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Board games have been around for centuries and their popularity continues to rise. There are many award-winning board games on the market today that truly stand out above the rest. From strategic, complex games to easier children’s favorites, there is an award-winning game out there for everyone! In this article we will discuss some of these beloved award-winning board games and why they have become so popular. Let’s get started exploring the entrancing world of award-winning board games!

Whether you are searching for a game perfect for solo play,or something suitable for a group of friends or family gathering, you can choose from many different types of award-winning board games on the market today. From classic strategy based war games to puzzles that work your mind and imaginations, there is an endless array of award-winning board games perfect for any age. Many popular strategy war games such as Risk, along with Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride are great for adults looking for a challenge as well as kids looking for some exciting fun.

There are also lighter, more whimsical titles like Carcassonne or Pandemic Legacy Season 1 that take players into entire new worlds without any complicated rules or large amounts of content to learn upfront. These types of cooperative play experiences bring everyone together to work toward a common goal while utilizing creative ways to solve problems and advance levels within the game. Made popular by young families and gatherings with friends over drinks, these types of research based adventures give players loads of rewards while stimulating key parts of their brains in unique ways.

No matter what genre you prefer, you can find astonishingly well crafted award winning board games with intricate mechanics and beautiful artwork sure tantalize your senses! Finding good quality robustly designed board games has never been easier due to sophisticated digital tools that have helped refine hours upon hours worth research down into mere moments! Be sure to check out all the awesome exciting worlds awaiting in various award winning board games available today!

The Benefits of Playing Board Games

Playing board games have many benefits for all ages, from children to adults. Board games are an excellent way to engage with family and friends in a fun, interactive setting, where people can test their problem-solving skills as well as foster greater understanding between each other through conversation. Furthermore, playing board games has been associated with increased concentration and mental alertness due to the requirement of strategizing and adapting quickly to changes in the game’s scenario. According to neuroscientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough, there is evidence that suggests playing board games improves our ability to think critically and plan ahead in order to achieve success. Moreover, many educational board games provide children with the opportunity to gain knowledge while having fun while allowing them to learn new concepts such as mathematics or language arts. Board games also promote hand-eye coordination, which can be helpful for physical activities such as sports. On top of all this, they can help manage anxiety and improve mood by providing an entertaining distraction that allows us to move away from day-to-day stressors while developing collaborative skills with others.

The Popularity of Board Games

The board game industry is growing in popularity. According to a survey by the NPD Group, the global board game market hit five billion US dollars in salesin 2018″showing a year-on-year growth of more than 28%. This trend has been seen across all age groups from young children to grownups.

Additionally, celebrities have long been endorsing their favorite games and even making guest appearances on TV Game Shows as guest players. The top celebrity endorsements for board games include: Mila Kunis for Twister; Kevin James for Operation; Ellen DeGeneres for Life; Dwayne Johnson for Jenga; Britney Spears for Monopoly; and Zac Efron for Scrabble. They’ve all appeared on talk shows and commercials to promote board games and turn them into family favorites.

Another factor contributing to the renewed popularity of Board Games is the ease of use with apps that are created based on classic favorites like Chess, Connect Four, Battleship, Sorry!, Trouble, Risk, Ticket To Ride, Mansion Impossible among others. Being able to play online also means you can quickly access a variety of games without having to set up physical components at home or carry anything around while travelling.

Board Game Like Telephone

Finally, there’s also an abundance of awards available each year recognizing excellence in the design and general enjoyment of new products on the market such as The Mensa Select Awards (the “Genius Seal”), Spiel des Jahress awards (the German “Game Of The Year” Award), Golden Geek Awards (the Board Game Geek Annual Awards). Such awards add credibility to the popular board games available today which adds another level of recognition and admiration from fans around the world

Features of Award Winning Board Games

Award winning board games typically have several factors that set them apart and make them successful. These include: quality components, thoughtful game play mechanics, an immersive theme, and compelling storylines.

Quality components use high-quality materials like thick card stock for cards and counters; sturdy, brightly coloured pieces for playing pieces; boards of durable materials with vibrant artwork; and customised dice or spinners to add extra randomization and fun. By ensuring the components are designed well and can provide an engaging experience, players are more likely to enjoy their game.

Thoughtful game play mechanics involve clever designs that promote replayability as well as interesting decisions while playing the game. Mechanics should also allow players to feel they have agency in the direction of their moves, giving them a sense of control over their own destiny. Many award winning games require players to use strategy as well as luck in order to emerge victorious. These mechanics often occur in combination with secrets or hidden elements so each playthrough is unique even when playing against the same opponents multiple times.

An immersive theme works hand-in-hand with game play mechanics providing an opportunity for players to become completely absorbed in the fictitious world they exist in during the course of a game night. An immersive theme creates a story behind a board game creating a deeper connection between players and their respective characters or teams within the context of a given world map/board.

Compelling storylines help draw gamers into the story behind some amazing board games such as Dixit, Ticket to Ride or Sagrada.These stories often add levels of complexity which further enhance the chances of each title being a success – aside from its mechanics – leading to awards for best theme or at least overall amongst all competitors for respective year’s competition(s). Plot points within these stories will hook gamers thickly into experiencing adventure across unique worlds – bringing variety back into everyday gaming life!

Finding the Best Board Games

When researching and evaluating different board games prior to buying them, it is important to consider a variety of factors. First, look at the reviews of the game online; this will provide insight into how enjoyable the game is, as well as any possible issues or errors reported by customers. Additionally, check out board game evaluation websites that actually play and review different games; they are often very thorough with their reviews and can help you gain an understanding of the gameplay. Second, pay attention to the age range listed on the box; make sure that it fits the age group you wish to enjoy playing with. Third, take into consideration awards that various board games have won; these can be viewed on many websites and show which themes, styles, and mechanics are popular among critics. Finally, consider what you are looking for in a game; Ask yourself if you want strategic challenge? Creative experiences? Fun stories? When shopping for a board game make sure it fulfills your needs before making a purchase. With all these things taken into account you should find it much easier to identify award winning board games that meet your expectations!

Top Five Award Winning Board Games

Pros: Very strategic and highly interactive. Great range of challenge levels, depending on what expansion packs are used. Fun theme and replayability.
Cons: Lots of rules to learn which can be intimidating for new players. A lot of luck involved which can limit the effectiveness of strategies.

Pros: Simple setup and rules, making it easy to pick up and play. Quick to play, so it’s good for short gaming sessions. Greatly encourages creative thinking with different opportunities to score points while the game is in progress.
Cons: Some players will find luck to be a huge factor in the game as tile placement is random. Score-keeping system can be confusing since there are many ways to score points as the game progresses but no one single path is better than another.

Best Rated Board Games For Families

Pandemic Legacy:
Pros: Unique persistent experience unlike any other board game, creating an evolving story over time that keeps players engaged throughout multiple plays. Highly varied strategies available each time you open the box, as well as a compelling narrative that draws you in and makes every playthrough exciting and new.
Cons: This is probably too complex for casual gamers; only serious hobbyists should attempt this one! The cost of entry may also seem prohibitive for some people, since buying two copies make this game much more enjoyable since it allows for two playthroughs without resetting your board configuration between them.

Ticket To Ride Europe:
Pros: Fun theme involving train travel throughout Europe alongside historic landmarks make it quite challenging yet engaging on multiple levels at once; great way to learn about history while having fun! Event cards provide a bit of a surprise twist every few turns, upping the stakes considerably from just counting down spaces on a route card each turn as well as creating an even more dynamic environment which often necessitates frequent reassessment of future plans when conditions change suddenly during or between turns much like real life scenarios do!
Cons: While there are rules clarified among the included editions such as 1910 USA expansion pack and 1911 France edition; certain aspects might still be ambiguous when used in combination thus repeatedly contentious between players who have varying interpretations leading at times toward heated debates! Additionally, expansions may also costly or difficult to obtain if they are out of print yielding a feeling unease not being able to full understand all nuances within aforementioned combinations creating yet another unexpected hurdle that must be worked around when playing such games with unusual pairing together potentially spoiling the original mood if unable to work harmoniously together resolving any disagreements quickly directly related thereto it’s composition elements adopted at onset prior commencement attempting preventative recourse therein at outset so progression continues peacefully subsequently thoughout whatever experiments venture onward regardless duration…


Board games have evolved over the decades, and many are now award-winning titles, providing players with enjoyable experiences filled with fun and meaningful activities. These award-winning board games provide hours of family fun throughout the year. From classics like ‘Risk’ to more modern titles such as ‘Catan’ and ‘Pandemic’, each of these titles have grabbed the attention of gamers around the world and have been recognized for excellence by industry leaders.

The success story of some of these titles is inspiring. One example is “Ticket To Ride” which was an instant hit when it first released in 2004. Since its launch, Ticket To Ride has gone on to become one of the biggest selling board game titles of all time, winning multiple awards and recognitions from gaming experts everywhere.

Playing board games can be an enjoyable social experience that encourages people to connect while having fun together. It can help families share in a meaningful activity while learnings skills such as problem solving, communication, strategy and even cooperation. Board games offer something unique for everyone including parent/child bonding moments or group work among friends where players must work together to find a common solution towards victory. In this way, playing board games can be a formative and valuable experience that encourages growth in interpersonal relationships and offers many pleasant memories that will last a lifetime!

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