Best Board Games For Friends


Board games are a great way to enjoy quality time with friends. Not only do they promote camaraderie, but they also offer hours of entertainment for all players, which makes them the perfect activity when gathering with friends. Board games require strategy and thought from its participants, giving the players an opportunity to challenge each other in a fun and engaging way. Whether it is a classic game or something more recent, not only can friends learn more about each other, but also have a lot of laughs. Here’s a list of some of the best board games for friends who want to have an amazing time together:

Monopoly – This classic game has been delighting people of all ages since 1935! Monopoly allows players to buy and trade properties using play money while trying to bankrupt the others. The game encourages strategic thinking and provides lots of opportunities for deals and negotiations—all while having fun!

Catan – Intriguing yet accessible enough that beginners can catch on quickly, this iconic game draws in players with its unpredictable layout and dynamic battles. Every map is different as you explore new islands made up of unclaimed terrain that needs settling by building roads, cities, and farms on them. As you establish settlements throughout the island you’ll need to develop strategies on how best to win the race before your competition does!

Ticket To Ride – Players take turns drawing cards from the deck which allow them to gain ‘tickets’- goals that grant points upon completion- with destinations scattered around different cities across America and Europe. Taking turns choosing railroads forces careful planning as players must decide which route will most likely benefit them in their inevitable race against their opponents whilst also seeking out secret bonuses along the way.

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Game

When searching for the perfect board game for your group of friends, there are quite a few things you should take into consideration. The first is who will be playing the game. Will it be just adults, adults and children, men, women, or people with different interests and gaming backgrounds? Each one of these scenarios requires you to choose different types of games depending on the age range and skill level of your players.

Another factor to consider is how big your group is; how many people will be gathering around the table? Games that involve a lot of strategic thought may not work as well if there are more than 3-4 players at once. On the other hand, party games may be suitable for larger crowds.

Bearing in mind everyone’s likes and dislikes can also help you find an enjoyable game for all involved. Consider what genres each person enjoys such as strategy, trivia, or abstract games and make sure to pick something that everyone can have fun with. Similarly, pick a game length that works well with your particular group size so you don’t have to set aside too much time or finish too quickly when playing together.

Finally, if money is an issue you can look into loaner games from other groups or even pick up used copies online to test out with your friends before committing to purchasing a copy for yourself. Doing some research ahead of time will help you find the best board game for your particular friends social event!

Best Group Games

Codenames: This exciting and strategic game requires quick thinking and communication. There are two teams comprised of at least two players each. One member of each team is the spymaster, whose job it is to provide clues as to which words are associated with their team’s secret agents on the board. The remainder of the team has to guess who those agents are – using their spymaster’s hints, of course. It’s a great choice for friends who like guessing games and espionage-style fun.

Rise To ATambora: In this game, up to eight players take on the roles of historic figures during a cataclysmic event. All players must work together to save humanity by organizing resources and gathering support, so that they can launch a rocket before time runs out! The game encourages collaboration and using history as a source of inspiration and insight. It’s also an intense yet enjoyable experience that offers lots of suspenseful moments!

Apples to Apples: No list about group games for friends would be complete without mentioning this classic favorite! Apples to Apples requires at least four people, but can accommodate up to 10 players in two teams. One player picks from pairings of cards with nouns (e.g., “Plane” or “Singer”) and adjectives (e.g., “Loud” or “Mysterious”). Everyone else then plays one card from their hand that they think best matches the adjective – creating some truly wild combos in the process! The winner receives points based on how well they match up their cards with the noun card played by the judge – which means age won’t be a factor in predicting who will win – as even kids can beat adults at this game if they really try!

Amazed Board Game

Blokus: Blokus is a strategy game featuring geometric pieces on individual boards where up to 4 players compete against one another make moves that capture their opponents strategically while still trying to get rid of all their pieces first! It’s suitable for kids aged seven and above, making it ideal for family fun sessions; however adults too can enjoy its surprisingly complex ruleset and mind-bending logic puzzles as well. Players must always be one move ahead in order to prevent getting completely blocked off from making any more strategic moves – creating an exciting tension throughout every turn!

Telestrations: This superbly creative drawing party game combines sketches, laughter and dramatic reaction shots into one crazy playtime experience! Up to eight competitors take turns giving clues about popular topics or items (such as unicorns or fast food). They then have sixty seconds per turn where they must draw what comes closest to their minds eye interpretation – leading some hilarious results along the way; alternately players can also guess what their friend had put down in order gain more points towards victory instead (if they dare!). Telestrations certainly makes top marks as one of our favorite group games when friends come over round for round after round of quick-thinking action packed fun with all ages alike!

Best Interactive Games

Jenga: Jenga is a classic game which requires strategic skill and a steady hand. Players take turns to remove blocks from the game and stack them on top before the tower collapses. With each turn, the tension increases as the structure slowly grows higher. It’s a great game for two or more people of any age which provides hours of entertainment!

Loaded Questions: This popular party game puts players’ knowledge of themselves and their friends to the test. Players must read questions out loud to each other and then answer them honestly. This can lead to some hilarious and insightful conversations in which you discover more about your friends than you might ever expect.

Taboo: The goal of Taboo is to provide clues so that your teammates can guess the word you’re trying to describe without using certain forbidden words associated with it. This makes for an incredibly fun guessing game, where talking freely and providing wacky descriptions give players a chance to learn how well they understand each other through language alone.

Bubble Talk: Bubble Talk is all about creating interesting stories with given phrases. As a team, players sit around with their card decks and try to come up with stories using combinations of different phrases from all players’ hands while adding creative sides along the way. The aim of the game is to see who can come up with the most hilarious story; it’s sure to bring out some crazy results!

Best Team Games

Forbidden Desert is a cooperative adventure game in which players must work together to uncover pieces of an ancient flying machine, battling against the odds in a vast desert landscape. Players must brave sandstorms and shifting sand dunes whilst managing resources such as water and fuel. The game’s unique shifting terrain mechanic makes it endlessly replayable as the map is always different and several choices are available in how best to progress.

Pandemic is also a cooperative game where players must use their limited resources to prevent four deadly diseases from spreading across the world. Each player takes on a role with unique abilities and goals, tasked with travelling around the world trading cards, treating diseases and finding cures for each of them. Different versions of Pandemic allow for both simplistic or more complex strategies, catering for all different kinds of gaming parties.

Pandemic Legacy is similar to regular Pandemic but with additional elements such as player character progression and story arcs that evolve based on play-throughs requiring frequent contributions from personal diaries filled out by each player during each session. It requires intense player immersion combined with excellent collaborative play although it does take longer than regular Pandemic to get through a full campaign!

Star Trek Panic combines typical tower defence mechanics with Star Trek themed adventures which gives this iconic series an ultra-modern edge. Working together, challengers are assigned missions varying in complexity – some require collecting resources while others involve defending the ship from outside attackers – that they must complete within a certain timeframe or lose their progress entirely. While engaging on these missions, teams will also have to manage their power levels which further adds to the challenge!

Castle Panic is great for teams looking for some good old fashioned castle defence fun! Fending off wave after wave of pesky trolls and goblins, teams must collaborate to survive, using dexterity combined with strategy to remain relatively unscathed amongst all the chaos being unleashed at their castle walls! Allowing variable levels of difficulty depending on team capability level, Castle Panic presents a thrilling battle no matter what you decide!

Best Card Games

Uno is a fun game for friends and family alike. Players take turns trying to match either the number or color of the person before them on the game board. The object of Uno is to be the first player to get rid of all their cards.

Prosperity Board Game

The Mind is an innovative cooperative card game where players must work together using limited communication to discard all their cards in order from 1-100. It’s perfect for friendly competition among 2-4 players and can become increasingly challenging with more added!

Magic: The Gathering is one of the most well-known card games around. You use your deck of cards to duel against other players in head-to-head battles, casting various spells, summoning creatures and creating powerful combos as you strive towards victory! With its immense variety of cards, Magic is a great way for groups of friends to enjoy a strategic battle.

Exploding Kittens is a hilarious multiplayer card game designed for those who love cats and explosions! Players take turns drawing cards and hoping they don’t draw an exploding kitten card, otherwise they lose the round! Exploding Kittens adds randomness to strategy and has funny moments at every turn – it’s guaranteed to be a hit at any gathering with friends.

Set is an enjoyable abstract logic puzzle made up of playing cards that contain four different attributes – shape, color, amount, fill pattern – all represented by symbols that users must collect by examining each set’s pattern in order to create “sets” of three matching cards. Set can be played with two or more people and is perfect for those looking for something relatively quick and easy.

Best Solo Games

Best Board Games for Friends: Monopoly, Risk, 7 Wonders Duel, Throw Throw Burito, Codenames, King of Tokyo.

Monopoly is a classic board game full of friendly rivalry and competition. It involves buying properties and collecting rent while avoiding bankruptcy. Risk is an intense strategy game where players build troops in order to conquer territories and ultimately achieve world domination. 7 Wonders Duel is a two-player version of the popular game 7 Wonders. Players take turns building an ancient city as they try to win by completing the most scientific advancements. Throw Throw Burrito is a hilarious card game of collectible burrito slinging action! Codenames is an exciting word game that involves two teams competing to identify their team’s hidden spies using only one-word clues. Finally, King of Tokyo is a gamers’ favorite head-to-head battle between giant monsters in the heart of Tokyo City!

Creative Board Games for All Ages

Dobble: Dobble is a game of visual perception in which players try to be the first to spot an image shown on two cards. The images are all abstract doodles, making the game unpredictable and inclusive. It can be played with up to eight people and is suitable for both children and adults alike.

Dixit: If you’re looking for something a bit more creative to try out with your pals, Dixit may fit the bill. Players must creatively interpret up to 12 different cards featuring vivid artwork, writing them down and attempting to match the stories of others. This game can be played from three to six people at a time, who then score points based on how well their stories match up with those of their friends.

Carcassonne: Carcassonne is a tile-based board game that encourages tactical and strategic planning between friends. Players lay tiles — depicting roads, cities, fields and cloisters — then place their markers upon them as they construct cities and earn points by doing so. It’s recommended for all ages, seating up to five individuals in each round.

Sushi Go!: Sushi Go! requires strategy while simultaneously being incredibly lighthearted. Friends must choose between scores of colorful sushi plates each representing different characteristics such as maki rolls or nigiri – taking into account popular combinations while competing against each other in what is essentially an enjoyable battle of wits. Rounds are quick – it’s best suited for two to five players – but makes sure everyone has been given an equal chance for success!


Bringing friends together over board games can be a great way to make memories and catch up with one another. Whether you’re looking for light-hearted entertainment or challenging strategic play, there are a variety of different games to choose from. From classic card games like Uno and Go Fish to strategic options like Catan and Taboo, your group will be sure to find the perfect game for your particular gathering. On top of providing hours of fun, playing board games is also a great way to sharpen problem solving skills and encourage creative thinking! Gathering with friends over board games is an enjoyable activity that brings people closer together. With just some snacks, some beverages and the right attitude everyone has the potential for many hours of fun and enjoyment!

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