Best Black Friday Board Game Deals


Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and many Americans view it as one of the best times to get good deals. As in-person Black Fridays are slowly returning to normalcy after a year of quarantines and lockdowns, many are excited for pre-Christmas discounts on board games. Board game sales rise drastically during Black Friday week, with most big retailers cutting prices just in time for the holiday season. The deep discounts on the vast array of popular and classic titles have made them great gift ideas for family and friends. This makes Black Friday an ideal time to buy board games since shoppers can stock up on their favorites and find presents at unbeatable prices. Many traditional physical stores offer bonus discounts or bundle offers that often include popular expansion packs as well, increasing savings even more!

Biggest Savings Opportunity

Shoppers can get the most bang for their buck when it comes to Black Friday board game deals by utilizing a few different strategies. One is to buy in bulk. It’s possible to get steep discounts when buying multiple copies of the same game at once, so purchasing several games at once rather than one at a time could save serious money in the long run. Comparative shopping is also important – look for retailers that are offering discounts or special promotions specifically for board games and take advantage of them. Some may offer exclusive sales during certain periods of time, or with minimum purchases. Also be sure to keep an eye out for bundles – often retailers will offer packs containing multiple games or expansions for a discounted rate that usually beats out buying several games separately. Finally, always keep your eyes open and read up on reviews of potential purchases prior to committing – you want to make sure the game or expansion you’re getting is worth your hard-earned money!

Splurge Pick

Splurge Pick:
1. Carcassonne – This classic board game is full of strategy, aiming to build the most impressive city by placing tiles among your opponents. It’s quick to learn but tricky to master, and it’s perfect for 2-5 players ages 8 & up.

2. Pandemic – Strategic planning and cooperation are key in this cooperative adventure board game as you work with fellow players in order to save the world from deadly diseases. This one is recommended for 2-4 players from ages 14 & up.

3. Catan – If negotiation and trade are your favorite aspects of gaming, then you won’t want to miss out on the ever-popular and award-winning game of Catan! Cooperate with other players in an effort to bravely explore and settle new lands, while attempting to build settlements bigger than all others before you! Ages 10 & up will enjoy this one with 3-4 other players at a time.

Fun Board Games For Families To Play

Gameplay Tips

Monopoly: Put a cap on fortunes. Setting a cap on how much money players can amass makes the game more equal and enjoyable for everyone, as it stops one player from running away with the game. Add in some fun ‘House Rules’ such as charging $50 for passing ‘Go’ as an extra incentive to move around the board quicker!

Scrabble: Form high-scoring words by studying word lists. If you are looking to increase your score, it is important to have a basic understanding of popular two-letter and three-letter words that will allow you to create new combinations and maximize your points.

Risk: Reposition troops for maximum control. The key to winning Risk is taking over territories quickly. To be able to do this try as best possible not to leave any unprotected areas on the board. You should also focus on multiple fronts with split forces and attack simultaneously whenever possible, in order to maximize potential gain while minimizing potential loss.

Clue: Act first, ask questions later.Don’t just sit there staring at the suspects’ cards; go around the board collecting clues before making accusations! Asking questions actively helps you analyse possible alternative explanations of what happened before committing yourself to one suspect.

Alternatives to Buying New

There are several options for finding used board games that are available at a great price. One option is to search for classifieds or listings from individuals selling board games. For example, websites such as eBay and Craigslist often have users who are offering board games for sale secondhand. Additionally, sites such as Board Game Geek make it easy to check past editions of popular board games and find someone selling an earlier edition or pre-owned copy of the game. Thrift stores are also great places to find used games at a much lower cost than buying them brand new. Lastly, some consumer goods retailers offer used versions of certain products in store, so occasionally checking around can lead to some great deals on pre-owned board games.

Shopping Tips

1. Make a List: Having an organized approach to Black Friday shopping is the key. Before you head out or start shopping online, make a clear list of what you need.

2. Do Your Research: Before hitting the stores or purchasing items online, be sure to research the best prices for any board games you want to buy. Check websites such as Amazon and Ebay for price comparisons and reviews from customers who have already made purchases.

A Dance With Dragons Game Of Thrones Board Game

3. Set a Budget: Sticking to your budget will help keep impulse buying at bay! Consider all your current needs and then determine how much money you can reasonably spend within that plan.

4. Stick to Your List: Once you’ve got your list and are in stores or browsing online, try not to get sidetracked by shiny new toys on shelves or promotions in emails. Stick with the original list of items so that you don’t wander away from your budgeted amount.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Fees: Shipping charges can add up quickly, so search for websites offering free shipping or store pick-up options in order to avoid unpleasant surprise fees when checking out!

Charity Options

When shopping for board games on Black Friday, shoppers have the unique opportunity to contribute to charity as well. Shoppers can choose from a variety of charities such as Toys For Tots and Kids In Need Foundation that give games to children in need. There are also organizations like Games For Good, which helps independent game designers get their projects off the ground, or Board Game Exchange, which helps connect those in need with used board games at an affordable price tag. Additionally, some retail stores may choose to donate a portion of their profits from sales on Black Friday towards a specific game-related charity. It’s always important to research these charities before donating, so please make sure you understand where your donation will be going and what impact it can have. Your purchase on Black Friday can help bring joy and entertainment to many children who wouldn’t otherwise have access this holiday season.


Shopping on Black Friday is a fantastic way to save money and grab some great deals. With so many board game deals available, shoppers have an opportunity to find the perfect game for themselves or their friends and family. From fun card games to classic strategy games, there are plenty of excellent offers to choose from. Don’t miss out on this amazing shopping opportunity – take advantage of it today!

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