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Board Game Clank is a thrilling, deck-building adventure game developed by Renegade Games Studios. This game requires strategy, quick decision-making and plenty of luck as you become an intrepid adventurer exploring perilous dungeons deep beneath the city of Dragon’s Hoard. In the game, you will use both your cunning and deck building skills to gain valuable artifacts throughout your journey. You must be wary however – the deeper you go into dungeon, the more treacherous it becomes. At any moment, you may encounter monsters that threaten to take away all your rewards. Each player has their own board representing their dungeon delve progress, with various paths leading to powerful artifacts and encounters with enemies. Collecting valuable loot and developing your character’s abilities are key to advancing deeper into the dungeon as quickly as possible – but beware! Every time a player moves throughout the dungeon it causes a “Clank!” that alerts the dragon who lives in its depths ” and each wrong move brings it closer and closer to death! Calculating risks against reward must be done carefully if victory is to be achieved in Board Game Clank!

Clank’s Origins

Clank! is a popular board game that has been around since 2016. It was created by Paul and Laura provisions, who are the founders of Dire Wolf Digital LLC. The game was inspired by video games, especially those set in fantasy universes. Clank! offers a unique blend of adventure and dungeon-crawling elements but with a twist: players must make their way through an ever-expanding, monster-filled dungeon while racing against other players to get out alive with the most valuable loot. In order to win, players need to collect items and move up levels as fast as possible without being detected by enemies or attacked. When their turn ends, each player takes a card from the supply deck that can have either positive effects such as gaining more life points or amassing more resources or negative effects like losing cards from your hand or taking damage from monsters. At the end of the game, each player tallies up the total points they’ve earned from collecting items and moving up levels and compares that score to their opponents’. The winner is whoever has acquired the most treasure from within the depths of the dungeon.

Objective of the Game

The objective of the board game Clank! is to be the first player to get out of the dungeon alive before the dragon wakes up. Your goal is to explore a dangerous dungeon, gather valuable artifacts, and race back with your points before the dragon awakens. You will encounter monsters as you explore deeper into the dungeon and gain rewards as you defeat them. Along your journey, you must rope in as many artifacts as possible which will grant you bonus points when exiting through the secret entrance. Whoever reach the secret entrance with the most points wins!


Board Game Clank is an adventure-style board game for two to four players. It has a fantasy theme and allows you to embark on a journey into the depths of the nefarious dragon, Clank! To start playing, you will need the base game which includes coins, cards, map tiles, special dice, and markers. You will also need several different markers such as cubes and gems to represent character actions.

To play Board Game Clank, each player begins with their own character who starts off with four basic abilities: strength, agility, intellect, and wisdom. During the course of gameplay, characters can increase these abilities in order to gain items or survive dangerous encounters. As they explore the depths of Clank’s lair they are presented with various choices that determine their character’s path. Depending on the decisions made by the players along the way their character either gains rewards or suffers penalties for taking risks.

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Players must navigate through the dungeon in order to collect powerful artifacts from Clank before escaping from his lair using points gained from fighting monsters and completing puzzles. The cards provide scenarios and unique events that add depth to gameplay as well as allowing for unexpected turns of events. Players must collaborate with one another in order to outsmart foes and overcome obstacles as they complete their objectives before anyone else does! In addition to fighting enemies using miniaturized dragon figures, players use strategic card combinations and dice rolling while making informed deductions about what lies ahead in Clank’s labyrinth. When all players have reached or exceeded the target score within a certain number of turns they win!


Clank is a thrilling board game that requires players to outsmart and outplay their opponents with cunning tactics. The exciting battle features heroes and goblins trying to loot as much treasure as possible before escaping the collapsing dungeon. To win Clank, it takes more than luck, strategy, planning and an eye for detail are essential to succeeding in this challenging game. Here are some helpful tips for players of all levels to help you dominate your opponents:

1. Pick the right action cards – Action cards provide a variety of special abilities including the ability to move long distances quickly or increase defense against monsters. Strategically selecting action cards can be a powerful way to gain an edge during the game.

2. Make sure you use your cards effectively – Players must use their cards carefully in order to maximize their points at the end of the game. Some may be highly desirable but have no relevance if it cannot be used for your immediate situation.

3. Utilize card combos – Combining two or more useful cards can create beneficial effects that can give you a huge boost during gameplay; creating flexibility and allowing players greater opportunities to succeed when they need it most!

4. Take calculated risks – Taking risks can pay off big time in Clank, so don’t risk everything too often, but don’t be afraid either! If a particular action seems risky yet very rewarding, taking stairs instead of ladders may prove beneficial in the long run because you will collect more gems on your path without going up further down into danger levels increasing with each floor turned around corner!

5. Plan ahead ” Planning ahead is key in any strategy-based game and it will surely benefit you here as well. Being able to map out routes that are safe and efficient ensures that your adventure won’t get bogged down by random misfortune, giving you basic control over your fate in the game while reducing reliance on luck alone!


Board Game Clank is a popular and innovative deck-building game created by Renegade Studios. It centers around a thief stealing an artifact from a dungeon while being hindered by the dungeon’s guardians. With every edition of Clank!, players have access to new cards and mechanisms, creating an ever-evolving experience of adventure and cunning.

Within the realm of Board Game Clank, several different versions are available with numerous expansion packs. The original game was released in 2016 and garnered critical acclaim for its creative and engaging gameplay. Since then additional editions such as Sunken Treasures and Acq Inc Lab have been made available that further expand upon the initial experience. These two versions include unique elements such as danger, areas, new monsters and plenty of new cards that create untamed possibilities while playing the game. Expansion packs are also available that allow gamers to add more characters, items and artifacts which allow them to take their gaming experience to the next level.


Board Game Clank is an exciting adventure game for two to four players. This innovative game has been gaining tremendous popularity among gamers over the last few years. One of its reasons for popularity is the combination of deck-building, dungeon-crawling, and press-your-luck elements that makes it complex enough to keep experienced gamers engaged and simple enough for newbies to understand quickly.

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Another reason for its growing popularity is that Board Game Clank is highly replayable as no two games are ever the same. With a variety of cards, tokens, artifacts and other components available each time you play it, there are lots of strategic possibilities available to explore within the game. With missions that require unique approaches every RPG fans enjoy this surprise element within the mechanics which contributes heavily in its replayability factor.

The third reason why Board Game Clank is increasing in popularity lies in its theme. Players find themselves or their team exploring dangerous dungeons filled with traps and adversaries while attempting to steal valuable artifacts from a dragon’s lair and avoiding his wrath in order to win. This adventure aspect makes it more fun and engaging than many other traditional board games out there today. Also, vivid artwork on cards and components make this a beautiful experience along with being a challenging one.

Players will love how easy it is to set this game up ” but be sure that you have plenty of time as once you start playing ” you won’t want to stop! All these aspects make Board Game Clank an increasingly popular choice among board gamers around the world today.


Playing Board Game Clank offers a number of advantages, including the following:

1. Strategic Thinking Development ” Board Game Clank enables players to practice their strategic thinking skills as they plan their route through the dungeon and decide how best to use the cards in their hands.

2. Cooperative Play – Unlike some board games which emphasize competition among players, Board Game Clank encourages cooperative play, enabling players to work together in order to succeed.

3. Exciting Story ” The game’s narrative is engaging and rewards players for taking risks, increasing the level of tension and excitement.

4. Puzzle Solving ” With multiple paths to riches and various ways of manipulating the deck so that advantageous cards are drawn, playing this game is as much of a puzzle as it is an adventure.

5. Strategic Planning ” With both luck and strategy playing a role in success at this game, players must plan ahead carefully in order to end up with the most treasures at the end of the game.

Final Thoughts

Board Game Clank is a great game for all ages. Players will find themselves engaged in the strategizing, resource management and deck building aspects of the game. It truly engages players, as they must balance out their turn efficiently while also remaining mindful of what their opponents are doing. The game has plenty of replayability with its ever-changing puzzles and scenarios that can be rearranged every time each player takes a turn. Additionally, its high-quality components make it a worthwhile investment for any family or group of friends looking for some good old-fashioned entertainment. The combat mechanic adds an extra layer of excitement to the boardgame battles players can battle fiercely or play peacefully depending on their strategies which keeps things fresh and exciting no matter how many times you play! With every round bringing new surprises, Board Game Clank is sure to bring out everyone’s competitive side.

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