Board Game Attack On Titan


Attack on Titan Board Game is an anticipated game based off the hit TV show, Attack on Titan. Aimed at both die-hard fans and those novices to the story alike, this board game allows up to six players to join together in a thrilling battle against Titans! Players must strategically deploy their 3D maneuver gear and fortify the walls while fending off monstrous Titans with blades and firearms. Choose to play as either a human or a Titan as you attempt to conquer or protect the city of Paradis! With its detailed tokens, colorful artwork, and immersive gameplay, Attack on Titan Board Game provides an exciting and unique experience for Attack on Titan fans or anyone interested in an intense assault of strategic warfare!

Character Backstories

Board Game Attack On Titan has a wide variety of characters from the manga series and anime adaptations. Each one has their own unique backstories and motivations for fighting the Titans. From Eren Jaeger, who is driven by his revenge to reclaim human dignity, to Erwin Smith, a master tactician determined to protect humanity. In addition, there’s Mikasa Ackerman, whose loyalty to Eren drives her on relentless missions against the Titans. There’s also Armin Arlert, Erwin’s right-hand man, who uses his wits and strategy to overcome obstacles and outsmart the Titans. Levi Ackerman, also known as Captain Levi, is an intimidating figure with incredible skills in close combat handling both swords and guns with great accuracy and speed when it comes to punishing titans. Finally there’s Hange Zoe ” an eccentric genius scientist who loves researching Titans and secrets connected to them ” actively testing new weapons on the front lines of battle, in pursuit of her research goals. Each character’s backstory brings a unique perspective to the table for players of Board Game Attack On Titan when selecting their team composition during their fight against the titans.

Variations in Play

Attack On Titan is a board game based on the anime and manga of the same name. Players take the role of different characters from the show and face off head-to-head in an exciting race to reclaim territory from titans. The game was designed by renowned game designer Justin Kemery.

The goal of Attack On Titan is to be victorious in reclaiming territory by killing all four titans before your opponents do. Players start with four human units, which move around on a gameboard full of obstacles and danger. One unique feature is that players can upgrade their units strategically over time to build a powerful force that can help them fight against waves of enemies and ultimately defeat their opponents.

Beyond the main objective, there are several variations of play that add new layers of complexity to Attack On Titan:
1. Resource Management – To defeat their enemy, players must carefully manage their resources such as limited food supplies or fuel reserves to maximize their mobility on the battlefield.
2. Special Abilities – Each character has different skills and weapons that can be used in battle against enemies, giving each player an extra edge when it comes down to making tactical decisions or outsmarting their opponent in combat scenarios.
3. Scenarios – The game includes various pre-made scenarios where both players have unique objectives they must complete to win the battle, adding variety to each game session.
4. Custom Map Editor – An intuitive map editor allows users to design custom battlefields with 3D structures and terrain features, offering endless opportunities for gamers who want an even deeper gameplay experience than playing pre-made maps.

Setting Up the Board to Begin Play

Setting up Board Game Attack On Titan should be a simple process and done in no time. First, set up the board on a flat surface. Place the circular game board in the middle of the playing area with 4 corners representing each team of players. Shuffle and place 8 Mystery cards around the outside of the board to form a circle. Place the eye chart piece onto the board, choosing anywhere within its circle; this will indicate where all game pieces will start from each round. Distribute 4 Titans to each team, placing them one at a time from each corner heading outwards until all 8 are placed on their starting points which is marked by an X on the inner ring. Last, choose which player will go first. Once all initial steps are completed, it’s time to decide who will throw the dice first! The best part about this game is that you can customize your team’s characters by choosing whose turn is coming next and how many moves they will make during that round. Have fun storming through and conquering territories as you attack titans to save humanity!

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Player Options and Actions

Players taking on the role of Attack on Titan characters can choose between several different characters that carry out specific actions. Depending on their choice, each player’s turn will take a different route. Players must decide the size and type of their armies, take turns drawing action cards, and then choose between attack options and endure consequences depending on their decisions. Depending on the scenario they have chosen, players have the option to battle titans or complete a specific mission. Players can perform a variety of different moves by spending resource points as they progress through the board game. Additionally, they can use special characters who have unique abilities like scout skills and equipment upgrades to give them an advantage in battle. In addition to conquering Titans, players will also be able to build barricades and walls around their camp to protect it from another real-world threat ” human enemies! The game is designed for up to 5 players, but is fully immersive for 1 or 2 player scenarios with special AI controlled characters making it possible for both solo and group play.

Game Components and Accessories

Board Game Attack On Titan is a fun, immersive game that recreates the popular anime series of the same name. It’s designed to be easy to learn and set up, with a vast number of choices to make while playing. This game has all the components and accessories needed for an awesome experience, like:

• 110 durable playing cards – These cards depict various scenes and characters from the show, complete with artwork showcasing their signature styles.

• 60 large tokens for tracking progress during gameplay – The thicker tokens are made of plastic and can take a beating; they’re perfect accompaniments for those wishing to experience a truly intense gaming session!

• 20 resource markers – These multifaceted pieces allow you to show off your resources when it’s time to decide how proceed in the game.

• 6 unique combat-grade dice – Roll these custom dice in tense situations, featuring symbols from Attack On Titan universe such as omni-directional mobility gear, 3-D maneuvering gear, Titanscapes and more!

• 12 character figures – Each figure is an incredibly detailed miniaturized version of the actual character they’re designed after; they’re 2 inches tall in total!

• 5 Character Storm Path tiles ” Create suspense by rolling these tiles on each character turn and seeing where it takes them!

• 4 Final Battle Marker Cards ” Get ready for intense training sessions at station as each marker card features challenging objective cards that put your strategic thinking to work.

Scenarios and Challenges

The board game Attack on Titan brings the popular anime of the same name to life in a cooperative and intense adventure. Players work together as the Survey Corps attempting to defend humanity from the giant man-eating titans.

In this game, players act as members of an elite team known as the Survey Corps that have to complete different scenarios and challenges. There are various threats they must face, including titans that spawn unexpectedly, enemy human troops, or surprise attacks. Each situation requires a unique strategy and cooperation among all players in order to overcome these obstacles. As they get closer to completing their mission, they must battle through hordes of titans while calling upon support from allies like Eren Jaeger and Armin Arlert (two main characters from the anime). Alongside them, players will use weapons such as chainsaw swords, 3D maneuver gear for acrobatic evasion techniques, powerful cannons for long-range combat and more. With each successful mission comes new resources ” titles, training cards and awards ” to give them an edge against the titans. It’s an intense experience that tests the courage, resilience and tactical prowess of those seeking adventure!

Educational Rewards

Board Game Attack On Titan is an exciting board game based on the popular anime, Attack on Titan. This game gives players the opportunity to experience the thrill of battle and expand their knowledge all while having fun. The game combines strategic elements and trivia-based questions in a captivating way that will keep the whole family entertained. Players take on the roles of several characters from the series as they strive to conquer obstacles and defeat their enemies. With strategic decisions at every turn, it’s important for players to draw upon facts about each character in order to achieve success!

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The educational rewards in Board Game Attack On Titan can be enjoyed by both seasoned veterans of this beloved anime as well as those who are just discovering its unique universe for the first time. The game includes questions based on essential plot points, characters’ backstories, and more that might not always be fully understood unless studied closely. This allows players to deepen their understanding of Attack On Titan’s events while filling in any narrative gaps they may have missed when watching or reading the original work. What’s more, Board Game Attack On Titan also helps develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills as players navigate complex puzzles during battle scenarios that require quick decision making or intense strategy planning. These bonuses can help provide a revolutionary learning experience with lasting benefits beyond just playing a board game!

Pros and Cons of Attack on Titan


-The Attack on Titan board game is an exciting and immersive experience that fans of the franchise will quickly fall in love with.

-The game features a complex yet entertaining set of mechanics that aren’t too complicated to understand.

-The artwork is top notch and is sure to be appreciated by any fan of the series.

-This game is suitable for anyone aged 8 up so it makes a great activity for families, friends and couples alike.

-Although the rules are easy to understand, players may find them repetitive as the game progresses.

-Some might argue that Attack on Titan does not truly capture the feel of the source material compared to other adaptations such as Japan’s anime series or video games.
-The cost of components such as cards can become expensive if you plan on playing with a large group.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Attack On Titan board game is an exciting and innovative game that provides hours of exciting entertainment. Players can work cooperatively to help defeat their enemies, or opponents can compete for supremacy through a thoughtful strategic approach. The easy-to-learn rules allow for a fast-paced, entertaining experience that both strategy experts and novices can thoroughly enjoy. For even more immersion, fans of the Attack On Titan series can customize their gaming experience by using characters from the manga and anime as they battle against fearsome foes.

The game allows players to play out scenarios inspired by and drawn from the hit show, allowing them to group together in order to take down powerful Titans and face tough decisions as they attempt to survive a dystopian future”all under tight time constraints. Furthermore, multiple difficulty settings make Attack On Titan appealing to all skill levels and provide challenge even for experienced players who are already familiar with the series. With added customization options such as character cards representing iconic protagonists, everyone enjoying this excellent board game will have something unique to offer, making it a great platform for team collaboration games between friends or family.

The visuals of Attack On Titan board game are gorgeously designed and aesthetically pleasing; from the look of each card set down on the table to intricate details on each character iconography makes this game highly captivating for any fan of the anime or manga series who wishes to immerse themselves into its world. Although there is still room for improvement with some minor features such as additional variants during gameplay or overlord control rules being modified slightly here and there, overall this board game is a solid experience that allows players to explore real-world strategies whilst competing against each other in intense battles straight out of the show Attack On Titan. It is easy enough for anyone looking for a fun evening activity to learn quickly but has enough depth and competition that veteran gamers will find competitive matches rewarding too. We definitely recommend this title if you’re looking for cooperation based strategic games with lots of action in them – it’s sure to leave an impressive mark on all participants!

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