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At The Gates of Loyang is a highly acclaimed board game from designer Uwe Rosenberg. In the game, players take on the role of different farmers gathering resources and managing their farms to earn points. By collecting grains, vegetables, and animals, they can complete contracts and increase their score. Successful strategies involve planning ahead and utilizing bonuses and special powers in advantageous ways.

Current players find the game quite engaging and enjoyable. It’s easy to learn the rules as well as use strategies that lead to success in the game. There is ample opportunity for strategy development that further enhances one’s enjoyment of the game. For instance, playing cards at just the right moment or dedicating certain resources to build up a powerful combination of bonuses can be quite rewarding for experienced players. On top of that, there are many stories about players who have won games through creative utilization of cards – such tales make for great conversation among friends and other avid gamers.

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At The Gates Of Loyang is a simple and fun game of tile-laying and strategic resource management. In this fast-paced game, players take on the role of farming families in ancient China competing to become the top farmer. The goal is to reach the most victory points by developing and expanding your land, collecting resources, and trading with other players. The game includes 48 terrain tiles that must be strategically placed on a grid while also managing different types of resources including Rice, Vegetables, Animals, Tools, and Coins. Players attempt to use their resources wisely in order to gain victory points through trading goods with neighboring farmers or secure market contracts. This is an exciting game that appeals to people of all ages because it offers replayability as each game will differ depending on how the tiles are arranged. So let’s take a closer look at how At The Gates Of Loyang works!

At The Gates Of Loyang requires players to place tiles in order to build up their farms. The terrain tiles come in various shapes such as houses and farms that must be properly integrated into the layout for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Every land type has its own benefits depending on what resources it brings when placed within a specific area. Players must strategize where they should put down their terrain tiles in order to get the most out of them and move ahead of the competition.

To further complicate things, players have various types of resources at their disposal which can help them plan more complicated strategies throughout their gameplay experience. Resources such as rice, animals or coins are essential for success due to potential bonuses which can help generate more victory points as well as access certain achievements/actions only unlockable via certain amounts of these multiple resources during playtime.. Additionally, each player may position traders at certain locations so they can invest money into trades or stock up on vital items while securing extra points during playtime too!

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In short, At The Gates Of Loyang Board Game combines planning with luck into an exciting table-top experience filled with replay value! It’s a fun yet challenging game perfect for hours of family entertainment or social gatherings but ultimately results in one winner who walks away with the title “Top Farmer”!


At The Gates Of Loyang Board Game is a strategic eurogame set in imperial China, in which each player takes on the role of a farming family competing to become the most successful and prosperous family by the end of the game. Players choose their actions with cards, tiles, and dice while trading resources with other players.

This game stands out among similar games because it contains lots of variation ” between rounds and within rounds of play. This creates a more dynamic type of play than other Eurogames such as Agricola or Catan. At The Gates Of Loyang also involves collaboration between players in order to maximize points. This social aspect can be an advantage for those looking for something more interactive when playing with friends or family members.

In comparison to other Eurogames, At The Gates Of Loyang contains a high level of complexity and requires deep strategic thought from each player. As there are many strategies pursued depending on personal preferences, this can create advantages for experienced gamers who have tested different strategies thoroughly throughout their playtest experiences. Disadvantages include its steep learning curve for less experienced gamers but once they understand the basics they will start to appreciate the game more.


At the Gates of Loyang is an exciting and challenging board game that adds lots of strategy to its classic tile placement mechanics. Many players have provided surprisingly positive reviews and ratings, citing the great depth of play and the highly interactive nature of this game.

Many mention how competitive and rewarding a single session of At the Gates of Loyang can be, with everyone vying for key tiles that will allow them to score big points at the end of each round. Players also praise the wide variety in strategies used as well as being able to experience a different outcome each time they play due to constantly changing tile placements.

The long-term strategy element is also highly praised, as decisions made early on can have an impact later on in the game. The theme ties it all together by giving each challenge real-life implications such as constructing houses, expanding crops, working with merchants, and defeating raiders. All in all, players agree that At the Gates of Loyang offers an immersive experience like no other!

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At the Gates Of Loyang Board game is a great game to have in your collection. It features unique deck-building mechanics, allowing you to customize your strategy and build powerful combinations to outwit your opponents.

If you are looking for discounts on At The Gates of Loyang Board Game, here are some ways you can save:

1. Look for coupons or special offers: Many retailers often have promotional codes you can use when making a purchase, which could give you a discount on the game.

2. Check online marketplaces: Sites like Amazon, eBay, and Board Game Geek often have good deals on board games. Be sure to compare prices across different vendors before buying to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

3. Wait for seasonal sales: If that budget is tight be sure to keep an eye out for seasonal deals from select retailers during the year so that you can get At The Gates Of Loyang Board Game at an even lower price.

4. Buy used games: Used versions of this game can sometimes be found at discounted prices from stores or people who’ve finished playing with it and want to pass it along for someone new to enjoy!


At The Gates of Loyang is a popular and challenging board game, so it’s understandable that many fans will want to participate in in-game contests. Contests often consist of various activities to complete, either within or related to the game. Prizes can range from gaming supplies like expansion packs or figures, store credit and even cash.

To be eligible for an At The Gates of Loyang contest, gamers should ensure that their information is up-to-date on the official website since this is often how entrants are selected. Participants should also read all contest rules carefully as there usually requirements for specific types of gaming sessions and time spent playing the game. Contests often require photos or videos based on a challenge premise and these should be shared on social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram to receive points towards competition rankings. Winners are then typically selected from those with the highest scores at the end of the contest period.

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