Best Board Games For 14 Year Olds


Board games are a great way to bring family and friends together, especially for young adults. Teenagers typically feel compelled to spend their time on social media, playing online games, or other solo activities. As such, it can be difficult for parents and guardians to keep them engaged with fun activities that involve face-to-face human interaction. Playing board games is one activity that can provide this essential engagement while developing skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication among its players. Board games can even help to create lasting memories and solidify familial bonds over time!

For 14 year olds in particular, these experiences are even more important as they continue to navigate adolescence. Board games provide unique outlets for open communication among peers. With the lack of face-time formalities in most modern family gatherings (everyone has their head down looking at their phones), many young teens may be missing out on important relationship-building experiences with close friends and family members. It also provides an opportunity for teens to learn how to deal with adversity in a positive manner while still having fun – a skill they’ll use both now and into adulthood.

There are several classic board game options out there appropriate for 14 year olds: Monopoly is a great choice as it teaches strategy and money management using familiar game play mechanics; Risk helps players plan tactics while managing armies across a continent; Clue encourages deduction logic through crime scenes; Ticket To Ride is another great option that requires planning ahead of key railway routes across Europe; Catan forces players to negotiate resources ; Scrabble allows you to flex your verbal skills; Apples To Apples pits abstract ideas against each other; Exploding Kittens gets you thinking strategically by working out which cards will cause the least damage in the short term “there’s something for everyone!

Overall, board games provide an entertaining learning experience no matter what age group you’re playing with. For 14 year olds specifically, it offers an immersive environment so that teenage minds can develop trustworthiness, communication abilities, and assertiveness through creative play rather than mindless browsing throiugh screens.

Types of Board Games for 14 Year Olds

Board games for 14 year olds come in a variety of genres and styles. Below are some of the more popular types:

Strategy Games: These board games place a large emphasis on using strategy and critical thinking skills in order to win. They often involve planning your moves ahead of time, as well as adapting to your opponents’ strategies. Examples include Risk and Catan.

Party Games: Party games usually involve multiple players coming together in an effort to have fun playing together. The rules of these games are typically light-hearted and easy to learn, with each turn adding lots of excitement as players compete over different challenges or tasks. Popular choices include Game Show Showdown, Exploding Kittens and Monopoly Deal.

Cooperative Games: As the name implies, cooperative board games have all players working together towards a common goal ” either trying to complete a scenario when time is up, or working against a larger villain or antagonist power which all players must try to defeat together. A few examples include Pandemic, Forbidden Island and Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Role Playing Games: Role playing games require players to assume specific roles at the start of the game and usually allow for ongoing storylines within which characters can evolve throughout the course of actions taken over multiple turns. Examples include Dungeon & Dragons, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Descent Journey in the Dark Second Edition.

Popular Board Games For 14 Year Olds

Some of the most popular board games for 14-year-olds include classics such as Monopoly, Chess, and Cluedo. Each game offers its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

Monopoly presents an exciting way to play alongside family and friends, however it is a lengthy game, with some games lasting an hour or two. It’s also a game that relies heavily on luck – though players can use strategy to their advantage, there’s no guarantee that one can always win. Still, it’s an engaging activity that promotes problem solving and working together as a team in pursuit of victory!

Chess is much more based on strategy than luck – by learning the correct moves and understanding how pieces move around the board, players can gain a competitive edge over their opponents. The nature of chess means it may be challenging for those who aren’t proficient at the game yet, but once a player learns even basic techniques they will have more fun playing. Additionally, like Monopoly it encourages people to collaborate, competing against each other amicably while sharpening critical thinking skills in the process.

Cluedo is another great choice for 14 year olds as its clues require logical deduction in order to identify which character committed the crime. Players must pay close attention to detail throughout each round as every small piece of evidence matters when determining who did it! This particular board game helps boost analytical thought processes for all participants; plus since players are forced to make deductions this is a great way for teenagers to challenge themselves in unexpected ways.

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Adventure and Problem-Solving Board Games

Board games are a great way for 14 year olds to challenge their minds. Adventure and Problem-Solving Board Games provide an opportunity for young people to engage in a group activity that helps hone skills in logic, problem solving, communication, decision making and teamwork. These board games are specifically designed to help 14 year olds sharpen these skills through complex game play that encourages creative problem solving.

Specific board games include titles like Forbidden Island and Pandemic which involve cooperative action among players as they devise solutions to “save the world” from various disasters. The thrill of saving the world provides a unique gaming experience, but also allows for plenty of problem solving tactics during the process. escape room themed games like Exit ” The Game, Unlock!, or Escape: the Curse of the Temple require effective team interaction as players race against time to find clues before getting “locked” out of the temple. These type of strategic board games offer real time tension while forcing quick decision making with careful analysis at every corner. Induce even more challenge by raising difficulty levels on board game apps such as Rush Hour Traffic Jam Game or Monument Valley 2 . Whatever the format, battling adventure filled problems with your friends is an engaging way for 14 year olds to stimulate their critical thinking and collaborative working skills.

Strategy Board Games

Board games are an excellent way for 14-year olds to sharpen their strategic thinking skills. Strategy board games require players to think several steps ahead, take into account the actions of other players and plan accordingly in order to come out on top. Not only do these types of board games promote creative problem-solving skills, but they also help cultivate essential social skills. By playing games with their friends and family, teens can practice communication, collaboration, negotiation and good sportsmanship while having a great time in the process!

Here are some recommended strategy board games for 14-year olds:

Catan – This classic game requires its players to build settlements and cities on a randomly generated game board composed of hexes. The goal is to score the most victory points by building roads, settlements and upgrading them into cities. Catan reinforces strategizing tactics through its resource management aspects, so it’ll be sure to keep your teen’s mind sharp!

Ticket To Ride – In this adventure-style game a player must collect tickets throughout various routes in order to become the greatest train baron. As play progresses players get better at developing their own efficient strategies as well as learning how their opponents might act or react on each turn which helps encourage planning well in advance that pays off down the line.

Azul – Azul tasks players with collecting tiles from four stacks in order to beautify the wall of King Manuel I’s palace by constructing rows and columns from different colored tiles. With a bit of finesse”and some luck”players will find themselves dazzling the attendees while stockpiling points! Azul certainly encourages analysis ahead of each move providing those who play with creative problem solving experience.

Splendor – Splendor requires players to not only think multiple turns ahead but also assess the moves of their opponents at any given time if they want any chance at victory! In this 2013 Mensa Select award winning game you’ll find your teen collecting gems (points) from development cards which represent historical trades and projects throughout Europe during parts of the 15th century all culminating into one extravagant affair when played correctly!

Cooperative Board Games

Cooperative board games can be a great way to get teens working together while having fun. These kinds of games encourage teamwork and help build strong communication skills. Popular cooperative board games for 14 year olds include Forbidden Island, Pandemic Legacy, Spirit Island, and Escape: The Curse of the Temple.

In Forbidden Island, players work together as a team of adventurers to collect four ancient artifacts before being swallowed by the rising waters that flood the island. Players must work together to strategize moves and thwart each other’s plans in order to survive. Pandemic Legacy is based on an apocalyptic scenario where players are trying to overcome numerous challenges before the disease wipes them entirely out. It is especially challenging as new content involves emergent storytelling elements that reveal events as the game progresses throughout multiple levels of gameplay.

Spirit Island challenges players to protect their home from invading colonizers who are seeking resources from native inhabitants all over the world. The game encourages creativity and strategic thinking as players attempt to protect their island through various means in hopes of making it safe from extraction-crazed explorers. Finally, Escape: The Curse of the Temple requires players to cooperate in order to escape a mysterious temple while they are faced with overwhelming obstacles along their journey out. All these cooperative board games promote trust among all participants and force them to work together in order achieve success and fulfill the common goal set at hand

Dexterity and Skill-Oriented Board Games

Some of the best board games for 14 year olds are ones that require a combination of dexterity, skill and strategy. Such board games help to develop fine motor skills as well as providing them with an enjoyable gaming experience. For example, Foxtrot is a fast-paced dexterity game that employs wooden pieces and coded discs that must be sorted and combined in order to gain points. In Catacombs, players use a mix of dexterity and strategy as they summon monsters and launch spells while trying to overcome their opponents. Carcassonne is another classic game which blends the genres of tile-laying and resource management thereby allowing players to build roads networks, castles and even rural areas through strategic placement of tiles on the board. These types of games help 14 year olds hone their skills such as hand-eye coordination, mental agility, problem solving and rapid decision making; all important life skills for teens facing adulthood.

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Games that Require Acting and Role-Playing

If your 14-year-old is pondering a future career involving the arts, or just looking for a fun activity with friends, board games that require acting and role-playing can be a great way to learn communication skills while having fun. Games like The Resistance and Werewolf both involve working with others while trying to uncover secrets and overthrow those that stand against you. Both require quick thinking, strategy and an ability to read nonverbal cues from other players. With these types of games, players will often have different sets of rules in place – such as eliminating certain words or using specific phrases – to help practice certain forms of communication. You will also need to take into account what kind of emotions you should portray in order to maintain your cover as someone undercover! Players can also come up with their own scenarios in addition to following the game’s instructions, which makes it even more creative and fun. There are countless possibilities when it comes to theatrical narratives crafted by your group, so there’s always something new each time you play!

Creative Games

Creative games are a great way to help young minds exercise their innovative thinking! Games designed for 14 year olds can be especially beneficial, as these teens are reaching a new level of critical and mental development. From classic board games like Monopoly, Risk, and Settlers Of Catan to modern activities like Concept, Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game, and Citadels ” there’s a game to fit every level of interest.

Monopoly is a classic game that has been around for generations and encourages friendly competition among players. The goal is simple: become the wealthiest real estate tycoon by buying properties and businesses, then collecting rent from your opponents. Risk offers strategic thinking as teams must make tactical maneuvers in order to conquer enemy territory that is spread across the globe. Settlers Of Catan is an award-winning game that encourages cognitive skills while each player tries to build colonies on the mysterious island they inhabit.

If you are looking for something more modern and interactive, Concept may be just what you need. Instead of battling it out against one another, all players try to guess an image or concept by placing creative tokens onto a board with illustrations and words on it. Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game invites players into the world of Marvel superheroes as they battle villains to save humanity! Finally, Citadels will have your group strategizing how best to construct cities by collecting money in medieval fantasy themed battles.

No matter which game you choose from this list, your teenage brain will remain engaged as well as having plenty of fun! Not only do these games encourage thoughtful discussion amongst peers, but will also inspire creativity with their open structure. It doesn’t take a genius to win these games ” all you need is imagination and a bit of strategy! With so many options available, you’re sure to find one 14 year olds can enjoy together without losing interest halfway through the session.


Board games can be a great way for 14 year olds to stay engaged, entertained and learn important life skills. Not only do board games provide hours of enjoyment, but they also develop key traits such as problem-solving abilities, strategic thinking, and communication. As an added bonus board games are great for encouraging social interaction among peers. By bringing together family and friends in a safe environment for frustration-free fun these games often put smiles on faces and ignite genuine laughter. From developing relationships to sharpening cognitive skills, the many benefits of board games for 14 year olds are numerous. Whether you’re looking to challenge their intellect or stimulate their creativity, there is certainly a board game that is up your alley.

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