Back To The Future Board Game Review

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Back to the Future Board Game Review :

The Back To The Future Board Game is a classic time travel game. Players roll dice and move around the board in an attempt to restore the timeline and return right back where they started – Doc Brown’s lab! The game includes the DeLorean car and components for up to five players, combining luck, strategy and humour with a twist of science fiction.

Game Strategy:
Players should try to focus on restoring the timeline first before aiming for victory points, as this is essential for winning the game. When travelling through time zones, consider various strategies such as collecting physical artifacts or items, taking notes of events or people you encounter, completing activities and tasks assigned by Doc Brown to increase your knowledge. With increased knowledge comes greater power; it’s vital that you’re equipped with all necessary skills or materials required before traveling back in time. Whenever possible, combine trips and objectives into single turns when possible since each turn represents one journey in time. Try to keep an eye out for peak eras where events are particularly crucial thus making them more valuable in terms of reward points; they may also lead you closer to restoring the timeline. Also make sure to watch out for potential hazards like Emmett Brown’s creation Mr Fusion which can cause all sorts of trouble!

Incorporating visual aids

The Back To The Future board game has been a hit among players with its delightful time-traveling theme. Graphics and images of the iconic DeLorean, Doc Brown’s lab, Hill Valley, and other memorable locations are used in the game components as visual aids to help illustrate to players how to play the game. These visuals really capture the spirit of Back To The Future and bring an immersive layer of excitement to the game. In addition, diagrams of different environments have been included on cards throughout the game that demonstrate more clearly where each character can move while they travel through time. Additionally, videos have been posted online by many popular YouTubers that offer even more detailed instructions of how to play and provide a fantastic tutorial for those unfamiliar with some of the nuances associated with different rules or mechanics. It is clear that these visual aids make for an incredibly well-rounded and enjoyable experience playing this classic board game!

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The Back To The Future board game from Ravensburger is an exciting way to journey back in time. Players get to assume the role of Doc Brown and Marty McFly, as they work together exploring iconic moments in the Back To The Future trilogy. It’s a strategic fast-paced game that requires cooperation and strategy to get back to the present in time.


To help players gain a better understanding of the game and its mechanics, Ravensburger released an official FAQ page, with clarifications on various aspects of play. Players can find answers to commonly asked questions or further information on topics such as beginning setup, suggested playing times, victory point conditions, and more.

How-to Guides
Many online gaming sites offer helpful how-to guides for this game. These guides provide step-by-step instructions that new players can follow with ease. They offer detailed explanations on how each game mechanic works, including rules related to earning dice rolls, action cards and special powers players can use throughout the game.

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