How To Turn Board Games Into Wall Art


Board games can be combined with art to create a unique and decorative look in any room of your home. You can use old board games, or even new board games that you buy specifically for the project, to make wall art that has a vintage feel and character. With just a few supplies and a bit of time, you can turn ordinary board game pieces into beautiful wall decorations.

To begin, gather your materials: board game pieces, canvas material for backing ” painted or plain, Mod Podge glue, paint brushes and acrylic paints. First paint one side of each piece with the desired color using the acrylic paints so that when they’re stuck onto the canvas it will have a smooth finish. Leave each piece to dry before peeling off any excess paint that doesn’t stick. Once every single piece is painted and dried, then it’s time to start designing! With reference to an image online or one printed out, decide how you would like to arrange the pieces on the canvas in order to create either an abstract or specific design ” all depending on your own personal tastes and preferences. When ready, apply Mod Podge glue onto the backside of each individual piece and then place them on top of the canvas in order create your masterpiece.

Once all the pieces are securely glued down, it’s important to allow enough time for them to fully dry overnight before applying two coats of Polycrylic sealer over top – this ensures that your masterpiece lasts longer as well as acts as protection against dust particles attaching themselves onto it over time. Finally hang up your completed design anywhere around your house for everyone else to admire!

Preparing the Board

If you’re looking to upcycle a board game into wall art, the process may take a bit of effort. That’s why it’s essential to have all of the necessary supplies on hand before beginning. The most important item needed is an acrylic sealer or decoupage glue – this helps protect the board game and will ensure that it lasts for years to come. You’ll also need some mounting hardware for hanging it on the walls, plus painter’s tape and fine-grit sandpaper or speciality adhesive remover.

Once you’ve got your supplies, you can start prepping the board game. It is important to carefully take apart all of its components so that only the game board remains intact. After cleaning off any residue from removed pieces, give it a light sanding to remove any dirt or discoloration. It could be helpful to use painter’s tape around any graphics on the board if you plan to leave them visible ” this prevents damage or smudging during sealing or varnish application later on. Once finished, make sure to wipe down the surface before applying your sealant or varnish – this will help make sure everything will adhere properly and last a long time without yellowing over time.

Choosing the Design

When it comes to choosing a design for your board game wall art, there are many options to choose from. You can find images of classic board games online, or make your own design using a mix of colors and shapes. If you’re an artist, you could even design a new work of art out of pieces from existing board games. You may want to consider the colors and characters on the game boards when selecting a design for your wall art ” bright colors can easily catch someone’s eye when they pass by. Adding some creative details like caption boxes or letters will give your pieces more of unique look.

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If you happen to have specific items related to your favorite board game, such as a set of character figurines or playing cards, incorporating them into your wall art is also an interesting idea! Integrating these smaller elements with abstract designs will allow you to create a truly unique piece that reflects your personal style. To make this easier, you can use materials such as tape or glue that comes in different colors so that they contrast against the other parts of the design nicely and tie the whole work together. Alternatively, if crafting is not really your thing then don’t worry ” there are plenty of websites where you can purchase custom-made wall art pieces featuring designs inspired by fan favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble.

Painting the Board

To turn a board game into wall art, first choose what kind of look that you would like to achieve. Depending on your desired look and the type of game you have chosen, you can start by either painting the entire board or just segments of it. When choosing paints, be sure to use colors and shades that complement one another. You may also consider adding other artistic elements such as stencils or images printed from a computer to help bring out different aspects of the artwork. Another option for those who prefer an even more unique design is to create a collage and attach various pieces of paper or fabric onto the board using glue and clamps. Finally, for an extra bit of texture, lightly sand some areas of the board before putting on any finishing touches. With these techniques you can easily turn any old board game into a unique wall piece with personality and style!

Securing and Mounting the Artwork

When it comes to turning your favorite board games into wall art, the key is making sure they hang securely and stay in place. To ensure this, you’ll need the proper mounting hardware, such as strong nails or screws, a drill if necessary and a level to make sure everything is even.

The first step is finding appropriate hanging spots for your artwork. Make sure to look out for studs in the wall, since these provide extra stability, and try to find locations away from direct sunlight.

Once you have settled on a spot, measure and mark where your nails or screws should go. Start by tracing and then cutting out a cardboard template of the game mats if there aren’t recessed frames available so that you can easily position each game piece onto the wall. Use your level to draw a straight line that lines up with these positions so you know where your screws will go. If you are going to use screws, pre-drill small holes into your artwork before screwing them in. Finally nail or screw into the marked spots in the wall and make sure everything is tight by gently tugging on each piece when they are all mounted properly. Be sure to move furniture such as couches away from where you plan to hang your artwork so that no one bumps into it when moving around!

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Remembering the Game

Board games can be transformed into unique and creative wall art with a few simple supplies and a little bit of creativity. To start, choose your favorite board game and think about how it could be turned into an artwork piece. For example, creating a mosaic using the symbols or characters from the board game will create a beautiful display while also celebrating your favorite game. Consider outlining each object in gold or silver Sharpie to enhance them even further and to make them visually pop against the materials you are using to create the wall art. If mosaics aren’t your thing, try applying paint directly to canvas and use stencils of some of the pieces from the game for added depth and details. The possibilities are endless with this project; no matter what materials you choose to work with, you are sure to end up with an incredibly one-of-a-kind wall decoration that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Finishing Touches

Once the board game pieces have been glued together, adorned with decorations and secured to the wall in place, there are some finishing touches that can be used to truly make the result look like a stunning piece of wall art. Some possible ideas include hanging shadow boxes with smaller objects from the board game around it, adding a large frame around the entire wall art piece and adding in details such as sand and glitter tufts inside the frame to add a 3D effect. Other materials that could be used to further enhance the look of these wall art pieces can include fabric ribbons tied around each of the individual pieces, unique textured backgrounds such as wood grain or brick walls, and metallic spray paint for added shine. Depending on the design chosen, some additional choices may also include metallic studs on all sides or plastic laminate strips along all seams to give a completely finished look.


Turning board games into wall art can be a fun and creative way to express yourself and showcase your creativity in your home. Plus, the final outcome of your work will add a unique piece of art to your décor that won’t go unnoticed. Your old board games can be transformed into something beautiful that brings life to any room in your home. All you need are some basic supplies, such as adhesive, stretchable fabric, paint, wallpaper glue and scissors. With these tools at hand, you can customize the look of your favorite board game by using different color combinations, adding fabric or painting new images on the back. Once done, hang the board up on the wall with some strong adhesive hooks and admire the wonderful work of art you’ve created for all to see!

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