, players can gain insight into where certain resources might be found, what kind of predators could be nearby, and how best to navigate through hostile environments without being seen by enemy players. Tracking animal movements also gives players an upper hand by allowing them to spot when an area becomes crowded or deserted so they can adjust accordingly.

Additionally, prowling in packs rather than individually reduces risks of attack and increases chances of finding lucrative resources in hard-to-reach locations.

Overview of Components

The animal.forest Strategy Game Board is a captivating and educational play set that allows you to experience the excitement of playing in the real world. This adventurous game board consists of several distinct components, each designed to make this strategy game even more enjoyable for players of all ages.

The main component is a 22-inch by 17-inch cloth board featuring an enchanting colorful map of the animal kingdom filled with forests, jungles, and mountains. The board comes with two sets of different wooden pieces: Trees, which represent the borders between areas on the map; and Animals, which represent characters featured throughout the game. Additionally, there are also 5 custom dice and 4 smaller dishes containing various types of food tokens that represent resources available in each area.

The objective of Animal Forest is to provide players with a thrilling yet simple adventure as they explore uncharted lands inhabited by interesting animals. Players move their pieces across the map using custom dice rolls or strategic play moves consisting of varying combinations of both trees and creatures.

As they traverse across terrain and collect resources, points are earned based on a rewards system unique to each creature type. With this task (and luck) combined, the first person to reach a predetermined number of points is declared winner.

In addition to exploring exciting parts of the board and collecting fun runs on their journey toward victory, Animal Forest offers other unique components that comprise powerful strategies for maintaining successful relationships within teams and ensuring an even playing field for newcomers alike.

For example, there are teams honoring story cards with interactive allegories encouraging collaboration between players towards building strong partnerships on and off the board; special tools such as support cards providing extra resources during difficult phases; as well as customization options allowing individual players shape their experience according to preferences in difficulty settings through intuitively designed menus.

These innovative features provide players with worthwhile entertainment while providing invaluable opportunities for learning about team-building skills AND inspiring creativity through thoughtful storytelling. In summary, no matter how many times you’ve played Animal Forest, it will always remain an engaging experience full possibilities.

Benefits of Playing Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board

Playing the Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board is a great way for students of all ages to learn critical problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way. Not only do children practice their cognitive and logical reasoning when playing this game, they also get to exercise their imagination by creating strategies using animal themed cards and pieces. This allows them to develop creative solutions for working together to accomplish a shared goal.

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For example, younger children might work on basic strategies such as taking turns and communication while older children could use more complex tactics like combining resources or making verbal agreements with players they interact with during gameplay. Developing these skills can help improve their overall academic performance as well as make them successful in any future endeavors outside of school.

In addition to building important intellectual skills, playing Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board also provides an opportunity for those who play in larger groups or family environment to practice teamwork. By working together towards one common objective, everyone has an equal chance at success while learning how to support each other throughout the process.

It’s possible that children could build connections with members of their group simply through collaboration or strategize together so that everyone has fun no matter the outcome. This can lead to increased confidence and better social interaction which can help create a positive atmosphere within any setting where multiple people are present.

Finally, playing Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board is simply entertaining. Whether it’s a single match between two players or a battle between several teams trying reach an ultimate objective first, each session offers endless possibilities thanks to randomly determined obstacles along the circuitous journey through the forest board map pieces.

As each game unfolds it creates suspenseful moments that bring about exhilarating opportunities whether you win or lose at the end – ultimately making sure every player walks away feeling satisfied and eager to jump into another round for sure.

Examples of Creative Ways to Play Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board

Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board is a wonderful game that encourages development of problem-solving skills while delighting players of all ages. The aim of the game is to navigate your character around the board, in order to capture as many cards as possible. Each card contains either an animal or a food item which are organized into patterns and can be used to form a combination for obtaining victory points.

Although it is a fun and exciting game, there are many ways you can mix things up by playing competitively or in teams. Here are some ideas on how to alter the rules and make Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board even more fun:

  • Competitive Version – allow the players to compete head-to-head where they try to get the most cards from each other’s hands instead of around the board.
  • Team Version – divide players into two teams, and have them battle it out. Each team can strategize together while trying to collect the most cards.
  • Fast Play Style – speed up the game by reducing turn times or adding cards faster when they run out.
  • Charity Challenge – introduce a charity element where players can raise money by donating what their total score was worth at the end of each game.


Playing Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board is a great way to bring people together and create positive experiences. The game is simple but there are various strategies that can be used when playing, creating space for players to get creative and problem solve. The use of animals also increases the level of interest that players can have in the game, making it more fun and exciting to play.

Not only does Animal.Forest Strategy Game Board foster a sense of community when playing, it also encourages interaction between players as they share ideas and collaborate in order to achieve an overall victory. Additionally, each participant brings their own element into navigating the game which can contribute in interesting ways; this means that no two plays are the same.

For young people, this type of board game can be especially beneficial by providing them with educational skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving which they are able to take forward both on and off the board. Not to mention, it reinforces feelings of cooperation and team work which will benefit them hugely in their futures.

Because of this unique strategy game board, Animal Forest has become an extremely popular pastime activity for all ages around the world. Its quick pace mixed with thrilling tactics make for an entertaining experience whether you’re playing on your own or with friends or family members. Animal Forest makes for an enjoyable social event where people coming together either virtually or in person can explore different ideas while having fun.

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