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Backpack Board Games are an exciting and unique way to play the classic games you know and love, on-the-go. These innovative, travel-friendly board games come in a handy backpack, making them perfect for game night with family or friends at camp, on vacation or a picnic. Best of all, Backpack Board Games come with everything you need for a fun gaming experience: colorful game pieces and boards plus dice and other accessories. With such convenience, it’s easy to open up the bag, set up the board and start playing wherever you are!

Benefits of Backpack Board Games

Backpack board games have become extremely popular due to their incredible convenience and portability. Unlike traditionally board game, these versions come with a specially designed backpack which can be easily carried around for multiplayer gaming everywhere you go. Backpack board games offer a range of benefits, such as the ability to play in different locations, more variety, greater convenience, and heightened interactivity. In addition to being able to take them anywhere, backpack board games give players a unique opportunity to discover new games that they may not have otherwise known existed. Furthermore, players can use them to increase their social interactions by being able to pull out a game on short notice while playing with friends or family members. Finally, they provide an extra degree of entertainment at family gatherings or small parties by giving everyone something new and exciting to do while eliminating any excuses that people might make for sitting out.

Top 5 Backpack Board Games

1. Tiny Epic Galaxies: A sci-fi themed game about exploring space, developing technology, and galactic colonization that’s perfect for 1-5 players.

2. King of Tokyo: An insane, monster mashup with a strong emphasis on long term strategic planning across 2-6 players.

3. New York 1901: A vibrant city building and trading game that can accommodate 2-4 players.

4. Empires of the North: A strategy board game where each player has to build and expand their Viking world over 3 ages in a creative yet intense way for 2-4 people.

5. Ticket to Ride Europe: An awarded ticket collecting game offering a modern take on connecting European cities by rail with up to 5 people playing simultaneously.

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6. Pandemic Legacy Season 1: A highly dynamic cooperative legacy game where gamers work together to prevent four pandemics from destroying humanity with up to 4 people playing it through 12 months’ worth of story-driven gameplay.

7. Caverna: The Cave Farmers: Set in an enchanting underground universe, this alluring resource management game turns adventurers into dwarves that try to create the best dwarf nest for 1-7 players.

8. Catan Jr.: Capture control of the islands resources as you settle onto new lands by crafting roads and settlements for younger players and/or those not accustomed to strategy games – making it suitable for 2-4 participants aged 6+.

9. Half Truths Trivia Game: Enjoy hilarious trivia action while learning educational truths in guessing half correct answers – designed specially for parties of 4 or more people looking to challenge their knowledge and outsmart one another during trivia madness!

10. Legends of Andor: A medieval themed fantasy adventure in which brave heroes face many dangerous threats between 2 – 4 players ready to embark on a quest full of heroic feats!

How to Pack Your Backpack Board Game Correctly

1. Choose a backpack that is the correct size for the board game you want to carry. Make sure it has enough space to fit the game pieces and boards with ease, as this will reduce any logistical problems once you get to your destination.

2. Carefully insert the boards into the backpack. Depending on which game you’re carrying, you may need to fold certain board elements in half or find ways to secure them so they stay flat in transit. If possible, use packing materials like paper or bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection.

3. Place all of your pieces, cards, tokens and other items associated with the game into zip-lock bags or other sealable plastic containers, labeling them clearly and placing each set inside a separate compartment of your backpack if possible. This allows you easy access to particular components while keeping everything sorted out clearly!

4. Fill any empty pockets with notebooks or board wipes so that every pocket is used efficiently and nothing shifts during transport (especially when using public transportation).

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5. Use containers like small travel-sized cosmetic bags to create boxes within your bag for dice and other miscellaneous supplies commonly included with board games, ensuring everything stays organized without taking up valuable backpack space!

6. Finally, use secure straps on the outside of your bag if it does not have an adjustable chest strap already built-in, so all of your items stay safe from shifting inside when en route!


Camping: Backpack Board Games are the perfect addition to any camping trip. Whether camping out in the backyard or taking a weeklong camping adventure, these games bring an extra level of fun and outdoorsy interaction that can’t be achieved with regular board games. Some of the most popular backpack game versions include Yahtzee, Uno, Monopoly, Connect Four, and Jacks. There’s an endless array of card games too!

Road trips: Road trips are always more fun when there’s something to do in the car”and Backpack Board Games provide just that! From Quiddler to Battle Sheep, these small-scale portable versions of classic favorites can keep both kids and adults entertained for hours and help pass the time away during those long drives.

Visiting Family: Backpack Board Games make excellent gifts for family reunions and other gatherings such as holiday get-togethers. Family members can team up against each other while enjoying some old-fashioned nostalgia with colorful renditions of classic classics like Clue, Battleship, and Dominoes. They’re easy to set up quickly on any flat surface so you won’t have to worry about playing off tables or carpets.

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