Before There Were Stars Board Game


Before There Were Stars is an exciting board game that allows players to explore their imagination and build a world of possibilities. Players can explore the beginnings of the universe by managing and guiding the evolution of stars and planets. Through this interactive game, players have the chance to create custom solar systems with a variety of planets and objects, then propel themselves into the future in order to discover new life forms through exploration as well as research. By introducing strategic choices and an immersive storyline, Before There Were Stars offers an engaging experience for players of all ages that captivates their creativity and fosters a sense of discovery from its very first move.


Before There Were Stars is an award-winning board game inspired by the science of astrophysics. It invites players to imagine a time before stars and galaxies existed and encourages them to explore their creativity as they develop the universe. The game comes with an exciting mix of components, including a game board, astronomy cards, “Destiny” cards, star counters, dice and more.

When unboxing Before There Were Stars, all gamers can easily identify the main pieces, as each component has been individually packaged in clear plastic covers for easy sorting. In addition to the game board, there are 15 astronomy cards featuring captivating images from outer space; 100 Destiny cards; eight stars counters in varying colors; and three ten-sided dice. Also included are detailed instructions that provide clear directions on game setup and gameplay. Inside the box is also a unique insert with behind-the-scenes stories that give insight into the creative development of the game. Additionally, storing components after each play session is simple; owners can place everything back inside the box or use any number of organized storage methods to ensure components stay together during travel or while not in use.


Before There Were Stars Board Game is unique in the board game world because it has a focus on helping kids to develop scientific reasoning skills. Through its detailed exploration of space, it allows players to learn about galaxies, constellations, and even dark matter! Kids use these facts to create a timeline of the universe, all while developing a better understanding of science as a whole. Unlike other similar games that focus more on numbers and lists, Before There Were Stars teaches problem-solving and collaboration. Players are introduced to various obstacles that can only be solved by teamwork and critical thinking, thus making it an ideal board game for long hours of fun with family and friends.


1. Set-up: Place the board pieces in their appropriate boxes according to the diagram below. Each player gets 2 stars and 15 galaxies for their bank and a deck of cards is shuffled (inclues four action cards and nine galaxy cards).

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“,Stars & Galaxies”, “””””””””””””””””
Bank “, “,Deck of Cards “,

2. Gameplay: Each player takes turns by drawing one card from the deck and playing it onto the board. The first card drawn is discarded and cannot be used during gameplay. Action cards can allow players to move other pieces, receive more stars or sectors, or exchange resources with another player. Galaxy cards will also be placed onto the board using their corresponding symbols for that particular color galaxy; once all nine galaxy cards have been played, then end game requirements are met.

“,Deck of Cards “,
“””””””””Change Card ” “””””””▶︎ Game Board “●●○☢️⚛️ ◀”””””▶︎ Bank Paintings ╳ ☺️ ✨⭐ Change Card ⇩ ??????!!??? ●●●○ ☢️; Color Scheme??!!?!?

3. Win: Players win when they meet either of the following conditions: Possess 3 stars plus 3 galaxies, or possess the missing element painting on their side of the board plus two sections of a matching color galaxy section on either side. The first condition wins an instant victory while the second gives them one more turn to collect additional elements if necessary before winning


Players should think carefully about their every move and plan ahead before making any decisions. They should also analyze the available resources, work out a strategy for obtaining them, and maximize their profits whenever possible. It’s important to maintain an optimal balance of resources; for example, if there are only a few gold tokens on the board and it’s unlikely that players will be able to acquire more, they need to be mindful of how much is spent in each turn. This includes deciding when to sell a resource or use it to construct something on the board. Additionally, players should anticipate what other players may have or do and keep an eye on their progress, as that could change the dynamic of the game entirely. Planning ahead can help minimize potential risks while maximizing potential benefits – all in all it’s essential that each player devises a clever and effective strategy before playing.


Before There Were Stars is a unique board game that allows players to explore the inner workings of the universe. In this game, you will be able to watch and interact as galaxies come alive, forming astounding constellations as they dance among the stars.

There are multiple ways to play Before There Were Stars. The game starts with players spinning a wheel which determines their starting constellation. Each constellation has its own special powers and energies that can be used throughout the game. After players choose their own stellar formation, they travel around the map collecting energy points by strategically turning over cards from different decks of cards. As each player collects more energy coins, their science progresses along a set trajectory based on what constellation is being played.

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Each replay of Before There Were Stars evolves and changes through the novel combinations of science processes available each time you play. Players can discover new interactions between planets and stars; alter velocities of nearby galaxies; trigger asteroids showers; upgrade stellar systems; unlock additional ways to fuel their star-formation experiments; create vibrant nebulas; or even attempt classic theories like The Big Bang! Through different replays, players can form unique universes that are entirely their own.


Before There Were Stars is a board game that creates an interactive and inclusive environment for players to connect in. In the game, players take on unique roles as they travel through time to explore the creation of the universe. Through this creative storytelling game, players are encouraged to ask questions, brainstorm ideas and discuss various points of view about how our galaxies were formed.

Players frequently share their opinions and experiences on the game’s forum, expressing excitement from the adventure and exploring new ideas with others. One player mentioned feeling energized by playing before bed, “It’s such a great conversation starter with friends: each round starts out different and you’re encouraged to take an imaginary journey together across galaxies. I enjoy these immersive experiences!” Another player remarked that it was refreshing to have constructive conversations without worry or judgement, “I love how Before There Were Stars allows me to have challenging conversations without confrontation. Everyone in my group collaborated respectfully as we imagined how galaxies were crafted by stardust spreaders. It’s fun learning something new together!”

By facilitating cooperative play, Before There Were Stars helps foster meaningful connections among its players, allowing them to bond through their imaginations in a uniquely entertaining way.


Before There Were Stars is an exciting board game that captures the magic of the night sky. Through a combination of strategy and sci-fi, this two-player game is perfect for people who want to explore the wonders of space. Whether you’re a seasoned board gamer or just starting out, Before There Were Stars will give you an adventure like no other. So come join us ” try it for free for a month or take advantage of our discounts and be part of the Before There Were Stars community today!

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