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Are you an avid board game fan? Do you like playing board games but don’t always have the opportunity to be able to go out and buy the physical versions? If so, then this blog post is for you. Here we will discuss the best mobile board games available on Reddit and why they are some of the most popular sources of entertainment for board game fans everywhere. We’ll look at what makes them stand out compared to more traditional board games, their strengths in terms of replayability, graphics and user experience, as well as all the amazing features that these mobile apps have come packaged with. Finally, we’ll also discuss how they can be used to play against friends both near and far. So get ready to find out more about these wondrous digital worlds; let’s dive into the best mobile board games Reddit has to offer!

History of Mobile Board Games

Board games have been a staple of human entertainment for centuries, evolving from simple demos to stone and wood pieces to the colorful, engaging pieces we have today. As technology has advanced, so too have the forms of mobile board games we can enjoy. Mobile gaming has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past decade with the development of smartphones and tablets. Board game apps offer users an easy way to access their favorite board games on-the-go. These mobile versions bring digital elements into board games such as online multiplayer, audio soundtracks, and even special effects.

The available genres within mobile gaming are vast – there is something suited for any type of player’s interests! From classic titles like Monopoly and Risk, to more modern spinoffs such as Carcassone or Ticket To Ride – mobile platforms cater for everyone. Even A-list celebrities have jumped onto the gaming craze by creating their own app versions of classic board games such as Jenga or Yahtzee!

There have also been changes in game format over the years with physical board game packages now offering “digital codes” instead of physical copies; often granting customers extra content if they choose to download the app rather than purchase a physical copy. From Fantasy adventure titles featuring epic battles between good vs evil characters, or strategy based titles requiring deep strategic thinking, there really is something suitable for all!

Overview of the Reddit Community

The Reddit community, in general, is a very active and passionate user base. The subreddit dedicated to mobile board games specifically is one of the most robust communities available on the site – attracting both casual gamers and hardcore devotees.

Members of this community are encouraged to discuss, review and vote for their favorite titles. This collective feedback helps other redditors to stay up-to-date with new releases as well as obtain opinions from other gamers about their gaming choices. Therefore, it serves as a valuable tool for discovering new, interesting games or just staying abreast of the latest developments within the industry.

The power of this particular subreddit can be seen in its ability to impact smaller titles that lack the budget for a full marketing campaign. Many developers rely on this platform to get the word out, which can result in great success stories that wouldn’t have existed without the help of these loyal audiences. Posting links and screenshots of upcoming projects can build anticipation early enough that when launch occurs, it’s included on several popular lists or blogs due to large numbers – thus gaining momentum quickly.

By joining this subreddit, you not only strengthen your own ability to discover great board games but also take part in an affecting industry with your opinion directly!

Top Rated Mobile Board Games Based on Reddit Reviews

1. Ticket to Ride – Ticket to Ride is a classic tile-based game that is available on mobile through the App Store and Google Play Store. This game allows players to build railway connections between major cities throughout the United States and Europe. Players try to earn points by connecting routes, fulfilling secret objectives, and having the longest continuous paths of their own network. Reddit users have raved about this game for its simple yet strategic gameplay and its addicting competitive nature.

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2. Pandemic – Pandemic is a cooperative game where players are tasked with saving the world from diseases such as Smallpox or Hepatitis B by controlling outbreaks before they spread out of control. It also tests your cooperation skills since players must work together in order to save the world from losing all population at once. According to Reddit reviews, this game offers an exciting combination of strategy and luck alongside charming visuals, making it one of their favorite board game apps!

3. Catan – Catan, formerly known as The Settlers of Catan, has earned cult status over the past few years thanks to its popularity among board game enthusiasts. It’s a game of development set in an island full of resources where each player competes in acquiring said resources so they can build homes and roads before anyone else does. As per Reddit users, Catan remains one of the best mobile board games due to its easy-to-learn ruleset, gorgeous artwork, and sheer wealth of replayability options for everyone who’d like to explore it further!

4. Carcassonne – Carcassonne is a digital version of the German styled tile-laying boardgame by Klaus-Juergen Wrede which debuted back in 2000. On this mobile rendition you’ll find cooperative play for up to five players regardless if it’s online or local multiplayer against AI opponents or real people via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection possibilities; great graphics with cute animations plus in app purchases for special content like extra tiles or character skins; all given that this game mantains its original simplistic core mechanics intact while enhancing them with new features appropriate modern times such as enhanced zoom effects; according to some Reddit user reviews this title stands out above more traditional versions offering more fun and easiness any possible fan could ask for!

5. Scythe – Scythe combines artful design with tactical elements in a 1920’s era setting inspired by real life historical events like Russian civil war as part of an alternate reality in Eastern Europe where giant mechs share space with beasts while you take control over your faction taking iconic characters fighting against each other focusing on area control trying gain victory points after expanding territory buying resources trading goods complete objectives culminating upon reaching 6 victory point! According Scythe Reddit comments this unique combination between steampunk atmosphere deep playing experience strong customization options makes sure you’ll never get bored during your runs either online versus friends or computer collaborators opinionated users agree it’s worth every penny owning both tablet version well physical copy shelves at home!

6. Talisman: Digital Edition – Talisman: Digital Edition takes what was already an iconic fantasy adventure battle tabletop video back 1994 puts into our digital devices introducing graphical tweaks while expanding base content vast levels narration exclusive features other platforms don’t possess doing further than just porting rules set desktop machines finally giving us updated soundtrack both broadened motivations dialogues regarding protagonist motivations making really great experienced anyone can enjoy both from original veterans wew ones accustomed titles retell stories involving anything magical forcing decision making rules complexity remain mostly unchanged enjoying tight controls multiplatform support letting everyone develop extra strategies eventually win fights quickly costal villages islands formidable opponents beyond high seas word fans described online perfectly clear “if you’re looking for difficult yet entertaining 15 minutes RPG’ll never run out challenges ” .

7. Terraforming Mars – Terraforming Mars is based on 2007’s hit card/board games from Jacob Fryxelius where vital objective involves transforming barren planet rusty slate into vibrant environment suitable human growth industrial efforts own merit consisting 9 competing faction fight colonizing manipulating geography creating imperatives survive under extreme conditions emerge victorious? That being said despite obvious challenges developers Synapse managed keep strategical aspect fully integrated minigames enhancing overall feel impressions interplay happens screen maneuver completing three basic terraforming tasks maximum speed before timer ends ending unexpected luck elements added mix increase replay value ensure no two matches ever same according stats users gathered forum overall claim respectable entry scene providing decent adventures feel rewards climactic glory gained conquest solid RPG matchmaking abilities unaidedly unmatched compositions sure come close successful adapt actual board computer allowing hours satisfactory moments company friends online respectively… !

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8 Castles Of Burgundy – Explore exciting world 18th century trading kingdom dressed top lid assets deserve select medieval territories build them turn ordinary plot fields estate splendid palaces galore key project delve deep every feature addition upgrade ensuring success incentivize frugal management land resources stored four corners bag netting rapid completion time

Benefits of Mobile Board Games

Mobile board games can provide many benefits for both recreational and educational purposes. Playing mobile board games is a great way to develop problem-solving skills, as players must think logically in order to determine the best strategies and move ahead of their opponents. Through interaction with others, playing these games can also help strengthen relationships with family and friends, while also promoting creativity among players since they must collaborate on solutions to overcome obstacles.

In an educational setting, mobile board games can be used to help students explore new ideas and concepts as part of group work or team building activities. For instance, game-based learning encourages learners to think creatively, which can help them become more adept at analyzing complex problems. Similarly, mobile board games can be used in professional settings to boost strategic thinking and foster team collaboration by giving employees an interactive platform that they can use to communicate better together. This type of environment provides workers with an ideal platform for brainstorming ideas and working cohesively toward common goals.

Tips for Getting Started

When getting started with mobile board games, there are a few things to consider. First, decide which type of game you would like to play and make sure it fits your level of experience. Playing a game that is too advanced or complicated can be incredibly frustrating and may lead to a disappointing experience. Choose something also that fits your interests; maybe a strategy-based game or one based on luck if that’s more appealing to you. Using Reddit’s mobile board gaming communities can help you narrow down your options.

Once you pick the right game, it’s important to set realistic goals for yourself. Figure out what victory or accomplishment looks like and make sure it isn’t too challenging or arbitrary. Make sure all players participate at the same level so no one is left behind due to inexperience—this contributes to increased enjoyment for everyone involved.

Finally, when playing mobile board games it’s important use all available resources such as guides and tutorials from platforms like YouTube and Reddit (or even in-game tips) to better understand tactics and strategies for each game. Such tools provide an easy way for players of all skill levels to get the most out of the gaming experience—winning is certainly fun but properly utilizing the tools provided by each platform can help enhance the overall quality of gameplay itself.


This blog post discusses the best mobile board games according to Reddit users. They include Board Game Arena, Ticket to Ride, and Gloomhaven, among others. The discussion also includes key takeaways such as, for those looking for something more casual or accessible, Ticket to Ride might be a better choice than Gloomhaven. Other tips from users include playing on larger tablets so you can get a better view of the board and learning from online video tutorials when starting out. For those interested in digging deeper into mobile board gaming, there are a few resources available. YouTube has many helpful tutorial videos; several websites offer game reviews such as BoardGameGeek, Amazon and Apple App store have ratings and reviews of apps; and there are forums on Reddit where players share strategies and tips.

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