Best Strategy Board Games Of All Time Reddit

Strategy board games are a unique form of entertainment that allows players to test their critical thinking skills, as well as develop strategic and thoughtful decision-making skills. Players will need to plan their moves in advance and think through the consequences of each potential move before committing to it.

Strategy board games have become increasingly popular over the last decade or two, with board game stores popping up all over and many companies releasing new strategy game titles every year.

With so many different types of strategy board games available on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best. Thankfully, Reddit users have identified several titles as some of the best strategy board games of all time.

One of the most popular titles discussed amongst Reddit users is Called “Settlers of Catan”. This iconic strategy board game has been around since 1995 and is considered one of the original seminal modern strategy board games.

The objective in Settlers of Catan is to be the first player to establish settlements, build cities and build Roads in an effort to create a sprawling Kingdom across an uninhabited island called Catan. The catch is that resources must be gathered from other players in order for these structures and roads to be constructed – making every trade count.

Another highly praised title amongst Reddit users is Eurogame’s “Tigris & Euphrates”. In Tigris & Euphrates, players must develop 4 neighbouring kingdoms by utilizing limited resources: farms, temples, markets, kings’ courts etc., with each kingdom having its own ruler who aspire power while competing against each other for dominance over this ancient land. Interestingly enough, this creative tile-laying game uses a resource auction mechanic inspired by Middle Eastern history – adding an additional layer of complexity and excitement.

For those interested in pursuing a classic yet sophisticated gaming experience; Reddit users suggest two particular titles above others – ‘Settlers Of Catan’ and ‘Tigris & Euphrates’. Both are great examples showcasing what makes strategy board games so enjoyable; combining creative problem solving with dynamic negotiation mechanics from another era. So whether you’re looking for an old school classic or something more cutting edge; these two titles should provide plentiful opportunities for testing your strategic planning capabilities.

Exploring the Popularity of Strategy Games Among the Reddit Community

The Reddit community is one of the most popular online forums, allowing its vast user base to communicate and share ideas. One of the topics that has become increasingly popular on Reddit over the years has been board games. More specifically, many users flock to Reddit for advice on choosing which strategy board game is right for them.

Best Strategy Board Games According To Reddit

Based on the conversations within the Reddit community, there are several games that are typically considered to be among the “best” of their type. The classic game of Chess tops this list, as it provides an intense level of strategy while also being a relatively simple game to learn. Other favorites include Risk, Seven Wonders, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, all long-time staples in the board gaming community.

The Benefits Of Strategy Board Games

The popularity among board gamers is understandable due to a variety of factors – it’s easy to get started with most of these games and requires minimal learning curve compared to video or computer games. Beginning players can quickly understand and enjoy many strategy board games with just a few hours spent studying rulesets or experimenting with trial rounds.

Additionally, strategy board games also reward skillful play instead of relying solely on luck like some other genre varieties allow for. Theorycrafting your next move can be extremely fun – even if you’re playing against an experienced opponent who knows every single rule backward and forward.

Newer Genres Arising Within The Community

As technology advances continue at an ever increasing rate, so too have conversations around newer genres within board gaming developing rapidly within the community. Augmented reality (AR) boards and even remote multiplayer options such as tabletop simulators are becoming more widely discussed topics in recent times.

With technology continually opening doors for new ways to experience traditional genres – such as space-themed 4X hybrids – we will likely see more discussion around what makes a great strategy game in 2020 as these new gameplay elements become increasingly prominent.

The Best Strategy Board Games on Reddit According to User Reviews

One of the most popular strategy board games on Reddit is a game called Catan. A game based on the building of settlements and resources in order to grow and expand, this game has become an incredibly popular title among board game enthusiasts. It’s easy to grasp and quickly becomes engaging.

While there are multiple scenarios that players find enjoyable, it’s still relatively easy for new players to pick up with some basic guidance. This makes it ideal for family game nights or just passing the time with friends.

Another popular strategy board game mentioned by Reddit users was Ticket To Ride, which has become increasingly renowned in recent years due to multiple themed expansions and digital versions available online. This classic table top entry is great for those looking for a lighter yet still competitive strategy experience.

Players will need to create train routes from city to city while attempting to build their network, collect points and foil their opponents plans. With simple rules and replay-ability, it’s no surprise why this one has become a fan favorite on Reddit.

Finally, no list of the top all time Reddit strategy board games can be complete without mentioning Settlers Of Catan. This is an all time classic tabletop experience that pits up to 6 players against each other in a race for resources and control over the island of Catan.

While collections remain relatively easy to understand, up depth comes from its deep strategic options as each player can choose how they want achieve victory by manipulating tactics such as trading/sharing resources and expanding their settlements in order to secure important areas of the island that grant additional resources or pointers when certain conditions are met.

All these carefully balanced mechanics make Settlers Of Catan an instantly recognizable game not only amongst Reddit fans but across all gaming communities as well.

A Closer Look at Chess

Chess is arguably one of the oldest, most popular strategy board games known to man. This classic game is an excellent example of strategy at its finest and it has been around for centuries. Players use sixteen pieces each, in a complicated setup, creating different conditions with every move that they make.

Each chess piece is assigned a point value that reveals the strength (or lack thereof) that a specific chess piece has in relation to other pieces on the board. Moves made by players are done either offensively or defensively depending upon their strategic plan.

The object of the game is ultimately to checkmate your opponent’s King, either through direct attack or collateral damage caused by another piece. It takes skillful manipulation and knowledge of both current gameplay techniques and classic maneuvers to successfully win a match against an experienced opponent.

No matter which strategies are used, a successful game of chess comes down to creating an effective defense or offense as well as being able to predict your opponent’s next move while finding holes in their defensive front.

Many computer scientists have dedicated much time into replicating Chess AI code to attempt to understand this enigmatic yet brilliant game further; most notable IBM’s Deep Blue project which succeeded in beating then-champion Garry Kasparov in 1997 using complex algorithms powered by deep learning techniques and powerful parallel processing units.

Thus began a proverbial revolution where technology enabled us humans explore gaming possibilities previously incomprehensible and giving birth to new domains such as eSport tournaments with sponsored prizes reaching into five figures or even more for grandmaster-level participants competing against one another over video streaming platforms such as Twitch.

Exploring Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is an award-winning board game that was originally released in 1995. It has become one of the most popular strategy board games in the history of gaming and is a must have for any serious gamer. The goal of the game is to colonize newlands, build roads and cities, increase production, and trade resources with other players in order to develop your empire.

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The basic gameplay involves rolling dice to gain resources such as wood, stone, grain, sheep etc., which can be used to build roads or upgrade settlements into cities. Trading with other players allows you to get rarer items like wool or lumber. Additionally, there are development cards that can be purchased with clay or ore which contain special rules and their own unique benefits.

What makes Settlers Of Catan so great?

1) The Rules Are Fair: One of the biggest issues plaguing many strategy games is trying to make sure the rules are shared among players so everyone has equal chances at victory. Fortunately, much like a traditional board game with physical pieces and books full of intricate rules – Settlers of Catan does a relatively good job at providing transparent rules without infringing on its complexity or need for tactical maneuvering.

2) Variety And Replayability: Every match is different due to random number generation from dice rolls and each player has different strategies they can utilize depending on the landscape they find themselves in. Moreover, expansion packs exist that seamlessly integrate more variety and more complexity into your matches – furthering its replay value and broadening its scope for different playstyles & strategies.

3) Strategic Depth Obtained By Limited Resources: Players are limited in their moves based on the resources they currently have at their disposal at any given time – making it so every move counts immensely especially when trades come into play as well as needing to consider your opponents next move wisely as each action affects everyone else playing too.

Using thiss mechanism fuels an interesting level of strategic depth never before seen in a board game outside of Chess but with much higher levels of social engagement – making it almost communal affair even when competing against one another.

Battling Pandemics in Pandemic

Pandemic is a co-operative strategy board game set in the modern era. The game is designed by Matt Leacock and published by Z-Man Games. It was released in 2008 and has since been a bestseller. In Pandemic, players take on the roles of global disease control experts attempting to defeat four diseases that threaten humanity with extinction.

The goal of Pandemic is for players to combine their efforts and develop strategies to prevent the spread of disease, finding cures before they become too entrenched. As Epidemiologists, players must work together in order to defend humanity from disease outbreaks while maintaining the highest moral compasses possible.

Players first select roles from a variety of different specialists, each with unique abilities and limitations. From there, gamers traverse around the world while fighting off infection hotspots, researching potential cures, strengthening health systems, or warning populations about possible pandemics.

Players should prioritize certain strategies over others in order to maximize their chances of success:

  • Monitor Infection Hotspots: Identify which cities are most at risk for infection and focus on keeping these areas contained.
  • Research Potential Cures: Intensively research diseases in an attempt to alleviate any direction points as soon as possible.
  • Strengthen Health System: Increase resources devoted to public health initiatives such as vaccination campaigns or quarantine zones.
  • Warning Populations: Raise awareness regarding the dangers posed by potential pandemics and urge citizens to practice preventive care measures.

The excitement Pandemic creates amongst all who play it stems from its cooperative nature. Unless one player is willing to be selfish and think only of their individual advancement (not recommended), everyone must work together or their team will surely suffer defeat.

Each diagnosis, mission completed & victory leaves players feeling a sense of accomplishment; playing not just within themselves but for each other too. With no single winner or loser declared at the end – only collective success can be taken away from this truly remarkable board game experience.

Taking on Gloomhaven’s Dungeons and Campaigns

Gloomhaven is a board game that was released in 2017 and quickly rose to become the highest rated board game on BoardGameGeek. It has been described as “the best board game of all time” by players across the world. In Gloomhaven, players take on the roles of mercenaries working together to battle monsters in dungeons and complete quests as part of an overarching campaign.

The game can be played solo or with up to four players. As one progresses through the campaign, they explore new areas, uncover treasures, level up their characters, and upgrade their gear.

Varied Characters, Customization Options, and Challenging Gameplay

Gloomhaven has a huge variety of characters with a range of different playstyles so that no two games will be alike. Each character class has its own special abilities which allows players to customize their characters and strategy as they progress through the campaign. This ensures that each player gets to craft an individual playstyle unique to them and their character’s setup.

In terms of gameplay challenge, Gloomhaven offers plenty difficulty settings from beginner/casual to hardcore/expert mode depending on the desired gaming experience. All in all there is a great deal of depth in what Gloomhaven offers which makes it very appealing for gamers whose gaming preferences require deep strategy but also like fun campaigns.

Highly Praised Across Social Platforms

A quick search through social platforms like Reddit will show just how highly praised Gloomhaven is by many users around the globe since its release 4 years ago. On Reddit alone there are thousands posts across various subreddits devoted either solely to calling this board game one of (if not) THE “best board game ever”.

To this day Gloomhaven still ranked number 1 on BoardGameGeek for over 1000+ reviews praising it for its difficulty and replay value but also noting how immersive its global unravelling storyline truly is – keeping gamers hooked throughout their playthroughs.

Discovering New Kingdoms in Small World

Small World is a fun, light-hearted strategy board game. Players take on the role of fantasy civilizations vying for control of a relatively small playing field. Victory requires a combination of luck and strategic management. The object of the game is to be the first player to acquire 10 victory points.

Gameplay in Small World involves rapidly conquering territories and pushing other players back, while managing resources and investing in upgrades or new civilizations to give an edge over your opponents. Players will purchase units from their civilization’s stockpile that can then be used to seize adjacent regions.

Resource cards are available for purchase at the beginning of each round, allowing players to generate more money for their newly acquired lands or strengthens their army with advanced units that offer special combat abilities.

The core mechanics of this game makes it hugely attractive to both experienced gamers as well as newcomers who are just looking for something easy enough to pick up without being overwhelmed with complex rules and minutiae. It’s one of those “just one more turn” games that you don’t want to stop playing because you’ll always be thinking about how you could have done things differently if only you had payed more attention.

Here are some features that help make Small World great:

  • Innovative special ability tiles, which allow players to customize their civilization.
  • Multiple levels of difficulty, from beginner friendly rules to advanced strategies.
  • Beautiful artwork and miniatures bring this world alive.
  • Easy setup and short playtime (around 30 minutes).
  • Unique thematic experience in every playthrough.

With its surprisingly enjoyable blend of tactics, RPG elements, and resource management – there’s plenty going on here even if you don’t get past two rounds. There is simply no denying the appeal of Small World; it has been winning hearts for over a decade now. Its longevity speaks volumes into its sheer awesomeness. If you’ve never played it before then it is highly recommended; especially if you’re looking for great family fun during these pandemic times.

Constructing Castles in Carcassonne

Carcassonne is one of the oldest and most popular strategy board games of all time in the Reddit community. This 2-5 player game is suitable for ages seven and up, contains a simple set up and has been designed to offer a wide range of strategies for experienced and novice players alike.

The objective of the game is to construct a medieval city – or ‘castle’ – using tiles depicting roads, pastures, cities, monasteries and fields; earning points along the way for each successfully completed building or part thereof.

Strategy & Tactics

The game’s structure offers ample opportunity for sophisticated strategies involving trapping opponents out of incomplete castles while simultaneously completing ones own. Throughout play there are various scenarios in which judicious placement skills can be used to significant advantage accruing large numbers of points in short time spans.

The boards vary in size as players expand their medieval city yet it never gets overly complex or unmanageable with even younger gamers having an excellent understanding of how it works within few rounds play.

Changing Dynamics

Unlike many static board games where moves are predetermined according to strategic aptitude (think Risk. ), Carcassonne lets players create entirely new possibilities by strategically manipulating prior decisions rather than simply responding one-dimensionally from turn to turn.

By employing tactics such as building parts of different castles on the same tile without interconnecting them or holding onto the more important pieces until late in the game creates a dynamic change from one move to anything else that may have happened before creating immense replayability.

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Ascending to Victory in Ascension

Ascension is a much beloved among Reddit users as one of the best strategy board games of all time. It is often described as “fast paced,” and indeed many Redditors even deem it to be superior to Magic: The Gathering.

The game features an ever-changing landscape of monsters, heroes, and events which gives it high replayability. In order to win, players must score honor points by defeating monsters and constructing structures throughout the board. Uniquely deck building elements see players increasing their capabilities with different cards that can then be used in battle against the enemy.

Dynamic card drafting further enhances the player experience, with decisions over which cards to keep or discard having a real impact on your gameplay outputs. This makes each game unique since each Reddit user will opt for different strategies within similar boards from session to session.

The Key Features Of Ascension

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • An ever-changing landscape of monsters, heroes, and events
  • Dynamic card drafting
  • Winning through scoring honor points by defeating monsters and constructing structurese

What Makes Ascension One Of The Best Strategy Board Games Of All Time?

The combination of the uniquely designed cards with constant changes in the play environment makes ascendance one of the best strategy board games out there – according to avid fans on Reddit anyway. These cleverly designed changing conditions ensure that no two games are ever truly alike as you adjust your strategy from game to game.

Players like to push their luck through bold moves calculated risk-taking that reap big rewards when successful, resulting in some truly compelling moments on every play through for a great energy buzz.

Gaining Prestige in Splendor

Anyone looking to spend a leisurely evening with friends should be sure to check out Splendor. The object of the game is for each player to be the first to win 15 prestige in the form of points. How players reach that goal is what keeps the game so exciting.

The aim of Splendor is straightforward. When each player begins, they are given a random selection of chips – colored “gems” representing different values and special powers that will help the player gain prestige. During the game, players use these gems to purchase cards from the card-market in an effort to try and build their most impressive city.

With their cards, players can then construct buildings which will reward them further gems and victory points. Because building requires certain types of gems, it encourages thoughtful moves throughout each round as gem hoarding becomes less effective at gaining prestige over time.

Splendor also offers unique ways to gain otheradvantages within the game itself; leaders (nobles) can reward hefty bonuses when collected; jokers are wildcards used to replace any gem required by a card; and if all else fails there’s always proper trading which adds another element to strategic strategies needed for winning. So why not give Splendor ago? Think carefully about your moves and you may soon find yourself becoming the richest lord in your own grand city.

Building Wonders in Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders is one of the greatest strategy board games of all time, according to Reddit. Seven Wonders is a card game where each player leads an ancient civilization through three ages. In each age, you need to build structures using resources.

You can also trade with your neighbors and compete for military supremacy and great wonders of the world. The goal is to score the most points at the end of the game by building cities, gaining riches, managing resources, and getting scientific breakthroughs.

The game itself is easy enough for everyone to learn quickly – yet it offers several roads for strategic play that keeps things interesting over many games. Seven Wonders allows players to adjust their strategies based upon how their opponents are playing as well as the combinations of cards they have available in each age.

Players must create combinations of cards that will allow them to produce resources, purchase additional resources from other players or develop projects that grant bonuses or money rewards. It feels exciting when you manage to acquire the perfect combination for a certain project and others scramble for corresponding resources.

Seven Wonders allows room for negotiation since trading isn’t restricted by rules – however players should keep an eye out on how much they are offering and make sure nobody gets too powerful in terms of military power or points gained from civil advances during each age so every player has a chance at winning. With excellent replayability and a lot of depth there’s always something new to try with every new game played.

This makes Seven Wonders a classic strategic choice among strategy board games enthusiasts everywhere.

Reaping the Benefits of Strategy Board Games

The popularity of strategy board games has steadily increased over the past decade. There is a reason why. Strategy board gaming offers a plethora of positive benefits that appeal to players of all ages. Reddit is one of the most popular forums for discussing some of the best strategy board games and why people find these so enjoyable and rewarding.

Foundational Learning

The big advantage of playing strategy board games is forming connections between seemingly unrelated topics. This can be especially useful when teaching children as part of their education program, or when adults are looking to build up their knowledge in a specific field.

By combining different ideas, topics, and pieces, every game essentially becomes its own lesson as well as its own entertainment system. This unique combination helps with cognitive development from a young age, as well as helping older minds expand on knowledge that they’ve acquired through other means already.


Strategy board games also require players to work together in teams or alliances to achieve some form of success within the game itself. Such an approach requirements far more focus and attention than a single person could ever bring to the table alone. As such, this team-based approach encourages cooperative synergy which builds up social skills that help boost self-esteem along with critical thinking skills.

A Challenge

As mentioned previously, there are tons of strategy board games available at various skill levels and sophistication levels depending on the type of challenge desired for each game. Ultimately it’s this challenge which helps promote creativity among players.

As different puzzle equations come into play or resource management mini-games are created for use during gameplay – players have to find solutions using what’s presented in front of them due to preconceived limitations put in place by rules or objective restraints found throughout the campaign map ‘board’ specifically generated for each game session setup.


It is difficult to determine which of the best strategy board games of all time Reddit users consider to be the top picks. With so many different genres and types of board game, it can be hard to narrow down just a few as being the absolute best. However, some clear favourites have been identified by Reddit users.

Games such as Catan, Kingsburg, El Grande, Stone Age, and Pandemic Legacy have been highly praised for their excellent mechanics and engaging play styles that make them both fun and challenging. Furthermore, these games strike a perfect balance between deep strategic depth and accessibility for new players due to their streamlined rulesets.

In addition to these great strategy board games of all time, there are also many other highly rated titles that Reddit users often go back to in order to experience fresh gameplay with each playthrough. For example Lords of Waterdeep is praised for its intricate worker placement mechanism whereby players must maximise their worker placements in order to gain resources and complete tasks on a tight timescale.

Even newer titles such as Scythe offer interesting twists on classic strategy designs with an unique though complex resource system which has made it extremely popular amongst hardcore gamers who enjoy deep strategic challenges without sacrificing accessibility or time commitment for completing each turn.

Overall, the great strategy board games of all time that Reddit users celebrate provide a near endless array of entertainment experiences fit for everyone from casual aficionados to hardcore strategists alike. Whether you enjoy fast paced races in Catan or slow-developing battles in El Grande one thing is certain – when played together with friends or family these games provide hours upon hours of enjoyable memories.

So next time you’re feeling bored or looking for something exciting impromptu game night – don’t forget to check out what popular options are on display within this selection.

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