Blokus Xl Family Board Game


Blokus Xl is a family board game that first debuted in 2000. The game is based on the original Blokus game designed by Bernard Tavitian, which has been around since 1992. The main goal of the game is for players to score points by occupying as much space on the board as possible with squares of their chosen colors. To set up, each player receives 21 colored tiles and a tray that fits these pieces snugly together. Players place their choices in a 5×5 grid, giving them an added element of strategy when it comes to planning out where they want to put down their pieces. Players can block each other’s moves while also ensuring they have the most available spaces occupied on the board. After an individual turn is completed, it’s up to the next person to make a wise move and continue building their kingdom until all squares are taken or no more valid builds can be made!

Varieties of Blokus Xl Family Board Game

The Blokus Xl Family Board Game is a strategic board game that provides hours of fun for the entire family! It comes in several different varieties, each offering an exciting new challenge. The Classic Edition is designed for 2-4 players with 105 pieces, while the Extended Edition adds an extra player and features 200 additional pieces. For those looking for something more intense, there’s the Advanced and Expert Editons, which boast 440 and 880 pieces respectively. For those who want to bring even more complexity to the game, there’s also the Strategy Edition which adds 3D blocks to the pre-existing rules. Finally, for those seeking a truly special experience, there’s the Limited Edition which offers an elevated play experience featuring over 1,200 pieces. No matter what edition you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy hours of fun with your friends and family playing Blokus Xl!

Tips and Strategies for Playing Blokus Xl Family Board Game

If you are planning to play Blokus Xl Family Board Game, here are some tips and strategies to help you win:

– Establish a strategy early on. The earlier you can establish your strategy and determine how you want to shape your pieces, the better chance you have of winning.

– Be mindful of what shapes other players are forming and make sure to block off their potential moves by placing your own pieces in their paths. However, don’t be too aggressive otherwise they may be able to counter your own moves.

– Don’t underestimate the smaller pieces’ ability. By taking advantage of their malleability and combining them together, you can sometimes come up with unexpected solutions for difficult puzzles.

– No matter what happens, never give up! Use every turn to build up strength in questionable areas or discover opportunities for new lines which will eventually lead to a victory!

– If all else fails and time is running out, go big! Put larger pieces out at a faster rate as this is almost always guaranteed points!

Overview of Game Rules and Objectives

Blokus Xl is a strategic family board game for two to four players, where each player must use their personal set of 21 blocks to conquer the board. The goal is to place as many blocks as possible on the board. Each turn, a player can either choose to play one or more blocks of their own color onto the board in a way that connects with at least one corner of a previously placed block, or they can rotate and move any existing block already on the board so that it forms a new connection with another corner of their own color before placing it back in its original spot. The first player to run out of available pieces is the winner. Additionally, bonus points are awarded based on the number of unplayable pieces left from each other player at the end of the game.

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To play Blokus Xl you should determine how many players will be playing, gather your colored pieces and decide who plays first. Players take turns in clockwise order according to how many players are playing. The starting position for each player begins in corner adjacent to one another; two-player games start with both players opposite one another; three-player games have one starting position in each corner; and four-player games beginning from diagonal corners. On each turn players must either lay down (one or more) pieces per turn of their own shape/color by connecting them at least one corner of any existing piece already on the board OR rotate an already existing piece on the board then place it back in its original spot creating a new connection – however you may never pass your turn or stack pieces on top of others that have already been played. After all 21 pieces have been used up by all players, whoever has placed the most pieces is declared victorious!

Challenges of Playing Blokus Xl Family Board Game

Playing Blokus Xl Family Board Game is a thrilling experience and is sure to provide a challenge for even experienced board game players. While the rules of the game are relatively simple, playing it requires strategic planning and amazing mental acuity. When playing Blokus XL with 2-4 players, each player must quickly construct and modify their own personal strategies as the other players’ pieces come in contact with one another on the large 20×20 grid. Each piece has a unique shape which creates all sorts of possibilities for opponents to block or limit your main objective of placing as many pieces down on the board as possible, while at the same time trying to prevent your own pieces from being blocked. Players must move quickly and be decisive in their actions in order to score victory points by securing favorable positions on the board. Winning means that you must beat out your opponents while still staying within the limits of the game’s parameters. As you plan each move, you must consider how it could affect other tangled networks and create an interlocking web of blocking potentials across all potential paths – in essence creating a type of ‘spatial chess’. The challenge increases furthermore when more players enter the fray and create competing networks of their own design which constantly clash against one another during play. If a single wrong move can ruin multiple performance options then quick thinking and adaptation will be needed more than ever in order to survive this exciting strategy game.

Interesting Facts About Blokus Xl Family Board Game

The Blokus XL Family Board Game is an adaptation of the classic Strategy game, Blokus. The original game was released in 2000 by Mattel and has become very popular among strategy enthusiasts. With the new version, players can choose to play the classic or go up to four players at once. The new version also employs a larger board surface area that accommodates four colors of pieces.

Players have fun placing their pieces on their respective spaces while blocking opponents from playing theirs! Additional elements of strategy come with levels and rewards within the game.

Some interesting facts about this new and improved board game:
1. Each player can choose from four different colored sets of pieces – red, yellow, green and blue – that allow for more strategic gameplay than with just two teams;
2. The game supports up to 4 players, so it’s great for family gatherings or group events;
3. This version comes with timer components which means that players have to plan out their moves quickly before running out of time;
4. There’s a reward system built into the game to encourage and keep track of successful strategies;
5. Additionally, there are advanced difficulty levels which make this great for anyone looking for an extra challenge;
6. Some have referred to it as “Bloktastic,” as it blends both traditional classic gaming elements with modernized playability elements making it extremely fun no matter your age or skill level!

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Reviews of Blokus Xl Family Board Game

Blokus Xl Family Board Game is a simple yet highly engaging board game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It is especially suited for families as it can be played on a large scale, supporting up to four people at the same time. Each player takes turns placing their pieces onto the board with the goal of getting them all onto the board first, blocking out the opponents from doing so in the process. The game features multiple strategies and tactics which players must figure out over time and adapt to win.

Players have praised Blokus Xl Family Board Game’s replayability, strategic depth, and overall look and feel of its design. A common consensus among reviews is that this game provides an incredible amount of entertainment value and opportunities for family bonding, especially since everyone in a family can join in on the action together. It has also been noted to contain learning potential as some fun Brain-teasing exercises can occur during playtime which may help in developing problem solving skills or even enriching others’ mathematical understanding. With these key elements in mind, it’s no surprise that Blokus Xl Family Board Game has received positive ratings across reviews from both children and adults alike.

Where to Find Blokus Xl Family Board Game

Blokus XL Family Board Game can be purchased from different online stores and retailers. One of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon, has the game available for purchase and offers a variety of options for purchasing it, including physical copies with updated graphics or digital versions for computer and mobile devices. Additionally, major toy store retailers such as Target and Walmart are known to carry the game. Furthermore, some shops that specialize in board games may have the game in stock or available for order. Finally, local libraries often contain board games in their collections which could potentially include Blokus XL Family Board Game; though rare, it’s worth asking around to see if any local libraries have a copy to borrow.


If you’re looking for an entertaining, competitive, and engaging game that is great for family game night, Blokus XL Family Board Game is an excellent choice. With its easy-to-understand rules and strategy elements that can be complex enough to challenge experienced gamers yet remain inviting to inexperienced players, this educational game has something for everyone! Players will sharpen their deductive reasoning skills as they explore various board layouts of colorful pieces while trying to score points. Plus, it is a perfect choice for smaller groups of players! As if all of this weren’t enough, the classic Blokus format is so rewarding that it’s likely to keep you hooked on the game well after your first session. So don’t miss out – get yourself a copy and experience the exciting world of Blokus XL today!

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