Cosmic Encounter Board Game

Introduction to Cosmic Encounter Board Game

Cosmic Encounter board game is a classic sci-fi board game from the 70s. It consists of vibrant alien races competing for control over various areas in outer space. Players start off by choosing an alien race and explore the game’s universe for control using a combination of daring, cunning, and risk-taking strategies. The game can be played with 3-5 players but more can be added if needed so it is suitable for large family gatherings or parties.

The objective of the Cosmic Encounter Board Game is to achieve colonization of 5 different planet systems represented by “Planets” cards in the deck before any other player does. To do this, you must use your alien race special powers like combat, diplomacy, alliances, rewards and punishments to gain victory. Your winnings are represented by victory points called “Colonies” which are won through successful negotiation methods or through establishing colonies into orbit around an enemy planet.

The rules in Cosmic Encounter Board Game are easy to learn ” you have Action Cards representing brave colonies where colonists move out of their base/home planets trading starships and gaining strength each time they connect with a new planet system expanding your empire into that region and tokens representing defeated enemy planets after battles; Solar Flares cards that temporarily change players’ actions or objectives; and a Danger card that sends forces back to the starting planets but gives the chance to try conquering again later on.

Players gain control over five planets, earns rewards from allies, build fleets of starships, battle dangerous aliens and use tactics like diplomatic negotiations to suddenly change plans mid-game. Some other themes seen in Cosmic Encounter include mental exploration ” how you interpret one another as players making negotiations a very important aspect.. It also includes themes like adaptation ” being able to play within changing rules each turn ” as well as strategy ” making intelligent decisions about where to send your fleets on each turn to advance your interplanetary empire ahead of opponents!

History of Cosmic Encounter Board Game

Cosmic Encounter is a classic, complex strategy board game released in 1977. The game was created by Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, and Peter Olotka. It originally started out as a computer game but the three felt that it would be much more successful in a physical, analog format. Cosmic Encounter puts each player in the role of an extraterrestrial race trying to gain control of the galaxy.

The goal of the game is for each player to establish colonies on five planets outside their own home system and to then win by manipulation, force and luck aided by playing cards that held special powers for the individual races. The original set featured about 20 extra-terrestrials races that were color coded with different attributes and space equipment.

The success of after its original launch earned recognition among hobby gamers and received several updated versions including Fantasy Flight’s 2001 version entitled Cosmic Encounter: A Galactic Conflict which incorporated many updates such as new aliens and rule options. The most recent update was in 2008 entitled Cosmic Encounter: Conquest Edition published by Mayfair Games which included two pans composed entirely of new aliens, new cards with events that happened during milestones in galaxy colonization history, 13 pre-constructed alien powers and accommodations for up to 6 players instead of 5. As part of its commitment to community engagement (in addition to offering updates) Fantasy Flight also encourages fans to design their own alien abilities or rules adjustments from any universe they deem fit on its website dedicated solely for this purpose called “Board Game Designers Forum” which serves as a hub for cosmic encounter enthusiasts everywhere around the globe.

Overview of Cosmic Encounter Board Game Design

Cosmic Encounter Board Game is an extremely popular game designed by Fantasy Flight Games. It is an award-winning strategy game in which each player takes on the role of a leader of an alien race, battling to take control of the galaxy. In this classic strategy game, players can attack each other’s planets and use special powers to gain a cosmic advantage against their opponents.

Each player has their own unique starting planet, with full ships and colonists ready to colonize the different planets around them. There are also randomly drawn “cosmic secrets” that players can use during the game to gain extra resources or strategic advantage over their opponents.

Players then cooperate (or attack) planets in order to win “rewards” that give access to powerful cosmic artifacts which can improve their chances at ultimate victory (or defeat). Rewards are achieved by either collecting either three “Outer World” cards or five “Destiny” cards. A total of 136 cards come in each complete set of Cosmic Encounter, split into Identity Decks (race decks), Power Decks, Negotiate Cards, Node Decks, Tech Decks, Encounter Decks and Earth Negotiate Cards.

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For more experienced players who want an added level of complexity, Fantasy Flight Games offers optional rules such as forming alliances between two or more players versus one another; more complex Win Conditions; and Cosmic Zaps ” allowing certain power combinations when certain Star Destinies are in play. Other strategies could include combining forces with your allies against a common opponent; using planetary resources strategically; accessing new planets and space colonies through negotiation or force; or waiting for an opportune moment to employ your cosmic power against others. The winner of Cosmic Encounter is the first person whose colonies have spread across five different systems!

The Cosmic Encounter Playing Process

The Cosmic Encounter Board Game is a fantastic game of strategy and chance. The object is to be the first player to acquire 5 foreign colonies.

Step 1 – Setup: Before the game can begin, each player must select a race/species with their own unique alien power. Once all players have chosen a race they must take turns placing their encounter cards face down in secret zones in front of them. Then each player must allocate 10 out of 20 ships to the colonies in their home system (the number of planets depends on the number of players).

Step 2 – Challenges: In order for one player to win an encounter, they must generate more ‘ships’ than their opponents. To do this, each race employs various strategies and challenges when invading another player’s colony. Challenges include such tactics as alliances between other players, offensive abilities like laser beams or antimatter cannons, and confronting environmental hazards such as black holes or meteors.

Step 3 – Resolution: After all players have revealed their encounter cards and the dice are rolled, determining the outcome of the battle becomes clear; either both sides retreat or one side has achieved three ships more than their adversary and gains control over that base. The successful side takes control over the foreign colony removing it from its owner’s home system into its own as a win.

Step 4 – Negotiations: A key part of playing Cosmic Encounter Board Game is engaging in diplomatic negotiations with other races by forming temporary alliances and deals during challenge encounters with adversaries. If such an agreement is made it will be beneficial to both parties involved since they will not need to wage war while sharing any rewards gained from success together.

Step 5 – Clinching Victory: The gamer who has successfully won five foreign colonies is deemed the victor of Cosmic Encounter board game!

Different Strategies and Tactics

One of the most advantageous strategies in Cosmic Encounter, is to think creatively and devise unique plans based on every player’s individual situation. For example, players can use alliances temporarily to help them make advances in the game, while avoiding too much conflict with the other players. Players may also choose to use the Flares they collect throughout play as a negotiating tactic ” offering another player a particular card or tokens in return for their alliance during one of the conflicts.

Additionally, learning about different aliens is important for any strategy. Knowing which alien you ought to deploy against your opponents will be an incredibly useful tool when making decisions during gameplay. This knowledge can also aid in quickly analyzing situations and formulating quick strategies. Some players will choose to hoard their Flares rather than spend them searching for cards that would be beneficial ” this might be beneficial if one of those cards could then be used as a means of negotiation with another opponent later on.

Finally, learning about legal moves and understanding the rules can enable players to maximize their options and increase their chances of success ” essentially allowing them to exploit varying degrees of ambiguity within the game’s framework to generate optimal results. Additionally, playing aggressively can pressure your opponents into submission and surprise your rivals with unusual maneuvers or partnerships that nobody suspected beforehand ” leading ultimately to improved chances at winning the game!

Popular Variations of Cosmic Encounter

One of the most popular variations to Cosmic Encounter is an alternate rule called “Fluxx”. This rule involves allowing players to modify the game’s objective, rules and/or requirements for victory as the game progresses, making for a more unpredictable and exciting gaming experience. Additionally, many people enjoy playing Cosmic Encounter with scoring over a set number of turns or rounds. This encourages players to plan their strategies better, as it rewards those who accumulate more points at the end of each round.

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Finally, many gamers like to add extra components such as alternate cards, tokens and score sheets in order to make the game more challenging or customize it further. These extra components can be used to create special scenarios that must be solved in order to win the game. For instance, certain cards might award bonus points if they are able to be quickly solved by a player. Alternatively, players could also work together as a team while competing against other teams in order to win multiple consecutive rounds.

Fun Facts about Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter board game is an acclaimed classic from the 1970s, considered one of the best strategy board games in history. For the past forty years, it has been continuously updated and re-released in a variety of licensing agreements with different publishers. The game is highly praised for its simplicity, deep replayability, and open-endedness ” making it a rare combination of accessible but strategy-centric gaming.

Its popularity has flourished over the years; Cosmic Encounter was inducted into Games Magazine Hall of Fame in 2002 – making it the longest standing inductee since its opening in 1992. Additional awards include the Origins Award for Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Board Game 1985 and again in 2000, as well as Italy’s most prestigious award; the Gioco dell’Anno 1999 Prize. The 2019 fall release was titled Cosmic Encounters Legacy ” redesigning many old mechanics while introducing new spaceships and updating characters to a level made possible by advancements in mechanics and borderlines artwork. Sci Fi enthusiasts alike believe that this could be one of the greatest modern releases yet!

The impact that Cosmic Encounter board game had on the gaming industry is incredibly significant ” inspiring major franchises like Magic: The Gathering to incorporate elements such as renegotiations among opponents during gameplay to achieve certain goals. Additionally, its themes and characters have spread far beyond tactical strategy games; appearing extensively across pop culture references such as art and comics, as well as recently becoming part of many narrative tabletop (Pen & Paper) RPGs, improving gameplay by allowing users to experience more immersive background stories and scenarios that believe only become even more memorable character experiences within their established universe. With no end in sight for this revolutionary classic it’s safe to say that Cosmic Encounter will continue inspiring countless others long into future generations!

Opportunities to Participate in Cosmic Encounter

Online Opportunities:

Players can enter the official Cosmic Encounter Online (CEO) tournaments and compete against other fans of the game. The CEO includes a ranking system, allowing players to challenge higher ranked players in their region for bragging rights. Players can also join online leagues ” such as the Alliance League ” which is a global league with monthly tournaments that simulate a real-time Cosmic Encounter match between 8 experienced players. If a player wants to practice before entering official competitions, they can also join community-run campaigns, where participants play multiple rounds over a few weeks for awards and recognition.

Offline Opportunities:

For players who prefer face to face interaction and competition, there are organized events held around the world. Major tournaments such as those in PAX Unplugged or Gen Con offer the chance to dominate other local fans and take home prizes. There are also many regular casual meetups available in local stores or game-dedicated spaces where you can challenge friends and random strangers, while drinking coffee or soda alike! In addition, if you want something even more unique, there’s always Thematic fleets – an innovative way to create your own custom fleet tailored towards whatever theme you want – allowing you even more creative freedom when playing!


Cosmic Encounter Board Game is a fantastic game for all ages and interests. With both cooperative and competitive gameplay, intricate strategies, and breathtaking surprises, there’s no better way to spend a day or night with your friends than to enjoy an exciting space-themed game of Cosmic Encounter. With its unlimited fun, you are sure to discover something new every single time you play it. So why not give it a try and explore the diverse yet thrilling universe of Cosmic Encounter?

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