Are They Still Making Lego Board Games


Since its humble creation in 1932, LEGO has become a world-renowned brand, beloved by children and adult alike. In addition to the iconic building blocks that sparked its rise to prominence, LEGO also makes an extensive line of board games; a unique blend of classic tabletop play and the beloved LEGO bricks. So it begs the question: are they still making LEGO board games?

The answer is an incredibly enthusiastic “yes”! LEGO’s inventory includes many modern classics such as Heroica, Risk and Racing Rumble, along with new favorites like Jurassic World Danger!, Magic The Gathering Spellbook Battle, Star Wars Miniatures Battleship Game, and Ninjago Monopoly. Additionally, they have released several versions of venerable staples such as Battleship, Clue, Oops! My Animal .. Got Loose! (which can be created with specialized pieces) as well as numerous other brands. With their immense popularity among children and adults alike rooted in large part to their recognizable theme with familiar characters and settings combined with age-old gaming mechanics and vibrant furnishing style components that have been loved by generations ” there is no chance of this treasured franchise slowing down any time soon!

A Look at Some of the Most Popular LEGO Board Games

Yes, LEGO is still producing board games such as the classic Risk and Monopoly as well as some modern versions of classic games. But they have also branched out into some exciting new titles. For example, they have released a game based on Avengers: Endgame, Jurassic World, and Pirates of the Caribbean. They also have some more abstract strategy games such as Minecraft Builder’s Journey. Additionally, there are plenty of board games for kids available with themes based on their favorite cartoon series or movies like Toy Story 4, The LEGO Movie 2, and LEGO Batman. Of course, no list would be complete without mentioning some of the most iconic in-house creations such as The LEGO Movie Adventure Game and the popular DUPLO Town line of toddler-geared board games. So whether you are a fan of Risk or minifigures making their way around a movie-based map, you can;t go wrong with a LEGO board game!

Is the LEGO Board Game Market Still Thriving?

Yes, the LEGO board game market is still thriving and is growing by leaps and bounds each year. While traditional board games like Monopoly or Scrabble remain popular, LEGO board games stand out as a fresh and engaging new way to play with friends, family, or even by yourself. Not only do LEGO board games feature imaginative components that you can help build as you go on your adventure, but they also feature engaging storylines and challenging mechanics to keep gamers of all levels engaged. Furthermore, they are incredibly popular among children who are old enough to understand basic game rules but might not have the patience for more complicated narratives found in other titles. With constant advances in technology, LEGO has been able to develop interactive printing platforms that allow greater imagination when it comes to creating new stories for each of their games. For these reasons, the LEGO board game market is alive and kicking ” offering wonderful single- or multi-player experiences that everyone can enjoy.

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What Kinds of Special Features Do LEGO Board Games Offer?

Yes, LEGO still makes board games. Some of the popular ones right now include LEGO Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, The LEGO Movie 2 Adventure, and Unikitty! Endless Pretzel Palace. These board games often offer special features such as minifigure avatars with their own powers, custom mini builds, personalization options to tailor the game to your individual preferences and style, and a variety of characters, enemies, and allies all with their own unique abilities and skills. They can also feature new rules that you only unlock when you complete specific projects or quests within the game. Special features like these add an extra element of excitement and complexity to playing the game – for both adults and children alike.

Is There Still Interest and Demand for LEGO Board Games?

Yes, LEGO is still producing board games. They have an extensive catalog of board games available made with LEGO pieces ranging from simple construction sets to complex video game crossovers. These board games bring the fun and creativity of the classic brick-building toys to a more intricate level that offer better creative learning opportunities as well as improved problem-solving skills. There is still a great deal of interest in LEGO board games from both children and adults alike due to the uniqueness of these products. Many people enjoy collecting these sets and combining them with their other pieces to create customized versions of their favorite classic or contemporary board games. The growing popularity of videogames has also helped spark interest in these toys, as many fans are drawn into the familiar interactive style that these construction sets already provide. Demand for LEGO board games has been very high in recent years, with parents often buying multiple sets at a time in order to keep up with their children’s latest interests and make sure they get enough playtime out of each set.

Benefits of Playing LEGO Board Games

Yes, LEGO is still making board games. The most current collection consists of licensed content such as Jurassic World, Batman, Harry Potter and Marvel Super Heroes. There are also other classic LEGO board games such as Hydronauts and Kingdoms series.

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Playing LEGO board games provides numerous benefits to children and adults alike. One key benefit is stimulating creative thinking. Playing LEGO board games encourages problem solving and helps develop motor skills through construction activities. Additionally, these board games can be played together as a family activity or with friends which helps foster teamwork and communication skills in players. Board games are also great for teaching basic arithmetic such as addition, subtraction and arithmetic operations in a fun way- which makes learning more enjoyable while retaining the material longer. Finally, playing these kinds of board games deeply engages players in role-playing scenarios which teaches them goal setting and promotes self-discipline.

Tips and Tricks for Winning Your LEGO Board Game

Yes, LEGO still makes and sells board games, from classic titles to brand new releases. The best way to win a LEGO Board Game is to develop your strategy before the game and stick to it throughout play. Think about the rules of the game and how best to use those rules to your advantage. Pay attention when playing and be aware of your opponents’ movements; if they are heading somewhere advantageous, follow suit. Also, practice flexible thinking; don’t be afraid to break away from a strategy if it isn’t working out. Finally, have fun! As long as you focus on enjoying the game while trying your best and thinking strategically, you will be more likely to find success in any LEGO board game that you play.


Yes, LEGO board games are here to stay! The toy corporation has continued to feature board games on the market and produce new expansions sets and products every year. In recent years, we have seen new iterations of classic LEGO franchises that featured different mechanisms and game mechanics. In addition, there has been an increase in digital versions of these traditional board games, bringing an entirely new dimension to one of the world’s most popular toys. As long as there is a demand for these products, LEGO’s board game sector will remain profitable and likely continue to grow.

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