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Back To The Future is a popular board game by Ravensburger. It is based on the iconic film trilogy starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd – allowing players to experience the excitement of time travel as they try to restore a timeline gone wrong. Along their journey, they must dodge villains in pursuit while trying to collect all 4 pieces of the clock tower bell, in order to generate enough power to turn back time.

The game has several similarities with other classic flavors such as Monopoly, Clue, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. Players take turns rolling dice, trying to land on specific squares which can grant bonus points or mini-objectives for them to complete. Additionally, there are different character cards with various powers that can be used strategically each turn ” granting special abilities such as teleportation or level skipping. This makes every playthrough unique with its own set of challenges and rewards!

History of the Game

Back To The Future, originated by game publisher Parker Brothers in 1989, is a board game based on the iconic movie franchise of the same name. The game was first released featuring an art design of likenesses from the original film and as players made their way around the board, they could accumulate ‘time circuits’ so that at the end of their round, they could activate different wormhole time-travel trips and eventually make it to during Doc Brown’s experiments with lightning.

In 2012, a new design of Back To The Future was released in order to reflect what had become known about time travel in the movies. This time around there were Hill Valley cards added to the mix, giving players points for stops visited throughout town. There were also Business cards added where players would accumulate money and equipment so that they would be better prepared when re-entering one eras other timelines.

In 2017 an advanced version was released called Back To The Future: The Card Game introducing teamwork that allowed players to work together to help keep crucial dates (key points in movie plots) aligned by preventing temporal disruption while navigating both Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s adventures. Players existed independently or cooperatively which remained true throughout later editions as well.

Later expansions were also released in 2018 such as Hoverboard Setups featuring special characters with customized hoverboards for moving about in timed races across figures taken from locations featured in Back To The Future. Additionally, there have even been a series of games like Star Wars released as Movie Games: Back To The Future allowing fans of all types to experiment with new ways of experiencing gameplay related to their favorite series every year since then .

Mechanics & Rules

Board Game Back To The Future is an exciting game for two to four players ages 10 and up. In this game, you take on the role of Doc Brown, Marty McFly, or Jennifer Parker as they race across the three eras of Hill Valley in order to prevent an unsafe future. Each character has their own unique goals that they must fulfill in order to win.

The basic objective of the game is to travel back in time and use a limited number of actions as you explore Hill Valley. Along the way, you can pick up helpful items, visit places to gain points, and activate certain events by using a special power. In addition, you can play special cards to influence your task outcomes or thwart your opponents.

At the end of each turn the other players will receive a time-delay card indicating when they can draw their next asset card. Once all players have accomplished their objectives, total victory points are tallied and the player with the highest score wins.

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The expansion packs add additional characters from multiple films in the series, new locations from each era which yield different point values, more powerful cards to improve chances of victory as well as obstacles for opponents – all adding a little bit more spice and challenge to your Back To The Future experience!

Strategy & Tactics

Board Game Back To The Future is a strategy-based game with exciting challenges, film trivia and special tasks. Players must build a time machine, navigate through time-zones, avoid obstacles and twist the timelines to their advantage. The game features all the characters from the iconic film franchise, including Dr Emmett Brown, Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker and more. Players can visit different locations throughout different time periods”including 1955 Hill Valley, 1958 Lyons Estates and 1985 Hill Valley.

Players have to put together an assembly of parts for the DeLorean Time Machine at key locations in order to be able to travel back or forward in time. Along the way they will face foes from the past or present such as Mad Dog Tannen or Griff Tannen! Every move requires tactical thinking by choosing which timeline card to play, managing fuel reserves and getting other players (or yourself) out of sticky situations! Additionally every journey through time unlocks clues and tales that provide insight into how each character fits into the movie storyline.

The strategy guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up a game play session, helps players devise tactics to win and understand game mechanics more effectively in order to make the most of their gaming experience. Tips on how to optimize using specific cards are also available accompanied by strategies and tactical pointers that explain why certain moves are advantageous while others could lead you into danger! Have fun traversing through different timelines with Board Game Back To The Future ” it’s sure to be an exciting adventure through time!

Expansion packs

The Back to the Future Board Game is an exciting game that can be played solo or with up to four friends. While the base game offers plenty of thrills, expansion packs are also available to further enhance the experience. These stand-alone and supplementary packs add more characters, cards, miniatures, and other pieces to gameplay.

One such pack, called Cast of Characters, includes character pieces based on figures from all three of the iconic films. This allows players to take on roles like Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Biff Tannen ” or recreate key moments from the franchise’s history.

Other expansion packs don’t contain physical materials but instead offer another layer of gameplay. The Biff Vs 1955 pack contents provide additional in-game events for when players land on certain spaces. For example, landing on a space might trigger a “Biff Nostalgia Check” where players roll dice in order to gain victory points or other rewards. For those looking for a little more challenge or dramatic tension during their back-to-the-future adventures, this is a great addition to any game night!

Finally there are Adventure Packs which tie into specific events in film continuity while offering themed stories and unique play options throughout each adventure. In particular the Time Matters Pack places players into an all new conflict between Doc Brown and a mysterious figure who has stolen the Delorean time machine ” all while ensuring Marty doesn’t miss his return appointment with history!

Altogether these expansion packs offer clever additions that make it incredibly easy to customize how you play Back To The Future as well as adding a whole new set of ideas and possibilities to explore with your friends!

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Role-Playing Opportunities

Board Game Back To The Future adds much more to the game than just rolling dice to move along a board. In this game, players are taken on an interactive adventure through time that puts them in control of their own destiny. With role-playing opportunities, players have the opportunity to create vivid and complex storylines for themselves as they travel from year to year. They take on specific roles which challenge them and their internal logic. Aspects of their lives, relationships and individual growth can be explored within the context of travelling through time; how certain choices can lead to different outcomes and how they react when going through difficult times or hardships. These character arcs can provide valuable insight into oneself as well as giving one perspective on navigating difficult times and making difficult decisions within the past or future worlds they inhabit. Going through this process gives players a better understanding of how the game world in which they inhabit works, enhancing their level of engagement with it while sharpening their storytelling skills.

Reception & User Reviews

The board game Back To The Future has been very popular among board gamers since it was released in 2016. Players have praised the creative and interactive nature of the game, which allows up to four players to race against each other throughout time and space. Players can take on the roles of some of their favorite characters from the BTTF movies like Marty McFly and Doc Brown, as they maneuver a variety of time-traveling hovercrafts while collecting points and encounters along the way.

Many users have noted that the rules are easy to learn and understand, making it suitable for all ages. In addition, there are several expansions available for purchase that will increase gameplay options and improve experience. Despite this, some players felt that expansion packs were too expensive or that there were too few action cards in the main game for adequate satisfaction.

Overall, Back To The Future has earned a generally positive reception with an average rating of 7/10 on most major review sites. Not only is it a beloved classic for fans of BTTF but also many board gamers alike enjoy its unique mix of dice rolling mechanic and card play with an abiding respect for the original source material.


Board Game Back To The Future is an exciting, fun and interactive game that allows players to time travel, explore different locations and observe the action around them. Players can collect cards, induce different timelines, gain points and complete objectives while challenging their friends or family members. As a collaborative effort of sports enthusiast and card game experts, Board Game Back To The Future stands out as an engaging way to spend time with your loved ones. As the game develops more strategies and opportunities become available to those who enjoy this type of experience. In conclusion, Board Game Back To The Future is a great choice for both old and new board gamers, who will no doubt enjoy the unique concept it provides. With its wide range of creative twists, this addictive game has potential to become one of the most sought-after titles in the future for years to come.

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