How To Play Jumanji Board Game The Next Level


Jumanji experienced a resurgence in recent years with the 2017 adaptation of the classic game starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan. The film spawned its own video game follow-up which gave gamers an immersive experience of Jumanji’s world. Now you can bring home a new version of the game for up to four players with Jumanji Board Game: The Next Level.

Set-Up & Objective: Take players through how to set up the board and dice, and explain that this edition brings a new set of adventures, more locations to explore, tougher opponents to battle, and exotic rewards that could be won. Highlight the ultimate goal of this game: obtaining each team’s hallmark orbs by trekking through diverse terrains while collecting gems along the way and ultimately defeating the saboteurs Jurgen the Brutal and Ratila!

Gameplay: Explain how teams take turns rolling their dice to move piece tokens across the coloured tiles trying to collect as many gems as possible. Explain what happens when they meet wild animals or endure harsh weather conditions as they traverse obstacles like Forests or Swamps. Describe additional resources such as Chickadee cards (which give teams a tactical edge), Buddies (characters from Jumanji who help provide magical extra turn tokens) and roll modifiers that increase movement per turn.

Explain combat rules; for example how if a team lands on another players’s space it initiates fights between them, then introduce special Golden Orbs – which confer extra player abilities like longer turns or moving pieces 10+ spots depending on their colour – or Saboteur cards which are used by Jurgen or Ratila when they meet a token in order detour it away from your opponents orb collection objective.

At last describe how battles against the Saboteurs arrive when there is only one token left on any side of the board., send players out on mission accomplishing what may be their greatest journey yet!

Understanding the Rules

Objectives: The objective of Jumanji: The Next Level is to be the first player to make it past obstacles, roll doubles and ultimately land on the Welcome Podium at the finish line of each Jungle Expedition.

Roles: Everyone has a role in Jumanji: The Next Level. All players have control over their pieces and must take turns rolling the die to move around the board. Players must also draw cards when they land on Spin the Globe spaces and complete a Fate Card whenever they are instructed to do so by spinning an arrow or drawing it from the action deck. Additionally, all players must abide by instructions on Fate Cards, which can include challenges, punishments, rewards and instant wins/losses.

Importance: Each role is important in achieving success in Jumanji: The Next Level game. Completing tasks, following instructions and abiding by rules set by Fate Cards is essential for navigating to the finish line successfully. It’s also important for everyone to understand their roles that contribute to the game experience for everyone!

Getting Started

To begin the game, find Jumanji: The Next Level board game and all of its components. All pieces should be present ” 2 power-up cards, 4 playing pawns, 7 jungle nerve dice, 1 mystic totem die, 1 disc spinner and 5 colored discs. Additionally each player will need a set of twelve hazard cards and four fate cards. Make sure that the plastic stand for the spinner is fully assembled in order to properly spin it. Now arrange the board on a flat surface and place four pawns at the entrance of Jumanji Passageway (the circle in the lower right side). Finally mix up two sets of twelve hazard cards for each player; draw one card to start your hand. Before you can enter Jumanji Passageway and start moving around the boards, you must roll all seven green dice!

In Game Play: Describe the timeline of play from setup to endgame conditions.

Once all players have rolled their 7 green dice they can move their pawns through Jumanji Passageway into one of four connected environments – Jungala Valley, Yanzzabi Canyon, Sargasso Sea or Sundari Desert. Each environment has its own set of challenges that a player must overcome with skillful die rolls, strategic card play and effective use of their Fate & Power-up cards if they want to advance through it successfully. After a playing piece passes through their first environment, they continue onto consecutive environments on alternate turns until they have traveled all four boards in order or have been eliminated due to lack of resources (ran out of hazards/fate cards) or bad luck (dice rolls). The game ends when either every player has succeeded in completing all four worlds or when only one player remains still standing!

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Preparing to Play

Before playing Jumanji: The Next Level, it is important to introduce special strategies to ensure a good game experience. Firstly, assign each player a role. The roles include the Explorer, Navigator, Database Expert, and Codebreaker roles. Secondly, set the game length according to the desired outcome and difficulty of gameplay. This will determine the amount of time and number of turns players will have; for instance if you want a longer game, you can increase the time per turn or allow more turns compared to shorter games. Lastly, provide helpful tips such as making sure everyone familiarizes themselves with their respective roles before energy starts running low. By familiarizing with one’s role ahead of time it allows players to maximize their effectiveness since they won’t be stuck trying to remember what each role does in-game.

Playing the Game

The Jumanji Board Game The Next Level is a direct sequel to the 1995 classic. The board game contains various cards and pieces, as well as a standard-sized game board. It is designed for two to four players and features two levels of play: beginner and advanced.

To start playing the game, the first step is to set up the board by placing all of the pieces (i.e. rocks, doors, grids and stairs). Players then take turns choosing characters, each character having their own special ability or puzzle which needs to be solved in order to complete the games stages. During their turn, players can decide to move around the board or draw cards from either one of the character specific packs, or from one of the ‘wild’ packs that are present on every corner of the board. Each player also has an adventure card with them at all times; these cards have rules with regards to movement and equipment collection that follows throughout the game.

When trying progress through each level, a roll of three six-sided dice will be required to determine a numerical value needed in order to reveal certain cards or pathways previously blocked by doors on the board. Throughout your journey you may find yourself needing certain items acquired either via card draws or dice rolls in order complete particular tasks involved in advancing further into levels. These objects include: medicinal herbs, scales of truth and roots of dexterity etc…Any player caught without these necessities during their attempt at outrunning Jumanji will certainly perish!

In order for players to successfully win Jumanji Board Game The Next Level they must try and collect a set number of coins equal that indicated at the top right corner of every door; this value increases as you progress through each level making it more difficult within later stages!

In addition to mastering basic gameplay strategies such as item collection and door opening mechanics outlined above; certain tactics especially those applicable when playing against other opponents should also be utilised in order increase chances against losing out when competing head “to -head. Such techniques include bluffing your place on the board (where applicable) so as confuse rival adversaries whilst attempting tactical masterminding moves on open paths when advantageous; this should lead you towards completion if done correctly!


Jumanji: The Next Level is an exciting and thrilling board game. Players begin their adventure by selecting a character to play as while they travel across the game board, navigating through the dangerous jungle of Jumanji. They must collect wild cards that contain surprises and penalties which requires strategy. As you travel around the board, there will be obstacles such as rocks falls, mazes, and quicksand that will require gamers to collaborate together to navigate through them and progress in the game.

Players must use their power of deduction amnd logic in order to overcome puzzles, riddles and other issues that arise during their exploration of the jungle. Along with digital characters, players have also been known to encounter wild animals such as elephants or rhinos that can protect them from danger or become hindrances in their way of victory.

Just when it seems like things are going smoothly for players – enemies such as giant spiders or sneaky mercenaries can appear on your travels causing difficulties which can slow down your progress or put you back at square one! It’s up to players to use teamwork and resources to counter these daunting adversaries. Victory lies ahead upon reaching Jumanji’s Throne Room where rewards await all those who manage to make it there alive!

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Winning the Game

Strategy 1: Establish a plan of attack while focusing on collecting Jumanji cards. Collect eight of them in order to win the game outright, or four Jumanji cards combined with one Magic Jewel card in order to win the Bonus Round for an alternate victory.

Strategy 2: Utilize your tokens strategically. Make sure you always know which token is which and keep an eye on what your opponents are doing so you can block any plans they may have. Make sure to move along wherever possible and roll doubles when available in order to better cover the board and catch up to your opponents who may be ahead of you.

Strategy 3: Beware of Jungle hazards, as they can ruin your plans quickly. Ensure that you are always aware of the risks associated with each turn, such as Water Traps, stampeding Rhino’s, and Geysers doubling back on their path and stealing coins out of yours or other players’ safes!

Strategy 4: Remember to balance strategy with luck as well. The card draw system means that there is just as much luck involved in a game of Jumanji The Next Level as there is strategy. A great way to make this work is by making plans at each decision point based on the probability of both good and bad luck options happening. This ensures that if one thing doesn’t come off exactly as planned, then something else will still be able to carry it forward untilsuccess eventually comes around!

Connecting with the Theme

Jumanji: The Next Level board game is no mere game; it is an adventure! Drawing upon the iconic movie and its characters, this modernized version of the classic board game offers hours of enjoyment while helping you understand the connection between them. To play Jumanji: The Next Level, you must first choose your character wisely. You and up to three friends can pick from Jungle Explorers, Hunters, Traders, or Pilgrims. For each character comes associated dice that allow special abilities like climbing ladders or taking shortcuts. Once all players are ready to begin, flip over a card and see what lies ahead on your journey”dares may include a crocodile attack, thrilling rapids, and devious thieves, among others. As you shift from card to card in a quest for the shrine, work together with your teammates as no one can win without everyone’s help! With multiple levels of difficulty for hours of entertainment for any skill level and age group, Jumanji: The Next Level encourages strategy development and team-building in a fun environment. Whether it be exploring the wilderness together or trying to uncover ancient secrets that lie within Jumanji’s ruins, Jumanji: The Next Level affords players an opportunity to understand how iconic figures like Alan Parrish go through their own adventures in the 1995 movie while trekking their way through the board game. With all these incredible elements at play in Jumanji: The Next Level board game, there’s something for everyone looking for an exciting escape into the depths of adventure!


Playing the board game Jumanji: The Next Level is an exciting and satisfying experience for gamers of all ages and levels. To get the most out of the game, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the rules and to acquire the necessary technical skills for playing. Once acquired, players should dive in, explore the game’s many challenges, and use strategic thinking to get ahead. With perseverance, creativity, and practice, gamers can become skilled players and take full advantage of this exciting adventure-based board game with lots of surprises waiting around every corner. Ultimately, playing Jumanji: The Next Level can be an incredibly fulfilling experience so long as you get past the learning curve and know what it takes to succeed.

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