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Beer pong, also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer or other beverage on the opposite side. The game typically consists of two teams of two or more players each and multiple cups arranged in triangular formations on either side. Beer pong has become an extremely popular game among both college and high school students, with variations available to fit any type of budget.

Beer pong has been around for decades, with some variations believed to date back as early as the 1950’s. Today, it is estimated that up to 90% of American colleges have organized Beer Pong leagues, tournaments, and social events as part of their college culture. Professional competitions have also emerged over the past decade, offering substantial cash prizes for winners. Beer Pong is also now being played all over the world due in large part to international tournaments taking place throughout Europe and Asia

It’s no surprise why this game is so popular – it requires minimal resources to play and provides hours of fun!

What You Need for Beer Pong

In addition to the standard beer pong game board, there are several items that can make for an even more exciting and enjoyable game. First, you might want to consider buying several sets of balls made specifically for beer pong so that players do not have to continually refill each cup with a new ball. You can also buy special ramps, platforms and other pieces that can change up the game and create more interesting angles and different shots.

Additional equipment like glow in the dark paddles or lights around the table can add a festive touch to the game. Glow string or glow tape is often used to line the perimeter of the table for added flair. Lights along with speakers playing upbeat music will set a cool atmosphere for your party guests. If you don’t want to use real beer, try using non-alcoholic beer or colored water instead. Creative decorations such as colorful banners, flags and inflatable figures can be hung around the party area as well – this will help to transform your Beer Pong setup into something truly special!

Preparing Your Game Board

Step 1: Set up the Table – Gather a large table, such as a dining room or card table. Alternatively, link two smaller tables together to create a larger surface. Make sure it is in an area with ample space that is free of any throwable items.

Step 2: Place Cups on Table – Fill 10 cups with beer and arrange them in two rows of five in the shape of a pyramid on opposite sides of the table making sure not to overlap them. Alternatively, you can use water or other beverage if preferred.

Step 3: Choose Side and Balls ” Have each team decide which side they will play from and gather 4 ping pong balls total. Have each team choose two ping pong balls to differentiate their sets during game play.

Step 4: Begin Game Play ” The player from each team takes turns trying to shoot their ball into the opponent’s cups. After each successful attempt, corresponding cup is removed and ingested by shooting player’s teammate (or other designated drinker). Team with no cups remaining loses game!

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Basic Rules of Beer Pong

Beginner Level Rules:

• The game is composed of two teams ” one team per side ” that stand at either end of the beer pong table. Each team takes turn throwing a ping pong ball into an empty cup across the table.
• When a shot makes it into the cup, the other team must drink the contents of that cup.
• The winning team is determined by which team eliminates all their 12 cups (6 cups per side) first.
• A ‘re-rack’ may be performed in order to make things more challenging and fill up some of the cups (reaching for difficult shots).

Intermediate Level Rules:
• All basic rules from beginner level still apply here, but shots are usually far apart and require greater aim to hit them.
• There might also be variations such as bouncing shots off the wall or cutting angles on both sides in order to mix up the game play each time.
• Interference on any opposing shot can result in extra cups being removed or added depending on how severe it was and who initiated it.

Advanced Level Rules:
• As seen in tournaments, advanced levels have much stricter rules than LLesser levels with regards to interference and shot types allowed, aside from forfeits if certain requirements aren’t followed accurately (exact distances between cups).
• Variations such as shootout rounds or specific hand placements must also be taken into consideration when making a high-level game board with top-notch regulations in place.

Different Variations of Beer Pong

One variation of the beer pong game board is Chinese Beer Pong. This is a drinking game that revolves around the person throwing a ping pong ball at the cups on the other side of the table. The objective to this variation is for one team to hit all of their opponents’ cups with the ping pong ball before those opponents can hit all of the team’s own cups first. To start, typically two teams are formed and each team arranges 6 cups filled with beer (or another drink) into a triangle formation at both sides of an elongated table. The aim is to try and hit your opponents’ cups while avoiding hitting your own ” with each cup removed from its position when it has been successfully hit by an opponent’s ball, this creates a more difficult target for the opposing team. The Rules are straightforward: players usually take turns throwing the balls and must bounce it off the table before it reaches their opponents’ side; any missed shot means that no cup will be eliminated and eliminates any claim to bonus throws.

Another popular variation is called 10 Cup Beer Pong, which involves using 10 plastic red or solo cups that are used as targets placed in either a triangle or diamond formation by each team (depending on player preference) at each end of an elongated surface such as a long barrier or table top. Each cup should then be filled partially full with beer or some other beverage (with nonalcoholic options also permitted). The basic object of this version of beer pong is just like in Chinese Beer Pong but instead two teams are competing against each other to sink all 10 cups before theiropponents do so first. As per standard rules, teams take turns throwing ping-pong balls across to their opponents side trying their best to eliminate as many beers from play as possible in order to give them less chances for success in winning; following similar rules as above any balls bouncing off backboard result in no elimination and bonus throws eliminated . As soon as one team sinks all 10 cups from their opponents’ side they win!

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Strategies for Winning

Individual Players:

• Aim for the cups on the other side. Keeping your eyes focused on the wall in front of you rather than on your opponent’s screen can help you stay focused on what is important – landing your ball into the assigned cup.

• Use a soft toss rather than a harder shot. An overly hard bounce shot can easily come up short, give too much power, or leave an open goal for the opposing team to score in.

• Concentrate on shooting and avoid getting caught up in distractions such as opponents cheering or trash talking.

Entire Teams:

• Communicate and strategize with one another! Know when to switch up shooters, and take advantage of weaknesses that arise with playing styles among opponents.

• Focus on defense as well as offense; look out for opportunities to block shots or snag rebounds off missed shots by either team, which will both prevent points from being scored against you and potentially gain additional points.

• With two players per team, know when it’s time to switch up shooters based off of how well each teammate is throwing their balls into the other cups.

Safety & Precautions

When playing beer pong, it is important to use common sense and stay safe. Make sure the game board and surface area are clean, flat, and dry. Make sure that no one is standing too close to the table when the cups are in play. It is also important that all players understand that physical contact or aggressive behavior should not be tolerated during the game. All participating players must be of legal drinking age. If someone becomes unruly due to excessive drinking, remove them from the game until they become sober or have someone stay with them who can look after their safety. All players should wear shoes while playing ” no bare feet allowed! Lastly, individual cups should never be left on the table once a turn has ended; returned them to their bucket as soon as possible for safety reasons.


Playing beer pong on a game board is the perfect way to get together with friends for a night of hilarious fun. Beer pong enthusiasts from all over can look forward to engaging in intense battles, challenging each other’s skills and demonstrating their accuracy as they try to get their ball into the cup. Whether you are playing in teams or competing against each other individually, you can expect lots of laughs and excitement while enjoying everyone’s company. We strongly encourage beer pong fans out there to try out this unique version of the game; host tournaments in your home or local bar for some inter-group competition. People who are used to just casually playing will love how organized it makes their games, and think of how much better matches would get once the level of rivalry increases even further. Get ready for an amazing experience!

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