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Azul is a board game designed by Brazilian game designer Michael Kiesling. It was published in 2017 by Plan B Games and it has since won several awards, including the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award in 2018. Azul is a strategy game in which players compete to assemble the most beautiful stained glass window possible. Players take turns drafting colored tiles from the factory square, arranging them into patterns on their individual player boards and scoring points based on how they arrange the tiles. Remaining tiles go back into the box after every round. The game ends when all of the tiles have been drafted to each player’s tableau, and players tally up their points based on their individual designs. Through clever tile placement and tactics, players strive to optimize their visible points while at the same time ruining opponents’ plans and making sure their own layout does not incur too many “penalty” points such as those caused by leaving empty spaces between certain tiles or having certain tiles out of order in one’s layout.

Overview of Game Play

Azul board game is a turn-based strategy game from the award-winning designer Michael Kiesling that brings to life the most beautiful aspects of World Mosaic tile art. The main objective in Azul Board Game is to earn as many points as possible by drafting colored tiles and placing them on your own personal board, thereby decorating a pattern. Players can gain additional points at the end of each round by strategically positioning their tiles on certain sections/patterns of their boards in order to score the most points.

In order to do this, each player will start out with numbered factory tiles indicating how many they may take in the round. A 4×5 grid of tiles forms an “azulejo” (the game’s namesake) and a central pool crafted with glass marbles holds five different colors. On each player’s turn, they can choose to take a set amount of one color tile from either this pool or from one of the other players’ individual boards and place it onto theirs. As the azulejo continues to change after each move, patterns will be created on each board which can bring extra points for players if whichever pattern designated for that specific round is completed before everyone’s turn has been taken.

At the end of every round comes scoring time where points are collected based on how well you managed that round’s gameplay. If any one type or color of tiles was completely filled up due to all available slots being used then bonus points are earned as well all depending on which section and pattern was put together. Finally, once all rounds have been played and scored accordingly, whoever ends up having the maximum amount of overall combined scores ultimately wins Azul Board Game!

Benefits of Playing

Playing Azul Board Game Target provides several benefits to the players, both in terms of their personal development and learning. Firstly, Azul teaches children a lot about strategy, how to analyze situations, and how to think on their feet. It’s a game of thinking ahead instead of reacting in the moment. Additionally, Azul encourages creativity and helps kids develop problem-solving skills. Furthermore, as it is a game that requires players to think outside of the box, it fosters perseverance and teaches them valuable lessons about following through with their plans even when they may face obstacles or challenges. Azul also promotes communication, cooperation, spatial intelligence and turn-taking skills. All this allows children to socialize better with their peers and adults who help them settle any disputes or unfairness during the game play. On top of that, Azul is an enjoyable way for players of all ages to relax, bond with friends or family members for hours!

Strategies for Winning

1. Establish Your Pattern – Before starting your turn, carefully analyze the tiles that have been previously placed in the factory and plan out your own pattern for the round using them. Try to get as many of the same colors together so you can score bonus points by completing a line or row with multiple tiles of the same color.

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2. Connect Tiles ” Look for opportunities to connect multiple tiles together in order to score bonus points such as when a color’s line is completed or when two lines become connected at the same point. Knowing how and where to place tiles will help you optimize your chances of finishing a line or row with multiple tiles of the same color to score maximum points.

3. Choose Wisely – Strategically choose which factory station will be filled on your turn, weighing which station best serves your tile pattern plan. Additionally, if there are any long-term plans you want to commit to (i.e., maxing out on bonuses in preferred ones), being mindful of filling particular sections earlier on while they are still available is advantageous so that other players cannot prevent their completion by filling alternative ones in later turns; this technique requires careful planning beforehand but can pay off significantly when successfully achieved!

4. Keep an Eye On Others – Always keep an eye on what other players are doing throughout the game; this allows you to anticipate what type of moves they may be making, adjust accordingly by blocking their patterns, and press forward with yours instead if necessary! Being able o stay one step ahead of others is essential in any strategic game!

5. Monitor Your Points – Track your points kept throughout the game and try to maximize them whenever possible; this helps ensure that no costly mistakes are made which can hurt you in scoring over time compared against all competitors! Additionally, jotting down scores each turn is useful for double-checking exact standings at all times”the last thing anyone wants when reaching endgame is incorrect summations due to not recording information correctly”it could make all difference between winning and losing!

Player Variations

Azul Board Game is a popular game amongst gamers of all ages. It’s a challenging and engaging game that can be enjoyed by two to four players. Each player takes turns drawing tiles from the bag, placing them on the board, and scoring points based on what they have chosen. The goal of the game is to achieve high scores by collecting certain patterns across your board before anyone else does.

There are four main variations of the Azul Board Game Target: Standard, Portugal, Venice, and Marrakech. The standard gameplay also has additional substyles like Classic and Super Classic versions. In the Portugal variation each player starts with an extra tile and must finish at least one row during each turn instead of just one corner in classic playstyle. In Venice style there are no rounds and it is a free-for-all race to finish patterns in order to gain points. Finally, for Marrakech style new tiles become available depending on where players place their pieces on the board as well as bonus points awarded for completing larger patterns than usual. Each game mode has its own nuances which give players different ways to approach the same situation over time making it unique and challenging every single time you play!

Where to Play

Azul Board Game Target is a global game night program, which encourages gamers of all ages to come together and play the game. Azul can be played in a variety of different venues, from digital board games platforms to physical gaming stores. It is also available on popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Watch. In addition, it can be found at your local hobby shop or even some major retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart. Azul tournaments and leagues are also held at leisure centers and pubs across the UK. Finally, many libraries are carrying the game as part of their collection so you’re sure to find a place near you that teaches how to play this colorful strategy game!

Best Place to Purchase

If you’re looking to purchase the Azul board game from Target, there are several ways to do so. You can purchase the game in-store or online.

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If you’re shopping in-store, make sure to check with the toy section of your local Target first. If they don’t stock the game in-store, you can ask a store associate to place a special order for you. This order allows you to pick up the requested item at your local store.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time or prefer not to travel, you may opt for online purchasing instead. On their website, navigate through either the Toys & Games section or find it under ”Books & Video Games.” Your board game will be securely packaged and shipped directly to your home. For faster shipping services and specially targeted promotions, sign up for a Target REDcard and benefit from extra discounts when shopping online!

Special Offers from Target

Target is offering exclusive offers and discounts on Azul Board Game. Save even more on your purchase of Azul Board Game when you shop at Target. Get free shipping on orders over $35, or save money with their price match guarantee to get the best deal. With special discounts for online shoppers and rewards programs available, it’s never been easier to save money while shopping at Target for your Azul Board Game. Plus, take advantage of their weekly savings by checking out the latest promotional deals from Target’s ad flyer. Also, be sure to check regularly for new promotions and coupons that can help you get a great deal when shopping for the popular board game Azul.

Why This Game is Great for Families

Azul Board Game is an exciting game designed especially for families. The game is centered around constructing beautiful walls with colorful tiles and requires the players to strategize, plan ahead and collaborate together in order to win. It’s a wonderful way for parents and children to bond by playing something together, and it also teaches important skills such as decision making, pattern recognition and fine motor skills. Beyond that, Azul Board Game promotes teamwork and competition, which can be beneficial for kids to learn how to compromise in a fun setting. Additionally as family members complete the game tasks together, it creates a sense of reward, satisfaction and accomplishment that leads to further success during their everyday lives. Playing Azul Board Games encourages team building with those closest to you – meaning more laughs along the way! Reopening it each time sparked curiosity about the unique designs each person would come up with. On top of all that it was visually stunning which made this friendly competition even more enjoyable.


Azul Board Game is a must-have for anyone looking to engage in strategy or tabletop gaming. Whether you’re playing with friends or family, Azul Board Game offers an exciting and challenging experience unlike any other. From the well-crafted tiles and components to the quick playtime and straightforward rules, this game is made for everyone. And best of all, it’s readily available from Target, one of the most well-known retailers in the world. Azul Board Game stands out from other games due to its creative gameplay mechanic that requires players to think about their moves carefully in order to win. The game also has solid artwork which helps set it apart from other table-top games on the market. Finally, since it is available at major retailers like Target, finding this great game won’t be a problem at all! Azul Board Game is truly one of the best board games out there and should be your go-to choice when shopping at Target!

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