Board Game Cytosis

Introduction to Board Game Cytosis

Board Game Cytosis is a scientifically-based game for 1-4 players aged 8 and over. It was released in 2018, and it was created by John Coveyou from Genius Games. The premise of the game is to upgrade your cell using resources taken from the petri dish. As you work through the game, players move up levels of complexity in developing their own cell.

The components of this game include rule books (available in both English and Spanish language editions), 40 brightly colored and labeled tokens, 96 membrane cards (Glucose, Lipid, Amino Acid, Protein, & ATP each represented), 80 enzyme cards (20 of each type: Enzyme A & Enzyme B) represented via 3 colored suits – blue, green & yellow , and more than 50 white pellets representing your cells resources inside the petri dish.

The theme of Board Game Cytosis is cellular biology as players will build on their knowledge to create increasinglycomplex structures within the cell membrane. The storyline follows each player’s individual progress while they try to unlock the mysteries held within their petri dish – Glucose, Lipids, Triglycerides, Proteins and ATP’s alike. Players must carefully manage their resources in order to acquire vital enzymes necessary to convert these molecules during playtime. With careful planning and strategizing one player will reign victorious!

Overview of the Game

Board Game Cytosis is a strategy game designed for ages 10 and up. The game is set inside of a human cell and the players, who are represented by antibodies, must fight for resources to survive for the round.

Step 1: Each player takes five proteins as their starting resources.

Step 2: Each turn starts with drawing two cards from the Resource Deck. Depending on what cards are drawn, you may either gain or lose resources.

Step 3: After all players have revealed their resource cards, they can spend them in order to take actions. Actions include infecting enemies with diseases that allows players to steal resources and build new molecules so they can compete in the marketplace.

Step 4: The round ends when any player reaches an ATP score of 20 or higher. All remaining players add their ATP score together to determine the winner of the game.

Example Scenario 1 – Player A draws two protein cards while Player B draws Glucose and Lipids cards at the beginning of the turn. Player A then uses some of his proteins to build glycolysis molecules which earns him 8 ATP points once he trades them in the market place, giving him a total of 13 ATP points and putting him close to winning this round of Board Game Cytosis!

Example Scenario 2 – Player A draws diseases card which gives him an option to infect any other player by taking away two random resources from them as punishment. Player C gets infected by Player A’s disease card and loses two lipids which drops her total ATP score from 18 back down to 16 again!

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Setting the Scene

Board Game Cytosis is a science-based strategy game that offers players a chance to explore different environments and characters. Players assume the role of a cell in the body and must compete against each other to collect resources from 3 different environments: externals, internals, and virus invaders. In the external environment players will find molecules like oxygen, glucose, lipids, proteins, and DNA that they can use to carry out various functions in their cells. The internal environment features helpful bacteria that will provide enzymes and vitamins that can help the player’s cell grow and thrive. Finally, virus invaders present an endless threat where players must keep viruses at bay while competing to acquire resources. All of these characters come together to create a dynamic board game experience with many exciting possibilities.

Strategies for Winning

1. Plan Ahead: Before making each turn, review the cards in your hand and see which will have the biggest impact on the game. Consider how your choice will impact your opponents and plan accordingly.

2. Maximize Outputs: Take advantage of outputs that are readily available to you and increase those numbers as much as possible throughout the game. Collecting more ATP will enable you to take even more turns, increasing your shot at victory.

3. Invest Wisely: Resources in Cytosis are limited, so it’s important to distribute them wisely. Consider research goals early on and what resources will be needed for each one to achieve those goals.

4. Leverage Market Opportunities: The Cytosis market is constantly shifting, so watch for new opportunities throughout the game to purchase resources without lowering your ATP totals too much. This can give you a distinct edge during difficult situations when more ATP is suddenly needed nearby or down the line.

5. Utilize Reactions: Whenever possible, take advantage of cards that create reactions like when using a Lipids card with an Enzyme card or combining two Phosphates cards together ” this can save you turns while still bringing in extra points or resources with just one card played!


Fun Factor

Board Game Cytosis offers plenty of enjoyable and engaging elements. The game includes vivid artwork that helps bring the game to life, from the biochemical processes of cellular life to images of sugar cubes and hormones that are used within the game to represent resources. Players must make strategic decisions throughout the course of the game, forcing them to think ahead and plan carefully in order to reach their goal. Additionally, players will be rewarded with victory points as they complete objectives throughout their path towards victory; these points are then tallied at the end of the game. With its combination of eye-catching artwork, challenging strategy decisions, and inspiring rewards, Board Game Cytosis is sure to provide hours upon hours of fun!

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Learning Outcomes

Board Game Cytosis is a science-themed board game that provides an enriching experience that welcomes both novice and expert players. The game not only offers an enjoyable and fun way to spend time with friends, but also has many educational and cognitive benefits.

One of the main educational benefits of Board Game Cytosis is that it teaches players about cell biology processes such as chemical reactions, transcription, and protein synthesis. Players learn about how the building blocks of life are formed by interacting with the environment in simulated lab experiments. This knowledge can easily be transferred to real-world applications, helping users gain an understanding of biological processes on a deeper level.

The game also offers cognitive benefits. As users progress through the game, they are required to think strategically and innovate new solutions in order to win. Through problem solving and creative thinking, Board Game Cytosis can help improve cognitive abilities such as mental agility, decision making skills, and memory retention. Additionally, playing the game promotes concentration skills due to its longer timeframe compared to other board games or card games. With this method of learning combined with its interactive elements, Board Game Cytosis keeps users engaged while developing their critical thinking skills at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Board Game Cytosis is a fun and stimulating activity for all skill levels. With its tactile game-play and educational elements, anyone can learn and learn while having fun. No matter if you’re a beginner at board games or have extensive experience, Cytosis offers both strategy and luck that allows learning at any level. It also encourages interaction with others while the players conduct their activities within the limits of an active biology laboratory. The players will have to make strategic decisions along the way with their limited supply of resources, making pushing their boundaries essential in order to succeed. All these thrilling facets combine to create an exciting and memorable experience that no one should miss out on! If you want to explore a game that is strategic, educational, and entertaining – Board Game Cytosis is your perfect pick for sure! So why not give it a try? Go join the millions around the world playing this beautiful game now!

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