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The Airport Board Game has been met with positive reviews from board game enthusiasts and those who have tried it for the first time. Many praise the mix of strategy, luck, and familiarity in play. Players find the game entertaining for its humor and unpredictable outcomes; plus, the ease of learning the game makes it great for family night. Educators also love using it to teach children science by introducing them to concepts like airports, engineering, mathematics and more.

Players describe Airport Board Game as an exciting experience that they can enjoy with their family or friends. They love how simple the rules are while still having strategy-focused gameplay – making it a perfect combination of easy enough for kids but interesting enough to capture adults’ attention! Players are challenged to think creatively and plan ahead as they try to build their airports while rushing to complete goals set forth by flight tickets each round. The satisfaction of completing a working airport before your opponents is often noted as being one of the best feelings within Airport Board Game! Additionally, players report that watching their airports gradually become more complex throughout a game session is captivating and definitely adds replay value.

Fun Facts

Airport Board Game has been a popular game for decades. It was developed in the 1950s and it remains popular to this day. This game encourages players to work together to maintain and control the airline network, competing against other airlines for the best routes and pricing. The ultimate goal is to be the first player to transport passengers across all of their airports, while making use of valuable resources like fuel, aircraft and crew members.

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One interesting thing about Airport Board Game is that it was one of the first commercially successful games to be released by Parker Brothers. Airport Board Game has won several awards such as Games Magazine’s Best Family Strategy Game of 1991 and Mensa Select’s Winner in 1992. It also featured on WIRED Magazine’s list of 50 Essential Games at Number 12!

Some fun facts about Airport Board Game include that its highest ever recorded score was 1000 points and many tournaments are held regularly around the world featuring themes such as beach takeoff tournaments or theme parks for a more exciting way to play. Players often create “airline logos” for their teams that appear on each board’s tile set during these tournaments as well!

Game Night Themes

1. Around the World: Group family members into teams, give each team a country to travel “around the world” in and have them race around the board collecting passport stamps. See how long it takes to fill their passport and be the first team “home!”

2. Board Game Week: Create a tournament out of Airport Board Game by having a week’s worth of challenges and prizes awarded at the end based on fastest completion of tasks, most efficient airport management, or simply highest overall score.

3. Travel-themes Challenges: Play several rounds using different challenges with each round, such as visiting all continents within a certain time limit, visiting only three airports without being charged fees, or spending X amount of dollars before making it back around the board.

4. Building an Empire: Start with one nation’s airport and see if your team can build up an entire empire by the end of the game. To do this teams will have to manage both growth and expenditure in order to expand their network across borders, competitions and routes over different parts of the board.

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