Atmosfear The Harbingers Board Game

Reviews of the Game

Atmosfear The Harbingers Board Game was an incredible experience. I had never played such a unique board game before. The way the game is set up with the chiller die and the fear cards really gave us all a new perspective on horror games. We all ended up getting so scared that it felt real. It’s one of those games that you’ll play multiple times just to try and beat it, each time with a different pressure at hand. Highly recommend this one!

I absolutely loved Atmosfear The Harbingers Board Game! This game has some very intense gameplay- there were times I got so scared that I wanted to hide under my bed! It was definitely a great group activity for when you have friends over as everyone will be screaming and cheering as they battle through their fears. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for an intense, horror-filled adventure!


Atmosfear The Harbingers is a collaborative board game where players compete against the clock, fighting to escape doomed scenarios. One player takes on the role of The Gatekeeper who controls the game flow and rules. The remaining players are tasked with combating fear and chaos in order to escape before time runs out. The ultimate goal is to survive the night, making it through all the challenges alive.

Mansions of Madness is a similarly suspenseful horror-themed board game that invites four to five players explore a Lovecraftian-inspired mansion while they try and uncover its secrets. Players will select their specific investigator character and work together constructively to solve mysteries, battle monsters, and ultimately save innocent lives from an evil force lurking somewhere within the mysterious residence.

Betrayal at House on the Hill also invites between three and six players as they explore a haunted mansion filled with dread and terror after dark. Every turn brings them closer to discovering secret passages – some of which contain nightmares – as well as powerful weapons that can be used against ghosts, vampires and werewolves. But player allegiances can change in an instant when one individual is struck by paranoia or lies about what truly lurks in the shadows after dark ” leading to blind betrayals among allies in this exciting game of strategy.

Legendary Characters

The Watcher is a mysterious character that governs the fate of all players in the game. He acts as host, judge and jury throughout the course of play and appears in visions to dispense wisdom. His catchphrase is “Be warned!”

Cerberus is a three-headed beast that patrols the outer limits of The Zone of Fear, making sure none escape its boundaries. He barks the countdown to midnight whereupon players must continue their journey into darkness or succumb to eternal hauntings by unseen forces.

Places of Interest

The Dark Tower is located in a deep and shadowy forest, shrouded in darkness and mystery. The tower itself is made of dark stone and creaks ominously when entered. Inside the tower are multiple levels filled with twisted and treacherous hallways that lead to all sorts of strange artifacts. At the very top of the tower sits an old throne occupied by a sinister figure “The Gatekeeper.

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The Gatekeeper’s Lair is located within the Dark Tower. It is a cold, damp place filled with eerie symbols, cryptic warnings, and often creatures from beyond. Players must navigate through hidden passages and fight off powerful enemies to reach the Gatekeeper himself. The reward for conquering this place is gaining knowledge about the secrets of Atmosfear and ultimately passage to different realms of existence.


Atmosfear The Harbingers Board Game requires players to complete a variety of mini-goals in order to eventually win the game. These mini-goals involve gathering special items and solving puzzles.

The special items needed can be located on different board spaces, meaning that players may need to make strategic moves in order to obtain them. Puzzles must also be solved in order for players to progress and reach their main objective. These puzzles can range from word games and mazes, to qazzles and riddles, with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the player’s level.

Solving these mini-goals correctly will help players progress further through the game, ultimately allowing them to reach the main goal of being the first person around the board three times. Taking time to complete each mini goal is essential if players are looking for success throughout Atmosfear The Harbingers Board Game.

Rules Clarifications

Atmosfear The Harbingers Board Game is an exciting horror-themed game for three to five players. Players work together to collect keys by navigating a 3D game board and accomplishing tasks, in order to make it to the end of the game. In the process, they are tormented by a mysterious figure called “The Gatekeeper”.

There are four rules that need clarification:

1. Key Collection Key Cards: During the course of the game, players will come across key cards which should be collected. The color of the card will determine how it can be used: Purple keys are Supernatural Keys and allow access to restricted locations; Green Keys provide additional dice rolls during a challenge; Blue Keys allow you to move two spaces farther than normal; and Red Keys require you to solve riddles in order to move ahead on your path.

2. Movement: Players must always move towards the exit gate unless otherwise instructed (i.e. when an event card occurs or when a key card requires the player’s movement). If a player ends up at an obstacle they must pass it in order to continue moving towards their goal. Any dice roll that requires more than one completed action (such as moving and taking an action) must occur in separate turns – if a player fails at either task then their turn is forfeited for that round with no compensation.

3. Challenges: When entering locations marked with a challenge symbol, players have up to three dice rolls to complete the task – any failed rolls result in lost turns for that round with no compensation. Additionally, some locations have special symbols indicating extra difficulty ” any challenges associated with these locations require two action successes prior to gaining access within those particular spaces

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4. The Gatekeeper’s Revenge: Should any outdoor space not be fully cleared of tokens or obstacles before ending a turn, The Gatekeeper will take revenge on all players present! Each player must draw one mystery envelope from The Gatekeeper’s “revenge chest” containing either rewards or ill-omened curses – including being moved back on the board or being unable finished tasks and goals!

Custom House Rules

1. Card Collecting: Each player can choose to focus on collecting certain types of cards in order to create a more strategic game experience.

2. Enemy Strength: Players can adjust the difficulty of the game by increasing or decreasing the strength of the enemies.

3. Strategic Movement: Instead of simply moving around the board, players can set up specific “objectives” or tasks they must complete on each turn to gain rewards that can help them advance further in the game.

4. Role-Playing: Players can opt to act as their characters and make specific decisions as if they were actually playing out their roles in the game world.

5. Time Restrictions: Players can add a time limit to each turn, which forces them to quickly plan and execute their strategies or risk coming up short at the end of the round.

Customer Community

Atmosfear The Harbingers Board Game has built up a dedicated fan community heavily engaged in the world of fear. Fans have created artwork, written stories, and crafted unique scenarios and alternate rules to explore the dark and mysterious setting of Atmosfear. Many players around the world proudly show off their custom expansions with exclusive miniatures, minigames, and re-theme decks which diversify gameplay elements.

For fans wanting to push their experience even further, this passionate fan base has become a great source for finding challenges. Whether it is a new deck design featuring original rules or difficulty modifiers for add tension, Atmosfear gives more than enough creative space for fans to thrive in. Through online forums and local gaming communities, fans join together to share stories of their thrilling adventures through Atmosfear’s towers of dread.

The Atmosfear fan community is one that should be celebrated and highlighted as they have helped shape the game into something greater than it was ever intended to become. Whether you’re looking for interesting stories or tips on upping your fear level, this passionate crowd is proof that board games still bring joyous thrills amongst friends far and wide!

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