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Best In Show Board Game is an exciting and fast-paced canine agility competition game. Players take turns in the role of a trainer trying to guide their very own pup towards the Best In Show title. The objective for each player is to reach as many checkpoints as possible before the entry deadline on each course. Along the way, they will have to climb walls, run through tunnels, and navigate tricky obstacles like jumps and weave poles -all while avoiding pitfalls along the way. Whoever has the best time at this doggy Olympic event wins the game! As your pups compete against other players’ dogs, you’ll collect points and try to claim home the top prize: Best In Show!


Best In Show Board Game comes with a variety of components. It includes one game board, four dog tokens (plastic player pieces shaped like little dogs), 48 cards, two 6-sided dice, 12 talent tokens (shaped like bones), 30 plastic coins in three denominations, a small cloth bag for collecting the coins and tokens, four sets of character cards representing each player, and instruction booklets with rules and scoring.

The game board is set up in grassy fields that lead up to the center stage where players compete against each other’s dogs in a show ring. The board has spaces for setup of the game elements such as the Dog Cards, Talent Tokens and Coins which allows players to know exactly where everything should be placed before starting their own individual game turns.

The 4 dog tokens are used by the players to move through the space on the board as they roll their dice and spin around trying to collect more coins than their opponents in order to win the Best In Show honorific prize at the end of each round. The 48 cards include 24 regular show challenge cards and 24 special challenges which add extra tasks for players on their turn. They must figure out how to complete these challenges within specific time limits or gain certain amounts of coins before advancing along their route to becoming Best In Show!

The two 6-sided dice allow randomness interspersed throughout gameplay while helping determine how many spaces a player may move forward and what events they will encounter or challenges they will face while advancing across that space. The 12 talent tokens are placed into play when playing special challenge cards as they represent one surefire way of completing these additional tasks; though it requires a bit more strategy than just rolling the 2 six-sided dice!

The 30 plastic coins come in 3 denominations: five pennies (gold), ten nickels (silver) and fifteen dimes (bronze). These coins help add an extra layer of competition between players as throughout their individual turns, players must decide how much of which coin denomination can l help them best progress from one area to another on their way to winning Best In Show; thus every turn adds further complexity in tracking not only who is collecting more coins overall but also who is collecting which specific coin denominations in order to stay ahead! Finally, there are four sets of character cards – one designated per player – that share different info about each dog taking part in Best In Show. Pairing these with player tokens really helps bring these characters alive during gameplay adding even more fun element into this unique board game experience!


Best In Show is a board game based on the classic TV show. Players create an imaginary pet show and compete to score the most points by improving their furry friends. Dressing them up with accessories, training them for competitions, and collecting rewards for winning competitions are some of the fun tasks players can complete in the game to win.

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Strategies: When playing Best In Show, it’s important to come up with strategies that maximize the fun while playing. First and foremost, keep an eye on your opponents’ moves and plan accordingly. Pay attention to which competitions they are entering or which accessories they are buying”you may need to adjust your strategy as needed depending on what they do during their turn. On top of this, try experimenting with different competition styles each time you play so that you are staying engaged in the game. Additionally, competing all available competitions should be a priority”not only will you get points from taking part in these events but also increased chances of collecting rewards. Finally, don’t forget that dressing your pet up is also essential! Choosing complementary items for your furry friend is key”after all, it’s what will make them stand out from the rest!

Unique Features

Best In Show is an innovative board game that combines the interactivity of other classic board games with the theme of competitive dog shows. Players take on the role of a show dog trainer responsible for raising, training, and entering their pup into the competition. It’s a challenging and fun game that involves reacting to changing show situations, managing resources such as food and money, and trying to best your opponents by putting forward dogs with the sickest moves or prettiest coat. There are numerous unique features that make this game stand out from others in its genre. The core elements of the game require players to think strategically about how they allocate their time, care for their dogs and ultimately make them stand out from their rivals. The variety of evaluations available include conformation, agility, obedience and herding because these are all vital components of any real-life dog competition that involve strategy and quick adaptation to constantly changing conditions. While competing against each other, it is also possible for several players to team up when trying to win various rewards. This team-playing element adds a layer of collaboration that is typically absent from most board games.


There are several versions of the Best In Show board game–all based on the classic game show format, in which players select and showcase a pet based on its appearance and behavior.

The main version features over 150 different breeds of realistic-looking cats, dogs, birds, rodents, small animals, and reptiles. Players roll dice to move their pieces around the property spaces (purchase food or flea medication), while also interacting with other players by challenging their pets’ traits or having races through agility courses. When asked to showcase a certain breed in “Best In Show”, players must hire an appropriate “trainer” to polish up that specific pet’s unique feel and look to fit like a glove for the judges. The game can be played both competitively or cooperatively and two additional modes allow for three more types of play ” Celebrity Mode for extra special tricks and treats; Doggone Right mode adds wacky character cards; and Mansion Mode adds strategy cards from rich hotel owners who want to influence your pet outcomes. While each version provides different experiences, what makes them all special is the level of variety each offers within its own breed-specific elementsincluded in each version.

Fun Factor

Best In Show is an exciting and highly entertaining board game where players take turns creating their own unique animal species by combining hilarious body parts and attributes. Players can create animals with a combination of wacky fur colors, eye shapes, noses, tails, personalities, and talents. With no two breeds being the same, players get to decide which path leads them to victory ” will they build a species with impressive speed or incredible size? It all depends on the mood of the table.

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Players choose their creatures carefully in an effort to win Best In Show at the end of the game. While doing so, they receive points for every attribute or feature that aligns with the judge’s preferences – from strength to intelligence! As each breed takes shape, subtle strategic decisions must be made in order to achieve victory. This game is sure to test your creativity as you get imaginative while designing a species of your own! It is also suitable for all ages ” both adult and children alike ” so everyone can jump into its entertaining world. Get ready for some wild antics as you play Best In Show and become champion breeder!

Target Audience

The Best In Show Board Game is primarily intended for children aged 8 and up. However, it has been designed to be enjoyed by all ages, from young kids to adult board game enthusiasts. The game can be played with two to six players, allowing for family and friends to work together as a team or challenge each other in a friendly competition. It combines cooperation and strategy with the elements of luck that are associated with some types of board games, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Reviews and Reception

Best In Show Board Game reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Players cite the game’s fun yet challenging mechanics, its quick playtime and diverse selection of tricks as some of its biggest draws. Content creators have highlighted the game’s multiple player strategies and dynamic balance, calling it one of the most interesting and varied board games available on the market. Reviewers have praised Best In Show for its ease of understanding, clever use of dice and cards, and its creativity in generating unique experiences with every playthrough. All aspects combined make for an enjoyable experience that is suitable for both casual gamers and veterans alike.

Final Thoughts

Best In Show Board Game is an excellent game for people of all ages. With its simple to learn rules and high replay value, this board game offers a great deal of fun and entertainment at no cost. Its vibrant colors, theme park-style illustrations, and colorful pieces make the game look attractive overall. Furthermore, the game includes various mini-games that will keep players hooked for hours on end. The fun never stops with Best in Show Board Game!

Overall, Best In Show Board Game is truly a must-have for any board game enthusiast. Its easy to pick up rules combined with its replay value make it ideal for family gatherings or just a night in with friends. Whether you’re new to board games or an experienced vet, this one should not be passed up. We highly recommend Best In Show Board Game as it is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment and enjoyment!

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