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Board games for one player are unique in that they typically require a greater level of creative problem solving, strategy, and skill to win than their multi-player counterparts. Generally, board games geared towards single players tend to be more abstract or involve solitaire type mechanics. In addition, single player board games tend to provide a larger range of complexity than multi-player titles and also offer varying levels of difficulty (especially if the game includes variants). This means you can tailor the challenge to your skill level and complexity preferences. To give you an idea of the variety available, read on for some great options for solo play!

Benefits of Board Games for Single Players

Board games for single players offer a number of advantages, making them the perfect choice for an individual night out. Playing alone can help to build concentration and foster problem-solving skills. It also gives players the opportunity to explore different strategies without the pressure of playing with opponents. Furthermore, board games for single players provide an outlet for relaxation, as it allows people to focus on something solely within their own control. Additionally, playing alone can give a person much needed time away from distracting digital devices and technology, while still providing entertainment and intellectual stimulation. With a wide variety of options to choose from – including logic puzzles, card games and strategy games like chess ” there is sure to be something that appeals to all tastes. A single person board game can give a player hours of fun, with the challenge of finding new solutions every time they play.

Varieties of Board Games for Solo Players

There are many options for solo players when it comes to board games. With an ever-growing selection, there is something suitable for every single person out there. From classic strategy titles like chess and Go to dexterity with Carcassonne, there is a plethora of options for those looking for a solo playing experience. Puzzle games like Tetris, escape rooms such as Unlock, co-op experiences where you team up with your own tagalong robot such as Robinson Crusoe or electronic versions of classics such as Clue are just some of the examples available. Others include solitaire card games such as Solitaire Showdown, word based activities including Boggle and crosswords, and even mind-bending logic games like Sudoku or Rubik’s Cube. Players can also choose from the variety of fantasy-based action/adventure style games like Warhammer 40K and Catan that offer tactical challenges and story components. No matter what a player prefers, they can find a board game to accommodate their individual gaming desires.

Best Board Games for Strategy Enthusiasts

For those looking to put their strategic thinking to the test, there are plenty of great board games out there specifically designed for single player enjoyment. Chess, Go and Backgammon are the classic standouts when it comes to establishing one’s prowess in strategy. Meanwhile, modern takes like Patchwork, Carcassone and Dominion offer novel game mechanics designed to push brains of all ages to their limits. Those who enjoy a bit more story-book factor can try games like Pandemic: Legacy and Mage Knight which immerse players in detailed worlds with evolving goals as they play through the steps towards victory. And for those preferring something more open-ended and customizable, there are tons of deckbuilding card games such as Magic The Gathering Arena or Keyforge that provide a near-endless variety of options from both cooperative and competitive perspectives. No matter what type of player you are, you’re sure to find an engaging challenge with just the right board game!

Best Board Games for Players Who Love Creative Storytelling

There are many creative and interesting board games available for single players. From interactive, story-driven adventures to classic tabletop strategy games that require a wealth of thought and critical reasoning, solitary gamers can achieve plenty of fun and entertainment to pass their time. Some amazing titles that work well with one person include Small World (a game of fantastical civilizations), Carcassonne (a clever tile-laying game), Through The Ages (a strategic card game set in the evolution of mankind).

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If you love getting lost in exciting stories while playing board games, then some remarkable options include Betrayal at House on the Hill (an epic horror tale involving betrayal among characters)Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (solve mysteries in 1800s London), Gloomhaven (a challenging adventure set in a dark fantasy world). These games bring an even more immersive experience when playing alone; they incorporate imaginative plots and storylines featuring exciting thematic elements such as mystery, horror, science fiction, or fantasy. Whether you’re looking for full campaigns or quick yet meaningful sessions, these types of storytelling board games can provide great solitaire entertainment.

Best Board Games for Problem Solvers

Getting some board game time in can be a great way to calm the mind and pass some time, but it is usually thought that such recreations can only be enjoyed by multiple people. However, there are plenty of board games designed for a single player, making puzzles, challenges and a whole lot of fun available for people who are alone or just don’t want to gather around a table with other individuals. Whether you’re looking for traditional tabletop challenge games or something more fantasy-filled, here are some great board game options for solo players:

Klask: Klask is an exciting table top soccer game using magnets to control small pucks around the board in an attempt to score goals. The single-player version requires skill and reflexes while competing against different AIs. This game provides all the tension of a real match without needing an extra opponent.

Sudoku Cube: This cube puzzle employs several strategies as each side of the cube shows differently colored numbers 1-9. Players need to unscramble the colors while matching them up in numerical order within each row and column throughout the three layers of its core structure. The piece should eventually form one completely clear surface if done correctly.

Catan: While Catan was designed for two or more players, those playing alone can easily face off against an AI so they still get their competitive fix in this classic resource management strategy game. With its various areas to explore, collect resources from, trade with neighbors and build villages on uncharted lands ” this makes a great choice for outwitting computer opponents as your empire grows larger than theirs.

Zendo: This board game combines Buddhist teachings with problem solving skills as different structures around pavilions must be built according to secret rules designed by a master builder playing against it solo. The bulk of this two-part logic game relies on searching through possible combinations until you conjure up the right answers required during each round of play.

Best Board Games for Adventure Seekers

Whether you like the thrill of exploring far off lands or solving intricate mysteries, adventure-seeking board games are the perfect way to feed that need. Here are some of the top recommendations out there, all offering unique challenges and captivating stories:

Gloomhaven: This board game takes strategic planning and hard thinking skills to unlock its captivating story. As a dungeon crawler, Gloomhaven tasks players to explore various battles as they progress deeper into a mysterious world. Challenging enough for solo players, it’s an excellent choice for taking on solo quests with plenty of surprises waiting to be discovered.

Mysterium: Think Clue but with a supernatural twist. In this game, one player has Psychic abilities while others try to solve the riddle from them. It’s a cooperative game with hidden elements that can prove very challenging in single-player mode. Hunt through sketchy photographs and other clues to prove your innocence in this thrilling trivia game.

Pandemic Legacy: In Legacy games, what you do in one session affects future sessions – making each responsibility count! Over multiple sessions Pandemic Legacy develops its plot in compelling turns as diseases spread and are fought against through cures and treatments. Adventures can take anywhere from 12-24 sessions for completion ” but there’s no telling where the story will go until it reaches conclusion.

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Ticket To Ride: This popular strategy board game is ideal for solitary players who enjoy planning grand routes throughout differing parts of the world such as Europe or India ” depending on which version is being played. Ticket To Ride lets you face off against fictitious competitors while still enjoying great card collecting opportunities and a snappy pace that keeps you engaged throughout your journey alone (or with a group).

Clever Ways To Play Single-Player Board Games With Others

With the advancements made in technology, smartphones and tablets have become more popular as a way to play board games, sometimes even solo. Although new methods of gaming are being developed all the time, there are some classic board games that will always remain a staple for family game nights or for those who just want to play alone. Here are some of the best board games out there for single-player fun:

Solitare: A classic favorite, solitaire is easily one of the most well known single-player card games ever created. With an infinite number of ways to challenge yourself and perfect your moves, this game never gets old and can be enjoyed solo.

Clue: Popularly known as Cluedo in Europe and Australia, Clue offers thrilling gameplay as a solo player races against time try to figure out who committed the murder in a classic mystery. The multiple levels of strategy involve gathering clues, making accusations, and testing theories make it an engrossing experience every time you step into Mr Boddy’s Mansion.

Monopoly: Probably one of the first names that pops up when thinking about boardgames, Monopoly can also be played solo without any shortage on entertainment value. You don’t need another place at the table – instead you act as both banker and opponent and see how fast you can build your fortunes by wisely investing in property.

If you’re wanting to have some single player board game fun with friends or family knowing there is still an element of interaction involved than check out apps like Heads Up! or Draw Something that offer a unique way for players to interact with each other while playing. Similarly gamers can create their own experiences if they combine two classic tabletop gaming experiences by making a PC version of their favorite card or board games with remote web access enabled so everyone can stay connected but play individually at the same time! This way everyone can connect online despite being miles apart yet still enjoy participating in cooperative fun!


If you are an individual who enjoys gaming solo, then taking the time to find a good board game for one player is an essential part of the process. Though there are many great options out there, what may work for some solo gamers may not work as well for others. With this in mind, consider your own unique playstyle when selecting a single player game. Think through if you prefer strategic or skill-based games, those that require slow and methodical turns ” or fast-paced moves and quick decisions ” easier or more challenging gameplay and how much investment you want to make into the rules and story. Finding a game that fits in with how you enjoy playing will increase your satisfaction with the board game greatly. Additionally, look into reviews from other solo players to ensure that your favorite title lives up to its expectations before bringing it home. Finally, no matter what single player game you choose, making sure you have an enjoyable experience is important ” just savor every move and enjoy diving deep into each session!

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