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Avatar The Board Game was created by Theron and Jerry Epperson in collaboration with Fantasy Flight Games. It is inspired by the 2009 film, Avatar, which tells the story of a human team sent to Pandora who are forced to fight against a fierce indigenous species called the Na’vi. In order to survive, the humans must find a way to interact and gain understanding between two very different cultures. Theron and Jerry wanted to capture the tension between these two sides with Avatar The Board Game. Players take control of either the RDA Corporation or Omatikaya tribe, as both factions attempt to control valuable resources on Pandora. As their respective teams claim more territory, they begin to accumulate greater military capacity and build powerful forces capable of crushing their opponents’ land-grab efforts. Whichever side outwits, outmaneuvers and outfights the other will ultimately prevail!

Overview of Game Components

Avatar: The Board Game is a competitive game for up to four players based on the movie Avatar. It includes a colorful board map of Pandora and various pieces and cards used in game play.

The main components of Avatar: The Board Game are the game board, 4 sets of ‘Avatar’ pieces (each different colors), 90 Game Cards (Action, Nature & Action/Nature), 12 dice (6 each of black & white dice used for attacking & defending), 6 Resource Tokens, 8 Road Tokens, 9 ‘Na’vi Rite’ Tokens and 3 Edge tokens.

The players work as teams – 2 or 3 people against 1 other player – in order to gain control over areas on Pandora’s map such as Rockpile Valley and Hometree by obtaining resources tokens, road tokens, and special powers from Na’vi Rite tokens. As the game progresses, they then use these resources to increase their influence with villagers allowing them to move freely throughout Pandora while they battle the opponents.

When all the rules have been agreed upon by all players, each team takes turns rolling the dices during their turn. On each turn a player moves their Avatar piece across the map evaluating nature cards that are revealed as they move along landing spots on the board. Once a player lands on an occupied space they must battle using Attack & Defence dices along with Action/Nature cards if needed until one player is defeated with no Health Points left.

By playing Avatar: The Board Game you become immersed into this world living out stories from each point in the films whilst developing your own unique strategies and tales within this world making Avatar: The Board Game an experience like no other!

Game Rules and Objective


– Collect resources such as bananas, stones and feathers
– Build the most powerful Avatar to gain victory points

– Players take turns in a clockwise rotation.
– Players take their Avatar pieces and advance up to three spaces using basic moves or power ups.
– Landing on resource spaces allow players to collect items.
– At the end of each turn players can choose to buy upgrades with their resources like extra defense and attack bonuses.
– The player who has the most victory points at the end of the game is declared the winner!

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Setting Up the Game

Players can explore a few potential customizations or modifications to the setup process of Avatar The Board Game. One is to assign additional point values for completed quests or objectives. Unlike in standard play, this could give players incentive to reach a given objective more quickly or efficiently by adjusting the point value of each quest. Another modification option is to alter the dice allocation between characters and add unexpected challenges, such as randomly assigning enemies from other games (like Shadow of war). Additionally, players can modify the objective pool by adding special rewards or penalties for completing a set number of objectives. For even more variation, players can also create their own custom quests with desirable rewards for achieving them. Finally, players may customize the start positions of game pieces on their game boards by assigning certain territories to specific characters or teams. This adds an additional level to tactical resource management and ensures that everyone must remain vigilant toward shifting strategic situations during play.

Designing Your Avatar

Using a set of game pieces, players can give their Avatar a unique look, including a variety of pre-constructed parts. The pieces may include:

•Shapely figures that come in several sizes and styles representing different body types and appearances
Detailed faces so each Avatar has its own distinct countenance
•Outfits that range from business attire to street clothes to superhero accoutrements
•Hairstyles, hats, jewelry, and accessories that can be mixed and matched to create different looks
•Items like pets and objects for personalized flair
•Thoughtful poses and expressions that enable players to effectively communicate the attitude of their Avatars

Play Strategy and Tips

One successful strategy for Avatar The Board Game is to decide early who you want to become. Usually, the Avatar’s identity will determine a player’s chosen strategy. For example, one might decide to become a Water Bender and develop their character by focusing on providing energy to others as well as defending their own side. As the game progresses, they can learn more spells and new ways to manipulate water while using their newfound abilities. Additionally, they could use their powers strategically in combat against opponents and try to win battles with clever tactics.

Another successful strategy is to build up your forces throughout the game, so that you are always in an advantageous position. This could involve gathering resources such as knowledge cards, allies, magical items, or gems which can be used to strengthen your existing troops or gain new ones as reinforcements. Trading items with other players is also beneficial; giving up weaker cards in exchange for stronger ones can give you a greater chance of victory in battle. Furthermore, training troops and building structures like towers during the course of play is another helpful tactic for ensuring victory in this board game!

Popular Variations

• Action-adventure- This is the most popular variation of Avatar The Board Game. Players must work together to explore various regions of Pandora and complete various tasks, such as fighting off invaders or traversing treacherous terrain.

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• Strategy- This variation focuses more on strategy, and players must plan ahead for success. They must build strategic alliances, choose which missions to undertake, and use their resources wisely to win the game.

• Trading Card Collectible- In this version of the game, players can collect and trade cards that feature characters from the Avatar movie universe. Each card has a unique ability or power associated with it, which can be used to gain an edge during gameplay.

• Expansion Deck Variation- This variation involves additional decks of cards which increase the variety of game play options. The expansion decks may include creatures and special abilities not found in the base set.


Avatar The Board Game is an incredibly enjoyable game that offers hours of fun for players of all ages. It combines classic board-game play, in a fictional world inspired by the hit animated series. Players get to explore their own Avatar Nation, building settlements and managing resources in order to increase their power.

One of the most entertaining elements of Avatar The Board Game is the player interaction. Players must work together, strategize and collaborate to build their ideal nation. This makes the game highly social and interactive, as players must come up with creative strategies while relying on others’ expertise to outwit rival nations. It also encourages teamwork and communication skills as well as fostering a sense of camaraderie within the group.

Another element that makes Avatar The Board Game so enjoyable is its challenging yet user-friendly mechanics. Each turn requires careful consideration and strategy in order to maximize the potential successes or prevent costly mistakes. With several unique cards to select from each turn, including NPCs and events that can be used to your advantage or disadvantage your opponents, it’s a juggle of resources and luck at times! Additionally, the fantasy elements such as invoking Firebenders, traveling through portals and casting spells add fun flavor to make you feel like part of an action-packed adventure!

Finally, Avatar The Board Game is highly replayable due to its modular structure ” allowing you to choose different variations (such as nations), customize rulesets for intense competition or cooperative play mode for younger gamers! With its ever-changing environment, no two games will be the same! This allows players to continuously enjoy the game over multiple playthroughs while refining their tactics and gameplay style!

Avatar The Board Game offers something unique for everyone ” whether they are looking for a family night challenge or an intense strategy battle amongst friends ” with engaging gameplay that rewards good planning, collaboration skills ,and wit!

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