When Zombies Attack Board Game


The When Zombies Attack Board Game is a thrilling and challenging game created by the award-winning board game designer, Mr. Robert Jones. He designed it to be an intense team-play experience involving strategy, luck, and problem solving skills that take players on a journey filled with unpredictable zombie threats. Prior to its development, Mr Jones consulted extensively with experts in the field of disaster preparedness and survival tactics in order to ensure that the game would accurately present the dense array of decisions and potential outcomes needed for fully immerse players in this post-apocalyptic universe. The result is an unforgettable experience as teams build their own zombie strategies with tactical components like barricades, shelter construction, resource management and weapon utilization against hordes of menacing undead “zombies.”

Fun Features

The When Zombies Attack board game is an excellent way to provide hours of entertainment for people of all ages. The artwork features a vibrant color palette with 3D-animated zombies and a host of other creatures to bring the world to life. Additionally, the unique sound effects offer dramatic tension at key points in the game, bringing a heightened level of suspense and excitement. All of this combined creates an immersive gaming experience unlike any other.

Player Experience

When Zombies Attack Board Game is a cooperative strategy game that requires players to work together in order to win. Before playing, it is important for all players to understand the rules of the game.

Once everyone familiarizes themselves with game play, the game board is set up and each player chooses a character they will control throughout the game. After characters are picked, a zombie invasion begins. During this phase of the game, an “Overseer” draws out cards to represent where zombies are located on the board as well as determine how many zombies of each type will be spawned in. The Overseer also determines how severe or easy any battle or search action may be.

Players must then work together using their collective resources to move around the board searching for rescue points and battling off hordes of zombies. As they progress through the game, players earn points and achieve rewards if they can successfully survive until all objectives have been completed – such as destroying certain items or buildings on the map, helping civilians escape in rescue vehicles etc). Along the way though, there will also be plenty of risks – like having members of teams getting attacked by zombies or running into difficult obstacles that can only be tackled with smart teamwork. The team that works together in the most effective way wins when enough objectives have been completed!

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Replayability & Customization

When Zombies Attack Board Game offers endless replayability and customization possibilities. There are special abilities, scenarios, and victory conditions to spice up the game for each new round. Special Abilities include Zombie Multiplex, which allows players to move two or more zombies of their choice as one, Infectious Bite, where zombies can turn humans to zombies with a single bite, and SpotLight Shine, a defensive bonus that lets players hold back waves of zombies by shining bright spotlights from towers in their base. Scenarios present unique challenges such as Undead Infestation, where swarms of zombies will be unleashed on the town by dark magic, or Zom-pocalypse Now!, a mode where winning is only possible if all surviving citizens evacuate before being completely overwhelmed by the zombie horde. Victory Conditions range from rescuing an exposed village and defending it to simply getting a certain number of points before any other players finish. With so many ways to play and win, When Zombies Attack Board Game is without question one of the most fun and exciting board games ever!

Reviews & Criticism

When Zombies Attack Board Game has generally been well received. It has earned praise from family game nights and professional game reviewers alike. It is easy to learn and highly replayable, making for an enjoyable gaming experience. Families especially can bond over the fun of fending off hordes of zombies as they scramble to complete their objectives before the time runs out. Professional critics have also lauded it for its light-hearted atmosphere and engaging mechanics, as well as its strategy elements which make each playthrough intriguingly different than the last. The components are of good quality, with detailed artwork that captures the fun theme of zombie invasion in a colorful and creative way. All in all, When Zombies Attack Board Game is a delightful co-op experience that will keep players coming back for more.

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Availability & Price

When Zombies Attack Board Game is available from a variety of online retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, and Target as well as physical stores like Walmart and Gamestop. The standard edition which includes two game boards and 106 gaming pieces has an average price range of $25-35. Deluxe editions, which contain three game boards, are sold for slightly more with an average price range of $30-45. Expanded sets come with four game boards and more detailed gaming pieces such as zombies, barricades, survivors and weapons, bringing the average price range to $35-50.

Final Verdict

When Zombies Attack was designed by classic board game creator, Doug Ettlinger, in 2009. The game challenges players to collect supplies and use them to survive an onslaught of zombie attacks. Players must work together to build barricades and move from place to place to avoid danger. The board comes with 60 detailed hand-painted miniatures as well as a randomly chosen Zombies attack card system that is changed each round for added challenge. Since its initial release nine years ago, When Zombies Attack has been widely praised for its quality design and concept. Several expansions have been released that further add depth, detail, and excitement to the game play. Over the past few years, When Zombies Attack has consistently featured on lists of top rated board games and is becoming more popular all the time. With a future packed full of more planned expansions on the horizon there is sure to be no stopping this amazing game anytime soon.

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