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If you have a Mobile Markets board game, you may want to showcase some relevant videos related to it. Sharing playthroughs and tutorials of your game can help draw in potential new players. You could create your own tutorial video, or search for existing tutorials or playthroughs on YouTube. Make sure that whatever video you select is entertaining and provides useful tips and tricks for playing the game. If you cannot find any videos yourself, another way to showcase relevant videos is by searching Reddit or any passions sharing websites. This can increase the visibility of your game through those platforms and make it easier for people to learn about it quickly. In addition to this, consider creating posts on these sites which talk more about the board game itself, such as what makes it stand out from others in the same genre. By offering helpful content about your Mobile Markets game, you can attract more attention and interest in the board game itself!

Breakdown of Rules & Regulations

The Mobile Markets Board Game is a game for two to four players. Each player represents a “mobile market” aiming to gather as many customers and profits as possible.

Setup: Each player selects their color or markers and chooses a starting point. Place the 4 supply cards in the center of the board and add 3 regular customers (orange disks) coin or other point indicators, such as checkers, to each corner. Shuffle the 30 job cards and deal 5 cards to each player. Players can look at their cards but must keep them secret from the other players. Take turns rolling one die to determine who goes first, with higher rolls taking precedence.

Gameplay: Starting with the first player, players take turns rolling two dice to move their respective mobile markets up to 12 spaces. If they land on an intersection, they can place a tent (which will stay there until game end). On subsequent turns, landing on an empty intersection space allows a player to change directions by 90 degrees either clockwise or counterclockwise of their current direction – this space cannot be used as a camp site nor can it be used by any other player while occupied.

If players land on their own campsite they gain 1 food supply card from the deck situated in the center of board; if they land on another player’s camp site that particular opponent gains 1 food supply card instead of the first-player’s gathering 1 supply card for themselves. The purpose of collecting these cards is so when all 30 jobs have been exposed players can “buy” those jobs with Food Supply Cards for coins or points depending on the variant being played (regular currency money coins OR scoring indicators “checkers”). When a job is bought it is pulled from play and set aside till end game or discard pile could also be used depending on house rules etc.. The goal here is to collect as many profit-inducing jobs before your opponents do thus deriving more income opportunities i.e stocks/properties/businesses than your opponents before final tallying total score(s)etc.. Player movement continues passing dice counterclockwise until all campsites have been visited so every player has traveled 12 spaces ” upon completion, set up starts anew with same rules but alteration of turn-order happens so youngest/newest plays first this time with eldest playing last thus everyone takes turns playing last & having chance at early lead again (“rolling turns”), repeat above till all 18 sites are occupied move around board buying jobs with newly acquired credits [money] from previously acquired stock investment opportunities etc.. ending when no more job openings exist; tally remaining money reserves & stocks + profit/cumulative collective earnings made per individual for round – declare overall winning scenario based off most money owned & tallied ” that’s it!!

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Comparison to Other Games

The Mobile Markets board game stands out among similar titles because of its unique concept and interesting gameplay. Unlike other board games, the focus of Mobile Markets is on trading stocks, providing players with a number of strategic options to make effective investments while competing against their opponents. The game also has elements of luck, as work orders are randomly drawn, so no two games are exactly alike. Players must keep track of the stock market throughout the game and adjust their strategies accordingly in order to be successful. Additionally, the addition of special rules or features such as insider trading can add an extra layer of strategy that can lead to significant advantages over competitors. As a result, mobile markets provides a dynamic and challenging playing experience for everyone involved, making it a great option when looking for an engaging new board game to try out.

Mentions of Special Events

No, the Mobile Markets Board Game does not come with any special event scenarios or tournaments. However, it is possible to create custom tournaments and events with the game pieces that come included in the kit. In addition to the standard rules of play, players can use creativity and improvisational skills to create their own tournaments. This could include randomized turn order, sudden death rounds or a King-of-the-Hill style tournament where the last player standing is declared the winner. The possibilities are only limited by imagination, making Mobile Markets Board Games a great way for friends and family members to challenge each other in a fun and original way.


Yes, Mobile Markets Board Game often makes appearances at conventions and other events. It is a popular game for experienced and inexperienced gamers alike, as it combines elements of both strategy and luck to create an interesting experience within the mobile market industry. The game is often featured at gaming conventions, along with many other mobile market-themed activities such as discussions or hands-on demonstrations of different strategies used in the game. Additionally, some companies have even organized tournaments to promote the game, inviting players of all experience levels to compete in organized rounds that can attract sizable crowds and publicity.

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Tournament Results & Leaderboards

Yes, there have been several tournaments for the game. A few recent results include: The Mobile Markets Board Game Battle Royale took place in February 2021 and was won by Team Ignition Gaming. Another tournament, the Mobile Markets Boss Board Bash, was won by Team Pocket Money Gamers in April 2021. Additionally, there is an ongoing leaderboard which ranks the top players in each region. Players get points based on their performance in the tournament and the top ten players receive rewards such as exclusive game gear and access to new content.

Expansion Packs & Expansions

Yes, there are a few official expansion packs for the Mobile Markets Board Game. The first is “Mobile Markets: Touring Edition” which adds more international cities and brings a whole new dimension of fun to the game. It also adds custom markets in each city that give players the chance to diversify their investments and take risks like they would with real stock markets.

The other official expansion is “Mobile Markets: Giga Cores” which introduces a new economy layer to the game. In this expansion, players can create powerful global corporations made up of shares owned by all players which generate loyalty benefits as well as profits based on their performance in the game. This creates a whole new level of strategically investing as alliances, sabotage and competition all become part of the equation.

Live Streams & Videos

Yes, there have been several live streams and videos that showcase the mobile markets board game. For example, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to board gaming released a video showing off the game’s components and gameplay. Additionally, the game was featured on several Twitch streamers’ channels with live playthroughs and tutorials. Finally, at several gaming conventions around the world, people have had the opportunity to join in-person tournaments run by fans of the game.

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