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The Awesome Kingdom Board Game has been providing hours of fun for gamers since it was first introduced in the late 2000s. This exciting and interactive game is centered around building, managing and defending a Medieval castle against all kinds of adversaries. Players take the role of either knights or warlocks to compete against each other in custom-built castles. Along the way, players must manage their resources, build up their defense systems, craft powerful magical items, summon monsters and dragons to help defend the kingdom, and generally work together to protect their castle from attackers. As this thrilling game progresses, players must work together to build an ultimate kingdom that will stand strong and keep enemies at bay!

The Awesome Kingdom Board Game offers multiple levels of complexity depending on player familiarity with the game’s mechanics. Whether one is a novice or a seasoned veteran, they can find success by using strategy and tactical decisions while they traverse the lands within the game’s world. The game also allows for multiple players to be involved at once ” making it entertaining not just for a solo journey but also great party play! With lush graphics and a myriad of options to choose from during gameplay, Awesome Kingdom is truly an awesomely immersive experience that awaits gamers around every corner!

History and Overview of the Game

Awesome Kingdom is a board game created by Doug Levandowski and released in 2013. This dynamic adventure game focuses on building a custom theme park filled with rides, shops, and other attractions to draw in visitors and rake in the cash! Each player takes charge of their own domain on the game map, and it’s up to them to build the most successful kingdom possible.

Players must construct buildings such as Roller Coasters, Corn Dog Stands, Gift Shops, and Crystal Cars while competing against one another to acquire customers. As such, players can upgrade their shops, build new attractions in order to lure more guests into their kingdom, or purchase rare resources found around the game board. The ultimate goal of Awesome Kingdom is for each player to collect the most money before the kingdom becomes completely developed. The development of this classic gateway game was heavily inspired by other popular titles like Settlers of Catan.

Doug Levandowski had always been passionate about games since growing up – which eventually led him to focus on becoming a professional Game Designer at Gen Con in 1998. He spent several years designing prototypes and pitching different ideas that were presented at conventions until things started picking up for his career in 2011 when he released two limited edition versions of some of his designs – Awesome Kingdoms and Techno Rising. Since then he has adapted Awesome Kingdom into other languages beyond English as well as design new expansions packs for it expanding its longevity in today’s market. Today Awesome Kingdom stands as one of Doug’s classic hits being embraced by families around the world!

Overview of Expansion Packs

Awesome Kingdom Board Game is an exciting and unique game of strategy, fantasy and magic. With each Expansion Pack you will be able to enhance the original game while adding a variety of new components that can be used in both single player and multiplayer variants.

Each Expansion Pack comes with new cards such as Adventurer cards, equipped with additional special abilities, a new character card called “Symbiosis” that grants players even more powerful boosts when played together with Core Creature Cards, plus additional leaderboards for Friends lists and ranking system. Also included are extra maps and quest levels to keep the game ever-changing and unpredictable!

Other components found in each Expansion Packs include 3 Lairs/6 Villages/Observation Tower & Mountain Peak pieces for more immersive playing surfaces along with 4 exclusive characters (with interior & exterior artwork) allowing players to customize their own team – never worry about running out of characters again! Plus you will find exclusive spells and rarity enhancements such as Mythic Spell Stones, Rare Expansions that offer creative remedies to situations on the board or Magic artifacts granting special abilities during battle or magical protection when travelling outside the Kingdom walls! Lastly there are Epic Challenges found in each pack granting profound rewards if successfully completed. Overall, each Expansion Pack gives incredible value not just in its contents but also how it complements and enhances play going forward – ensuring classic fun is revisited time-and-time again!

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Game Components

The Awesome Kingdom Board Game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for families and friends! Created by a team of game designers, the game combines strategy, chance and skill in a way that makes everyone at the table feel as though they are contributing to the overall success of the kingdom. The game itself can be set up quickly and comes with multiple components:

• An 8 x 8 double-sided game board – One side featuring an amusing alternate universe, while the other showcases an earthly kingdom. Both are filled with fascinating illustrations that reveal surprises around every corner!

• 2 sets of cards – There’s over 60 action, technology and character cards that add drama and intrigue to your journey through the kingdom.

• 3 types of tokens – 5 player figurines, 4 plunder ships and 7 castle dice. The multitude of pieces ensures no two games will ever be alike!

• Rules/Instructions/Scoring sheets – Included are detailed instructions for setup and play. Plus each player is provided with individual scoring sheets to ensure fairness among all competing participants.

This epic adventure promises to take you on a thrilling ride through an amazing fantasy realm full of castles, dragons and even more exciting discoveries! With so many elements to keep track of, it’s no surprise why enthusiasts have rated this board game so highly since it was first released in 2019.

Rules and Game Play

Awesome Kingdom board game is an exciting strategy game that can be played with up to four players. Players will start the game by building their kingdom, which they will use throughout the game. To do this, they must roll a die and collect cards from the draw pile that correspond with their rolled number. A player must collect one of each type of card (gold, dragons, human teams, and monsters) in order to build their kingdom.

Once each player has collected their cards and built their kingdom, each player will take turns rolling the die and choosing which character on their kingdom board to use for battle. The character chosen depends on what kind of space the player rolled; for example if they rolled an odd number then they’d choose a dragon and if they got an even number then they’d choose a human team or monster. The characters chosen can attack any other character present on all players’ kingdoms according to the damage stated on the cards.

The game continues in this manner until one player has no more pieces left or until all players pass consecutively three times. Whichever outcome occurs first determines the overall winner of Awesome Kingdom board game!

Strategy Tips

When playing Awesome Kingdom, it is important to have a strategy that will give you the best chance of winning. Here are some tips for establishing winning strategies in Awesome Kingdom:

1. Start with a good board setup: Make sure your starting village and castle are close together and that other locations such as forests and rivers are strategically placed within easy reach. This will provide a strong defensive base for adventures and benefits for your kingdom.

2. Choose powerful cards: There is a vast pool of hero cards in the game”make sure you pick the ones that offer the most power, fame and victory points. High-powered heroes can optimize your chances at reaching victory faster than those with limited capabilities.

3. Collect powerful artifacts: As you progress through the game, collecting powerful artifacts along the way is essential to empowering your kingdom against threats from rival powers or monsters. Taking advantage of every opportunity to acquire rare artifacts should be top priority when building up your kingdom’s strength.

4. Manage battle tactics carefully: When battling monsters or enemies, make sure to consider the strategic implications thoroughly before committing troops to battle. Cleverly utilizing traps, ranged attacks and mobilizing troops at the right time can increase your chances of winning on the battlefield with minimal casualties.

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5. Don’t ignore diplomacy: From time to time it may be beneficial to deal instead of fight rivals or enemies if it furthers your victory goals faster than military strife does”brokering truces or cooperative agreements between parties can be surprisingly effective in increasing overall score points rapidly without much effort!

Recommended Player Counts

Assuming you’ve got the Awesome Kingdom board game, figuring out who you should include when playing is an important consideration. Depending on the size of your group, some games are time-consuming with more than four players and others can have up to eight players. It’s important to consider how long your game will take depending on how many players you invite. Generally, you should opt for no more than six players per game, though check the box or manual for recommended player counts.

Additionally, consider what kind of atmosphere you want while playing the game. If it’s going to be a lighthearted evening where everyone has lots of room to talk and joke around with each other while playing, four players may be best so that no one person dominates the conversation. Alternatively, if it’s a competition and everyone will be glued to their cards and boards trying to gain an edge in whatever tasks are required of everyone during gameplay, then larger numbers can really make for a thrilling experience that would be hard to achieve with fewer people involved.

Fair and Balanced Gameplay

If you’re looking for an enjoyable and balanced game experience when playing the board game Awesome Kingdom, here are a few tips on how to make sure things stay fair and competitive, yet still fun:

1. Make sure everyone is familiar with the rules before playing. Knowing what to expect from the game will help ensure a balanced playing field and make it easier for everyone involved to understand each other’s strategies.

2. Consider using different strategies for each player or team in order to counterbalance competitors’ moves. Not only can changing up your strategy keep the competition interesting, it also helps to prevent any one player or team from having an overwhelming advantage over the others.

3. Set pre-determined limits regarding how long someone can take to make a move or set a timer if necessary, so that no single person can slow down the game indefinitely while they try to plot their next course of action.

4. Don’t be afraid of speaking up if you feel one player or team is taking too long between moves or has an advantage over another”sometimes voicing your concern may just help tip the balance back in favour of other players or teams in the game.

5. Finally, remember that games like Awesome Kingdom should be about having fun! Don’t take competitions too seriously, focus on enjoying yourself and always have respect for your opponents ” a civil rivalry makes every journey through Awesome Kingdom even more enjoyable!


Playing a game of Awesome Kingdom is an entertaining and immersive experience. The game starts by allowing each player to create their own kingdom, populated by knights, wizards, priests, thieves and dragons. Players then battle it out to build the strongest kingdom and determine who is the king or queen of Awesome Kingdom. Alliances can be formed as well as friendships broken as players strategize their way to becoming the ruler. The game features both luck and skill-based elements so regardless of your level of board game expertise, you can still enjoy this game with your family or friends. With its emphasis on creative play and exciting strategy elements, Awesome Kingdom provides an engaging and worthwhile experience that gamers of all ages will love playing together. So gather your band of adventurers together and have fun creating your own original kingdom in Awesome Kingdom!

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