Ascension Tactics Board Game

Introduction to Ascension Tactics Board Game

Ascension Tactics is a board game for two players that takes place in the fantastical world of Vigil. It was designed to both introduce and challenge strategy gamers, as well as provide a captivating story line around which the game is based.

In Ascension Tactics, each player acts as a group of powerful vigilantes looking to protect their home city of Vigil from outside threats. At the beginning of each game, players have access to three different classes of characters -Vindicators, Enforcers and Agents ” with unique abilities to help complete missions throughout Vigil. The goal is for one player to become the hero for the people of Vigil by completing enough missions to earn the title “Ascended Hero” before their opponent does so.

Players will use an array of strategic tactics such as building their hero teams from various character classes, positioning them effectively on the map, while utilizing strategic mission cards they draw at random during gameplay. As they win more missions in succession, they will gain fame tokens which will contribute towards becoming an Ascended Hero and ultimately winning the game. With exciting artwork, varying scenarios and dynamic elements like Heroes rising across the cityscape of Vigil during battles ” Ascension Tactics promises hours of board games fun!


Step 1: Set up the gameboard by laying out the center cards and 4 outer pads, forming a Cross structure. Randomly draw thirty Honor stacks from each deck of ninety-six total cards, and place them facedown on the four pads with seven stacks per pad.

Step 2: Shuffle the other 54 center cards together and place them facedown on the central card space.

Step 3: Choose or have determined what color of Hero Cards you will be playing with; each player’s hero starts at level one if drawing at random or level three if building beforehand. Place each hero’s card according to player order in the play area so that their respective honor points are visible.

Step 4: Separate the purchasable cards into two decks; a basic eight-card field supply deck and a 36-card market deck containing monsters and constructs which we will choose from during gameplay. Both decks are then shuffled and placed face down on either sides around the center sanctum for player access as needed.

Step 5: If there are more than two players in the game, divide 120 life points evenly so that each remaining hero has 20 life points. Each player may also choose to activate any relics they have; they then may discard any number of revelations they possess to gain honor points per closeted revelations discarded or discarded revelations powered by relics revealed to other players in respect to Power transactions.

Step 6 : Starting with The Grand Strategist , determine turn order by revealing an honor stack consecutive to other players’ reveals all around until your chosen strategy sets off a chain reaction of reveals giving another stack per revealed honor information before play began then, you all start playing.

Step 7 : On your turn, unveil one stack off any designated Honor Pads, then draw a card from that stack after consulting it’s honored faction symbols . This gives you two options; spend enough honor points to purchase any card from the Supply Field or Market DeTck – monsters constructed can be summoned independent of total mana cost though some require accessories -or put it partway into Faction Buildings located beneath Heros for later usage when additional abilities come into useful fashion based upon when purchased They may also extend fields and complete builds in these areas too., Otherwise you must pick another honor stack as movement and exercise occurs on this side..

Step 8 : After all actions are completedfor one turn everyone else takes their turns starting from left following clockwise direction till ended back to original Gamemaster -you can continue above steps nonstop until objectives or conditions established prior keep set winnings or losings in accordance with agreed upon scenario ending attributes met under discretion..

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Features of the Game

Ascension Tactics Board Game is a card-based strategy game with a fast-paced combat system. The game includes more than 250 full-color cards, each featuring unique artwork and stylish, detailed characters. Players can build their own decks from the cards provided, utilizing seven unique faction designs: Vokaya, Songhai, Neutral and four other hybrid factions.

Players can recruit powerful heroes and employ strategic tactics to battle against one another”exploit weaknesses and position themselves at an advantage when it comes time for combat. During each turn, players have six different resources available to them: Runes (for buying units), Power (used to activate abilities or summon monsters), Honor (gives players rewards if they don’t attack during their turn), Lifebound Shards (to bring back defeated characters or heal wounds during battle), Mystic Shards (this allows players access arcane abilities) and Quanta (which give extra attack or defense bonuses). There are currently three levels in the base game – Chimera Tier, Colossus Tier & Ultratus Tier – that offer progressively harder challenges.

Expansions are also available which add new factions to the game as well as additional rulesets such as solo play or clan wars. Additional features of these expansions include special relic cards and region cards which allow special bonuses when played in combination with other faction cards; 4 new hero types; more powerful foes like titans; additional terrain modifiers; pre-constructed decks for faster setup; ongoing narrative adventures for added depth of play; rare collector’s edition prints of exclusive artwork on some of the cards; game pieces and tokens for customizing game surfaces; downloadable assets for physical printing of alternative copies of cards or 3D rendering of relics

Strategies for Winning

Ascension Tactics Board Game is a strategy game that requires careful planning and thought in order to win. One of the key tactics to winning the game is resource management; this is essentially how you use your cards and resources to win. When playing the game, use your cards strategically. For example, invest in characters who can effectively “solo” enemy units or easily overcome heroes with low defense points. Keeping a track of which cards are played and when will also prove invaluable as it allows you to plan ahead strategically and guess what cards opponents might have.

Another key tactic for winning Ascension Tactics Board Game is tracking your points and making sure you do not exceed 10 since that triggers Nightfall’s end-of-round penalty. This means trying to accumulate points without sacrificing your long-term success so an effective point spread is optimal. Players should avoid playing cards that give quick points if those same cards will inhibit their ability to defeat higher power enemies or relics late-game. The idea here is to play for a strategic advantage rather than focusing on scoring quickly, otherwise players may suffer from Nightfall’s penalty by the end of the round.

Finally, players should also be aware of their opponent’s movements throughout the game, as they may be trying different strategies than their own in order gain an edge over you. Always pay attentions to other player’s abilities, relics, and alliances; these are important elements that come into play when attempting to outwit opponents. A combination of these tactics joined with some creative thinking provides an edge essential for success when playing Ascension Tactics Board Game!

Online and App Versions

Ascension Tactics Board Game is a strategy-based game developed by Stone Blade Entertainment. It has both an online version and a corresponding mobile app version available on Android and IOS devices. The online version consists of a deck builder, where players can build their decks using cards from the different expansions or story lines. Players then play each other online using these custom decks they have created. The App version contains all the same trading card content as the online version, but instead of playing players against other real-life opponents, it is played in single-player mode against computer-generated AI opponents. Both versions of the game allow for up to 6 players. However, there are some additional features in the App version that helps enhance the game experience even more spiritually built around the game’s lore called ascension level ups which allows players to increase their power points exponentially when certain thresholds are hit in their gameplay. Ultimately both versions of Ascension Tactics Board Game offer an incredible gaming experience as it tests your strategic thinking skills and ability to create powerful decks.

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Benefits of the Game

The Ascension Tactics board game can provide multiple cognitive, physical and social benefits. Cognitively speaking, the game requires players to engage in strategic problem solving, use critical thinking skills and memorize various rules and positions. Playing this game can help improve memory, gain knowledge of basic tactics and practice their analytical skills while working towards a common goal with other players. Physically speaking, the game gives gamers an opportunity to exercise their hand-eye coordination by picking up pieces from the board and strategically placing them as well as performing dice rolls for determining card power ups. Socially speaking, the game can be helpful for teaching certain ideas such as sportsmanship, collaboration, communication skills and leadership. Players need to work together effectively and develop inter-personal relationships to win the game. In addition, it allows friends or family members to interact in a supportive setting rather than on digital devices which often lack true personal connection.

Product Reviews

Ascension Tactics Board Game has been thrilling board gamers everywhere! Reviews indicate that it is an exciting and stimulating game that requires strategic thinking and fast decision-making. Customers have praised the combination of collectible cards, unique artwork, and responsive dice rolls as a great way to engage with friends and family. Players say that Ascension Tactics always keeps them on their toes and makes for an enjoyable gaming experience no matter how many times the game is played. Additionally, the components all feel high quality yet are surprisingly affordable. Overall, those who have tried Ascension Tactics agree that it’s depth adds to its popularity, as players can find new strategies every time they sit down for a game night.


Ascension Tactics Board Game is a great game to add to any family’s collection. It is enjoyable for both older and younger players and offers hours of entertainment. The game provides brain-teasing challenges that require a unique strategy and allows for flexibility in playstyles. It also helps teach the basics of deck building, resource management, and tactical combat.

Overall, it has fantastic replay value with many challenges to easily keep players interested. Some may find the learning curve slightly steep at the beginning, but this adds an extra level of challenge, especially for experienced gamers.

In conclusion, Ascension Tactics Board Game is a fantastic choice for those looking for an engaging game experience with plenty of variety and replayability. With its easily adjustable levels of difficulty, it appeals both to beginners who want to learn more about board games as well as to seasoned gamers seeking challenging new opportunities. We highly recommend check out this game if you haven’t already done so!

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